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Found 4 results

  1. There are few problem that I want to discuss:- 1. We knew that Darius, Alexander or Romans all were successful because of their superior infantry. But, in 0ad gameplay we can constantly observe that skirmishers and slingers are the determining force rather than infantry. If someone make 30 skirmishers and employs them to kill 30 spearmen or swordsmen then he/she will loss only a few troops whereas the infantry side may lose all of his/her troops. But in reality it won't happens. I think the main problem of ranged unit lies in the idea of unlimited ammunition. A skirmishers can throw javelins constantly. But he needs to refill his supply after sometimes. But it won't happens. Maybe a 3 seconds gap would be sufficient for refilling. I think it can be solved by limiting the number of projectiles for skirmishers, slingers and archers according to their damage. 2. Secondly, a pikeman and skirmishers working speed is same but not their walking speeds which has a large impact on economy. We know that pikemen are slow unit in warfare but when it comes to working he is equally capable of working as fast as a skirmisher. So, I would prefer a common walking speed during doing some job for both of them. Maybe there would be some arming time(i.e. 2-3 seconds). During that time he would have a reduced armour, health and attack. As we know no one carries weapon during working. 3. Thirdly it was widely discussed topic, whether ram needs man power to move or not. I think it needs. Maybe a ram should costs 2 population. But it needs additional 3 men to move it on. On the other hand elephant have a crush damage but it won't applicable for fortress. But a herd of elephants can destroy it. So, I think a elephant would cost 5 population and it have a health of 750. But on the other hand a ram should be only a siege rather attacking units and can be captured. That's all.
  2. I have a question, i want garrsion elephants in my 0ad mod!, but i have a question: Qhat i need edit for make it??? "i only edited: actors, entites, and technologies, but this files are Javascript files, and i have this question "what is the difference behind a building and a ship on garrison in 0AD code"? and what i need mod for make it?
  3. Is a fact that Carthage used towered elephants on the zama battle "the fail was that carthage used teen and untamed elephants", with seleucid appereance, but carthaginian style this is my evidence http://bet-ilim.blogspot.de/2012/01/military-of-ancient-canaan.html
  4. I think the the towered elephants on the Alpha 15 of 0AD, must be add to carthaginian faction i gonna explain! the reazon: Carthage all the time buies Towered Elephants to Ptolomeaic Empire!, in fact dirung the 1 and 2 punic wars this units was of the most important unit for Carthage, this unit caouldn't be used as shock unit, the most common use of is unit is shoot Arrows Stones and Javelins, but this unit isn't weak for the "face-to-face fight", because for this combat has: The elephant itself, and a "panopila" with the same armour of the hellenic holipites but mounted on the elephant this is my source! https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ej%C3%A9rcito_de_Cartago We can use as base for this unit the "ptolomeaic" towered elephant
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