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May I ask how did you mean this?

You don't like my model?

I have made another models of horse.

One with trappings and one with the gothic mail.

I also started to create horseman for them.

Where should I upload them together with unwrapped texture? It has size about 40 kB.

Nice Voynik. How many faces does it have? Keep them low. Model of horse I've made has below 300.

What I meant by "I cant texture for crap," is that I'm horrible at texturing, has nothing to do with your model.

I've been away for a few days so I haven't got anything else done on the Voynik yet, but I should finish it today.

How do you check the amount of faces for a model? I've never been able to figure this one out.

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What I meant by "I cant texture for crap," is that I'm horrible at texturing, has nothing to do with your model.


Could you send be that model, please? I'll try to reduce its faces.

Abadu: I've read, that Blender stores its config in .B.blend file in .blender folder. Delete it and start new project and all should be fine then.

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EDIT:I cutted some asian civs from the civs list and i will be making some reforms in the civs list

Yeah. It is viable. There is need for better organization of those civs. But I'd wait and prefer to cooperate. Instead try to find more information about fewer nations but with more accuracy.

There is no problem with CrazyThumbs model. It is just minor tweak. Every model must come with balance between low numbers of faces (polygons) and accuracy.

Every graphic card can achieve limited number of polygons per second. So If you create high poly model and graphic card has to display battle between hundreds of such models at same time, it will terribly hurt performance.

Therefore we need to limit number of polys and yet maintain good look and feel.

I'll simply try to reduce number of polys and keep look and feel about same. For example by flattening shield (I counted 14 polygons in it) and reducing it to just 3 polygons will save performance and keep look and feel as player won't see the difference. It won't be much, but in battles with higher numbers of such soldiers it could be significant.

CrazyThumbs model is really good. And I'm glad that he did it. Really.

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Any sugestion to organize more the civs?

And will our mod use the " AD sytem"(The unit classes,the economic system,the buildings...)?If so,do you think that 0 AD unit list work ijn this mod?

Also,how can i make a better research about those civs(What can i research to make it better)?

EDIT:I will give to each civ just 1 militia,what do you think?

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Unfortunately, I don't know much about 0AD tech tree and so.

I wrote it badly.

I mean I wanted more examples for one unit. If you post pic of, for example, English knight, it is viable to post not just one but more of same type so I can paint its texture appropriately.

For example: English knight with trappings and two, three or more pics for same model (so I can keep models and just change textures).

Also some search about strengths and weaknesses is good idea. I have some knowledge about main civs but you could find some interesting things about some minor civs and others. I guess, that you are Portuguese or Brazilian (if I'm wrong, sorry) so, you could find some ideas about Portuguese, Spanish and Moors. Also Inca and Aztecs or Maya would be welcomed (but don't plan to introduce more indians, these should be enough as I guess, that other tribes didn't differ as much).

Just simply avoid searching informations about civs you don't know much (as I can do research, too) and search infos about those you know more. I'd like to have less but more confidential informations. That is all.

Thank you for your work.

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Ok,i will research more images of units

When you say strengths and weaknesses,its about the civs or units?

And yes,im brazilian,but i understand a bit of spanish,so,the iberian civs will be more easy for me.I will research those indians too(for the other mod),but dont you think that its best change maya for,lets say,iroquois?By the time of the spanish,the mayas were in colapse,and they are similar to the aztecs

EDIT:Take a look at the portuguese and spanish nation and see if you like my little "reforms"

EDIT2:I also update france and england

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Those strenghts and weaknesses were meant about civs.

Shame is, that there is almost none participating and thus there is no brainstorming about civs and ideas.

In fact, I don't know unit and tech tree in 0AD. But we could do something like AoK.

Simply, there will be three periods - Early, High and Late (and perhaps Dark, too).

And in each one of them will be different set of units. Some units can exst only in one period and some can be in all periods.

Nice pics. I especially like those bigger ones which describe units look better than those from totalwar.org.

Also those painted pics from that Turn-Based Strategy game were quite nice. I liked them.

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Im thinking in something like ever civ have 1 bonus like the AoE III bonuses,like(for example,The english houses generate archer militias) and some AoK bonus(+ 30 gather rate,-20 cavalry atack)

And for the units:I think that we can use the 0 AD style(Instead of ages,we would have city phases(village,town,city,large city),advance city phases would bring more advanced units(canons,arquebusiers) and powerfull upgrades for the old units

We can sttil make the "units in periods",however,organize them in the forum would bring visual pollution(many pictures and links),but if you prefere this,ok(The only problem would be with the more obscure factions,such as hungary,scotland and specialy wallachia)

As for the pictures:Sometimes,Total War series can bring many ideas,the problem is that those pictures are very small

And if you look at the first 4 nations,you will notice that the names are in their(modern) native languages

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Hm, Hungaria wasn't obscure at all.

