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Pluto no longer a planet!

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I think they are over complicating Space

It seems to me that they're trying to simplify space, particularly solar systems outside our own - it's hard to talk about discovering new planets if there's no agreement over whether a certain rock is a planet or not. You can't define 'planet' by making a list of them - that worked for the nine we had here, but it won't scale up nicely in the future when we know about too many to count. And any definition has to be straightforward and consistent and not have special exceptions, if it's going to classify future lumps of rock reliably. And most consistent definitions would put Pluto in the same category as hundreds of other rocks that are floating around the sun, and are the same size and have similarly weird orbits. We don't want to make up mnemonics to learn the names of hundreds of planets, so that category is instead considered to be separate from the major planets, and Pluto falls in with that. Seems logical to me :)

If they said it was a planet 76 years ago, then it's a planet today!

They said Uranus was a star for hundreds of years, and a comet for a month - but as they learned more about it and about the rest of space, they were willing to update their knowledge and start calling it something that more accurately describes what it is.

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I much prefered the other proposal and am sorely disappointed that they went with this one. I preferred making Pluto and Charon double plutons (since they are sattelites of each other), and Ceres and Xena full fledged planets (since they are large enough to be round and orbit nothing but Sol).

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