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I am published!

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Okay I have some great news.

Ever since I graduated, and seriously since the new year, I have begun to branch out and look for some places that I can write for and get published on that site, possibly paid for it.

Well I have achieved that goal today. Most of my time in January was taken up in the writing of an article about the Battle of Tannenburg in 1410. I submitted it to the website of the historical magazine Armchair General. Early this month I got a reply back from AG saying that they liked my article and offered me money for my submission. Today that article is now up on the main page of Armchair General's homepage, I hope to soon be able to achieve my life long dream of being published in print through that magazine.

This is a great day for me and I wished to share with you all, my friends on Wildfire Games. It was because of this team that I started writing in the first place, and I know that without the experience of being here I would not have come this far.

Here is the link: Tannenburg


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This is great, congratulations! Very well-written article too :). I've always enjoyed reading your articles (and those of other historians) for 0 A.D., especially since I don't know too many details about the history of the time period, and it's very nice to get an article in print too. Good luck with other writing in the future!

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there is another Battle of Tannenburg in the first world war (1914)..well the german called it battle of Tannenburg, but if you are exact it wasnt at tannenburg - but they want to show that they've won at a place, where they had lose 500 years ago ... :)

Great thing, congratulation !

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