We can use that city phase model. In fact I don't see any difference between that model and AoK style except the way new era is achieved.

So, organise those units to four phases and it will be possible to regard also as Ages in AoK.

We must also count with possibility, that there will be Total War style implemented into the game in part 2.

BTW, what about your Blender? In fact, it is modelling and especially texturing what causes me pain in head. History research could be done quite quickly, but modelling and texturing? Ouch.

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Ok,i will try to read all the wiki blender tutorial.The porblem is that english isnt my native language,so it can hard to read and unsderstand all

I said hungary is a bit obscure here in the "western world",its a bit hard to research pictures about.The main problem would be the swiss,the mongols and the wallachians

EDIT:How do you think its possible ot include the TW style in 0 AD?I mean,both are completly diferent games

Edited by Abadu
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Well, I wouldn't include Wallachians. These had only little influence and importance. Mongols aren't problem for me and Swiss could be done, too.

But for now lets concentrate on basic models as research can be done quite quickly.

You also don't have to do any modeling. Could you try to do some textures? I've done another models of horses, so if you wish, you can try to do textures for them instead (write me mail so I can send them to you). Some painting tool should be enough (GIMP, Photoshop ....). Just follow the steps described in texture contest with Klibanophoros, them.

Now I have to do several exams and will be somewhat less active. Don't plan to abandon the project, though.

I also plan to perform significant PC upgrade if things go fine.

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (socket AM2) BOX

512 DDR2 (I'll add another RAM later)

Asus M2V - VIA K8T890

Gainward 8019-Bliss 7600GS 256MB, PCI-E

DVDRW Pioneer DVR-111D 8x8x16x16x bulk



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Ok, i will read the instructions and try to make textures

The wallachians were choosed more for diversity,however i think that they are more unique them the swiss,we dont know many about them,but they fought with the turks for many years,and had some great battles.The siwss where more mercenaries them nations.If we had to delete one of those,i would take siwss out,but whats your opinion?

I said that would be hard to divide the mongolian units in periods,dont you think?

Good luck with your exams

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Well, Swiss had quite a lot of common military units with rest of Western Europe.

in fact, that is an advantage. We don't have to do so many new units.

In fact, whole western Europe had common style of armies with few differences.

Have a look at Spanish, Portuguese or French. Core was Heavy cavalry, some supporting light cavalry, archers and xbowmen.

I don't say, that they were the same, as they weren't but simply differences weren't as big as someone could think.

And Mongols should be definitely in the game. They are most successful conquerors and their military style was great.

Wallachians could be there. But don't discuss this now. Time will show if we are able to create any nation or thirty.

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Ok,i just wondering if we will be able to find units to fill city phases for the mongols,but i would loe to see the included

About the ilitary system:Spain used a lot of pikeans with heavy cavalry,and the portuguese had more cross-bowmens the knights,i think

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I didn't say, that Portuguese, Spanish and French used absolutely same units. I said, that composition of their armies were very close.

I forgot to mention pikemen, but that doesn't matter.

Simply, we can use units French units, mod them slightly and we will have any western style army. That is my point.

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Ok Belisarivs i will try blender again(this time reading a tutorial).Do you hae a good tutorial for me?How did you learn blender?

As I said several times, you don't have to. If you wish, you can send me mail so I can send you back models and textures I've made. Then just edit those textures by painting program and follow steps in that texture contest - Klibanophoros.

But if you wish, I'd suggest http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Main_Page

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Fine then. That wiki is good start. Perhaps some book in your native language would be better for you if there is some.

Keep in mind that Blender develops in pretty pace. Differences between version 2.42 and planned 2.43 are great. So, try to buy some newer book.

About those factions, I don't know. Choose any nation you wish and know well.

They were already specified there.

Each faction should have ~3 cav units, 2-3 infantry, some siege and some archery (and 1 or 2 upgrades for each of them). Navy won't hurt, too.

But make it civ specific. I mean, Aztecs wouldn't have cavalry while Turkish specialize in cavalry and so.

Just don't make those civs identical.

I think, that AoK model could be representative well but with bigger differences between nations.

If I could ask you to create that jabber account and contact me (my JID is in my signature) so wa can discuss it further at weekend.

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