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Where did it go and what happened?! :P


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Good morning everyone ... i missed the train that where supposed to transport me to school today, so well ... its a day off for me.

I thought i'd stop by here now, it's been so long. Have a pretty big exam tomorrow however so just dropping by to explain. Don't really know if anyone cares at all, but i feel that i should try to explain (quit english class last summer so its worse than ever now :\)...

Anyway, i don't really remember when it happened, but Viking mod / Rise of Vikings / Rise of the Vikings mod "shut down" fast and non of us really cared to save it ... I were really busy with my ... yeah, Counter Strike career, and i think i was the one who tied us all together, so when i stopped talking and planning, it just fell apart..

Anyway, i quit cs 8-10 months ago and have followed the development of 0ad for a while, but havent been active on the forums for a long time ... hope that change.

I have been really busy with schools and parties and friends, but things seems to slow down now. Plus i have quit smoking! =D

Anyway ... i dont really think i can start up this project, at least not without Curufinwe, which i havent spoken to in a year or something, has he been around here for a while? Ill try texting him on MSN or something =p

Well, my real reason for making this thread is to see if there is someone out there who want the stuff we made...

We had a crappy homepage, but we had some nice, actually we had some REALLY nice sketches, and some great models (dont really know if i can get them though, but ill try if anyone wants them), skins and a TON of documents! A pretty big Designer Document which explains everything about everything i think, and all of the ideas. In addition i have documents from early forumdiscussions so you can see how we did things and how we made our decitions.

I really hope someone wants to start it up, since i really doubt i have the energy and time to do something like that. so if someone wants anything at all, just say so here or send me a PM or a mail or something, ill help any way i can.

HMM, this may sound stupid but i really wanna thank the ones who involved themselves in the project, its like a year and a half since i last spoke to them so pretty hard to remember them all, but ...


Kevin (Argalius)

The historian from really far north in norway

The other Norwegian who made models

Curufinwe :) for like everything, without him nothing would be done and he was a really good friend actually. =)

And of course the community, thanks for answering questions when i had some =p

So once again, anyone want anything? let me knooooow =D <3 ;)

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Oh I remember this, it's a long time since we worked on it. Alot has changed since then, including myself. I'm not interested anymore in this mod, I'm a HeavenGames moderator now (for the modding forum! :)) and that's what I do now, but after I finish my current AoE3 project I'll probably abandon modding totally, it takes way too much time, I'm not that good and my interest have changed, I have changed. We had quite a few good laughs with Rise of the Vikings, though. 0AD is still interesting so it would be nice if someone could pick it up and finish it for us. ;)

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Curu has been gone for quite a long time now - last time i talked to him was early 2006 - he had been transfered to a new school - quite a distance from his home where i think he'd need to travel around 2 hours by train every morning and back in the evening. so there goes his free time ... :)

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