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Found 3 results

  1. picking a proper starting woodline and properly positioning storehouses and other buildings is vital for optimal economy growth and security. proper woodline(s) management is vital for proper men and women positioning early,mid and late game. 1.everything about first 0-5 min. 2.middgame(after first few min) to till u reach p3. 3.endgame(after p3) 1.to start with your first woodline will significantly impact your economy and security. usually you will want to pick a patch of wood around the border instead of opting for placing your first storehouse near cc w
  2. Currently you seem to save the password in the config file of 0ad (yeah, maybe some BASE64 encoding or so, but this does not add any security, it is basically plaintext). So, this password is not for very confidentially things, but well… you know… people reuse passwords and such things, so no need to argue here: It is a password and deserves to be protected. A nice and (probably) the only secure way using well-proven/standard techniques is to use the OS' keyrings such as of KDE/Gnome or Max OS, to save the password. All, of course, offer APIs for that, but they are likely very different.
  3. In the config/log I noticed "userreport.url", which by default points to http://feedback.wildfiregames.com. No HTTPS, no basic security… You got HTTPS on your public site some time ago and I thought this, of course, also applies to your ("friendly") tracking feature (really, no offense intended!) in 0ad. However, as it seems, that's not the case. So it should be fairly easy to add HTTPS there, as the load is likely less than on any other (public) page you host. So when the data is public anyway, why use HTTPS here? First of all, all (or almost all) standard arguments apply here
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