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I don't understand the thread topic.

My experience with DMs to devs was different. Would be interesting to know what a new player/new account wrote to the devs to maybe understand why they didn't respond (positively).

Sorry you had a bad experience, all the best.


@Stan` How can a user with one post and 0 reputation be rank 2?

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I think he's talking about this topic. Appeals of moderation actions must be done privately. bestplayer23 already PM'd Stan with what could charitably be considered an appeal of moderation action. There was a review, and bestplayer23 presumably got a response from Stan.

What was described in the topic was handled already, unless bestplayer23 / poopooman / goldafternoonfix still needs troubleshooting assistance with joining games. He doesn't seem to be willing to discuss it in detail, though. And, he hasn't replied to what I suggested as a resolution for the problem here.

If there's a new request, please let us know.

2 hours ago, Gurken Khan said:

@Stan` How can a user with one post and 0 reputation be rank 2?

He sent about 10 private messages. Reputation is based on reactions, not user activity. I think that rank is based on user activity (content posted or PMs sent) instead of reputation.

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