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If you had 3 wishes ... for yourself. ..

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What if I don't want to be completely selfish?

I'd make it so that all colonized countries could still keep more of their heritage, like Australia and the Americas. There's so little of it now, it's sad. So I don't know how to completely do this... ah well, hopefully the Genie will figure something out.

Next, I'd wish battles were still fought with ancient and traditional weapons... maybe some early muskets and rifles too, but I mostly want to see some real good old fashioned infantry formations.

And lastly... lots and lots of money. :P

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1.) A handful of billion dollars

2.) The best education

3.) A great family

Aw, you don't have a great family? I'm sorry. :sad:

I think what he means is that he'd like to have a great family in the future, as in his own family. :P

Hmm... I'd LIKE to post this:

1. Unlimited time

2. Unlimited resources

3. To never lose the ability to dream

... but I think Oyvind wants more "practical" wishes. :P So, I'll say:

1. Everything I need to create films (equipment, crew, etc.)

2. To pioneer a space-mining operation (metals/organics from (NEO?) asteroids)

3. To become independently wealthy

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Uncreative answers:

1. Unlimited time, as in several extra hours in the day so I can get my homework done and still have time to play and read and go online. But they'd have to be secret hours, so that nobody used them as an excuse to pile on more work!

2. lots and lots of money. Unlimited money would ruin the economy if I actually spent it, so I'd have to ask for a finite amount, but a large amount. Large enough to buy more books, and pay my college expenses, and have some left over for charity and selfish buying. (since we're being selfish)

3. Not having to worry about crime so that I can safely go out at night. Maybe just an invisible forehead-mounted laser or something. ;)

Creative (or more practical?) answers:

1. Unlimited access to whatever books I want to buy. Often I would prefer to be able to check out a book instead of buy it, but other times it is just a book that is not availible in a library, that I only intend to read once, and don't want to spend money to buy. If all the RPG sourcebooks in the world were rentable at a library, that would satisfy Wish #1. I would especially like to be able to check out or read over an RPG book before buying it, so I have an opportunity to see if it is something I'll like before buying it.

2. I want to be able to FLY! Superman style. Without worrying about being followed by the paparazzi for my Kewl Powers, probably by being automatically invisible whenever I fly. This would take care of self-defense even better than a forehead-mounted laser, actually. And it would be much more fun. I've always wanted to be able to fly!

3. I want the power to cause any litter, air pollution, cigarette smoke, overly loud car radio music, gum stuck to chairs and sidewalks, or other obnoxious things to instantly re-enter the house of whoever caused them. This also includes being able to instantly redirect any spam I recieve into all of the inboxes of the sender, along with an automatically-generated computer virus of the extremely annoying variety.

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