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Included here a few shield designs we are using in the game. They are in Photoshop (.PSD) format and include about a dozen layers each. I am releasing them because I want to see what you, the community, can do with them. That's right! I want to see what kind of cool shield designs you can do with the files I am releasing to you.

Particularly FirePowa8, I'd like to see if you could make a full size Spartan Royal Sunray shield design utilizing these files. If you guys would rather have Paint Shop Pro files, just let me know. :blush:

Lambda shield 1: http://www.wildfiregames.com/~art/public/Spartan-Shield.psd

Lambda shield 2: http://www.wildfiregames.com/~art/public/h...tan_sheilds.psd

Gorgon shield: http://www.wildfiregames.com/~art/public/sh_g04.psd

Trident shield: http://www.wildfiregames.com/~art/public/sh_g16.psd

Seagull shield: http://www.wildfiregames.com/~art/public/sh_g10.psd

Pinwheel shield: http://www.wildfiregames.com/~art/public/sh_g09.psd

What I'd do is edit the design layers of the images and dont touch the base layers and mask layers unless you're confident in your photoshop skillz. :banana: Take this as your chance to shine and show off your work to the community. We might also use the best designs in the final game if they fit the style of the art!

If you post a link to your finished PSD here or send it to me over MSN Messenger (MSN: mythgamer@aol.com), I'll player colorize it, convert it to the proper texture format, and plug it into the game and screenshot it for you.

Have fun! And don't hesitate to ask questions here.

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It's a nice shield. The left horseman seems a bit too washed out, but that's probably from where you sourced the design from. I do not believe it's a Spartan Mora design, per this thread here: http://www.romanarmy.com/rat/viewtopic.php...er=asc&start=40

Stefanos in that thread is a veritable Greek shield expert from Greece.

Finally a chance for the community to show what we are capable of. Well, either that or WFG have decided they can't really be bothered doing shields.

lol... We already have close to 80 shield designs in the game for the various cultures. I just want to see what you guys can come up with. :blush:

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Hey Mythos, sorry, but I can't upload anything right now (cough *modem issues* cough), I'm having to surf on another PC, my disc drive died and so did my laptop battery. I don't mean to moan or anything, but currently, I have no way of getting you my shield images that I was messing with, and I'm about to sit 7 exams, so I won't be fixing anything for a couple of weeks, along with finishing my Celtic civ design for Age of Antiquity. Till then...

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Here is my attempt. Its a sun shield but something about it didn't turn out right and I didn't know what to do...but here it is anyway! :)


I feel like the colors aren't matched quite right. Any thoughts on it? I made it in only 5 minutes or so lol so be as harsh as you want.

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