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What are your career aspirations?

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Becoming a self-employed web designer, web publisher and/or web developer.

I'm not sure about what precisely though but the "self-employed" part is very important to me. I don't see myself doing a 9 to 5 job or following the same old schedual years after years, and I wouldn't like to work under someone.

I already managed to get several clients (a university, a union, a large cultural organization and several small firms) to keep me occupied during the holidays which is a very nice school for what I'm planning to do in the future.

I do think that once I finish college I'll probably work in a firm for a while so I can network and gain some real life business experience. Belgium also isn't the best country to start a web development business because people are pretty conservative around here regarding internet. So my best bet would be doing something in the consultancy or publisher area, not design or development.

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I have a year of undergrad left, and after that I'll go to grad school for a Masters. Afterwards, I'll continue in academia if I find an interesting area to work on, or go into the software industry otherwise (or if I see a particularly promising industry position). I've done both research work and industry work in my summers and both have been interesting to me, but I think it's harder to get into research after working in industry than the other way around.

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@Carlos: :blush:

Hmmm... never really thought about this one much.

Probably something involving math and/or programming... various forms of art I dabble with seem more of hobby-type stuff... I don't know. Maybe Google?

Definitely something that leaves me time to contribute something to the open source community... those people have helped me so much in ridiculous amounts of ways that it's just wrong not to give something back.

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