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O A.D. looks like its gonna be a kick-@#$% game. One thats already seemed to draw a huge crowd. Seeing as its going to be free, it might draw potential buyers away from more expensive games like it. Especially like Rise and Fall, although its been out for awhile, it is still expected to be sold. Just curious, have any developing companies/publishers like Midway, or Big Huge offered you any support/good lucks/screw yous or offers of buying you guys out to take over development?

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Yes! :)

Several major publishers have solicited inquiries; however, we have maintained that transitioning 0 A.D. to a commercial model would be a disservice to our past contributors as well as a betrayal of the community's trust in our word. We are dedicated to fulfilling our promise to release 0 A.D. as freeware.

We're not going to name names though. We prefer to keep our options open for the future! :D

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