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0 A.D. Video Preview Released


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First of all thank you for this video, it looks very cool, and specially the scenery. As already mentioned there seems to be some small problems with the animation, and the "path finding" of the group of soldiers we follow in the start, it seems like a very "linearly" the path they follow.

The problem with the video is that I want more and more ;) Can not wait to the project/game is finished :)

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Some rigid walking and chopping trees 4 foot away... and no water motion, but other than that, it looks freaking phenomenal!

It owul dbe nice to have battle formations like phalanx and stuff but I'm guessing people already suggested it.

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Just stopped by to say how impressed I was by the video. :)

Wonderful job, guys. It ran greatly and everything looked top notch. The graphics were amazing and so realistic... miles ahead of the "Age of..." series and the other commercial games.

Looking forward to more. :P

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We really are getting that response alot, the one about "aw man my crazy 3 ghz machine with 2GB of memory and a 256K radeon won't run that game", Our art, albeit done good, does not use any graphics technology that hasn't been around since around 2001 or 2002. I mean this is OpenGL we are talking about not Direct X 10. No HDR, no normal mapping (we simulate it by the artist taking that aspect into consideration on the texture as he designs it rather than making a programming algorithm dynamically burn those in)

I mean there are no crazy physics simulations and ragdoll response matrices.

We can't tell you exactly what kind of performance 0 A.D. in its finished state will yeild because we can't exactly test that out to find out yet :P We are still developing it, the game world is a rapidly changing dynamic playground and the simplest way of putting it is that nothing is yet set in stone, let alone been set to begin with :)

But, what you can hold as true is that we aren't in a competitive graphical market, we aren't trying to stuff as much of the cutting edge into the game to "win over sales", we have some great artists who have a very powerful idea of what they would like the game to express artistically and that is what we are emphasizing way more than using about 80% of your system resources to render things like bumpy rocks and extra smooth skin, sweat drops, physics dynamics on peoples hair etc. So the bottom line is we aren't trying to make you buy a new graphics to play the game, and infact that is exactly something we are aiming not to require at all, I mean its a video game. Its about fun :P Not watching sweat beads dribble down peoples faces after a crazy battle. Sure its realistic but this detail doesn't fit in this style of game where the emphasis is strategy rather than a dynamic visual experience.

The screenshots were beefy, but I get a decent framerate, which can be 2 to 3 times higher once we optimize our shadows :P So you guys don't have much to worry about

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