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new DDOS trend : ddos a game when someone lose to make everyone blame him for being the ddoser

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JC, I am aware that a ddoser might do that in order to frame someone. It's why we can't conclude who is a ddoser merely based on potential motive. In fact, it's why in criminal trials, circumstantial evidence is usually not considered.

When you see a DDoS, please report as much about it as you can, as explained in the DDoS: See something, say something thread.

Mutes in the lobby are not random at all. They are based on violations of the Terms of Use, and always have evidence supporting them. Mute durations increase gradually as violations increase within a 2 week period. Moderators watch chat every few hours, so mutes are often delayed by that much time from the time that the violation(s) occurred. More details are in the FAQ answer about lobby moderation.

And, please don't call people "subhuman", even ddosers. Two wrongs don't make a right. Just please help us collect evidence on them and help us improve the software so that it's more costly (in effort, not necessarily money) for ddosers to ddos 0ad players.

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