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Yes well, its now time for little Øyvind (thats me) to go out in the world. Or at least move from home. I live really south in Norway, near a town called "Arendal", but moving to Stavanger (westside :)) after the summer ...

And of course i need an apartment where i can live and drink and play games and do homework, so well ... its really not easy!!

I can expect to have to pay like ... (have to calculate what it is in dollars) $1100 a month! Thats a lot of money for a student :<

Whats normal where you guys live? Maybe i can go to an university there instead ;)

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My dorms are awesome ;) I have great roommates, my own room in the apartment, and excellent accomodations. As for small, not here :)

As for strict rules, the only ones I have to put up with are no parties, no smoking, no pets, and no weapons. And seeing as I don't drink or smoke, I have no worries at all.

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In the Netherlands you pay around €250-300 a month for a 16 m² room, on average. Depends on which city you're planning to go to. Where I'll go you'll get something like 22 m² for that price. In Amsterdam and Utrecht probably 12 m². But it really depends on what place you're going to, how far it is from the center, what is included in the price (gas, water, elec) etc.

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Those are some small rooms :) My personal room is 120 square feet, with access to a full-sized kitchen, a bathroom, and a large common living room. Very good for the money ;)

I'm sure the no weapons is hard for you Paul.

Not at all! My whole body is a weapon after years of martial arts :) Besides my roommates this year are the best I could ask for, so the need for security is non-existant.

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