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  1. There's C++ code there too, but that's used by the programmers to expand the game-engine and develop the game. Sure, you could tweak the game-engine and create new stuff for your mod, that's why it's called open-source.

    The way the modding works, at least throught the interface art->ingame -> stats, it's throught XML files, but also with some Java Scripting, depeding on what you want to do. Those are the two main languages to mod the game. That's what we use. 0.A.D. itself is basically a mod of Pyrogenesis, the engine, which is written in C++ or other stuff that I don't know about.

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  2. Glad I could have helped out!

    If been taking a look at the current "UnityMotionFlying" thing and it's currently really primitive. I mean, just playing the flight demo maps and you'll get what I mean. The planes don't take off correctly, they don't turn correctly, they don't fire correctly, ect. Given that, I think you should probably scrap the idea of working planes for now, at least untill you get a programmer on your team.

    About animations: Well, I'm not an animator, but I think I could give you a few tips. First, the model needs to be rigged with a skeleton that should be codded whitin the skeleton.xml file.

    Also, you would need to define a whole new lots of parameters, since the ones the engine has are pretty limited for what you want to do. If you take a look at the actor.xml file for an unit, let's say, the cavalary javelinist, you'll see this:

    <animation file="quadraped/horse_idle_a.psa" name="Idle" speed="50"/>
    <animation file="quadraped/horse_walk.psa" name="Walk" speed="120"/>
    <animation file="quadraped/horse_gallop.psa" name="Run" speed="40"/>
    <animation file="quadraped/horse_walk.psa" name="carry_meat" speed="120"/>
    <animation event=".5" file="quadraped/horse_attack_a.psa" name="attack_ranged" speed="20"/>
    <animation event=".5" file="quadraped/horse_attack_b.psa" name="attack_ranged" speed="20"/>
    <animation event="" file="quadraped/horse_attack_a.psa" name="attack_slaughter" speed="20"/>
    <animation file="quadraped/horse_death.psa" name="death" speed="240"/>

    If you take a closer look, you'll see that each animation is defined by an event. You would need to add new events whitin the engine. I'm not sure how to add them, but I believe they might be hardcoded. And you must make sure that the event is working the way it was supposed to work and that if your animation is playing correctly. A programmer should be abble to assist you more.

    Peharps you could see a way to mimic the way aircrafts worked on C&C Generals or C&C3 and implement it to the engine.

  3. Possible answer for the particle problem:

    First a tip:

    Static Atlas is not a reference to see the way particles behave. I don't know if you have played the game, but the flaming rock looks great ingame, it follows the projectile. So if it follows the projectile it could also follow your unit. Sure, there is a lot of room to improvement in the particle area,afterall, it's an Alpha game,, but try it in motion. Particles always looks better in motion.

    Then the solution I came up with. It's really simple.

    All you have to do is to attribute almost 0 as the velocity, but let it have a good lifetime. This way the particle will follow the emitter and it will not "missbehave" globally.

    Here's a pic of my quick experiment with making the female heads flamable (it was really fun :P, like OH MY!!!!! MAH HEAD IS ON FIREZ) :


    And here's the code - just modified the flame.xml file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <blend mode="add"/>
    <constant name="emissionrate" value="20.0"/>
    <uniform name="lifetime" min="1.0" max="1.5"/>
    <uniform name="angle" min="-0.5" max="0.5"/>
    <uniform name="velocity.x" min="-0.1" max="0.1"/>
    <uniform name="velocity.y" min="-0.1" max="0.1"/>
    <uniform name="velocity.z" min="-0.1" max="0.1"/>
    <uniform name="velocity.angle" min="-0.5" max="0.5"/>
    <uniform name="size" min="1.0" max="2.0"/>
    <uniform name="color.r" min="0.8" max="1.0"/>
    <copy name="color.g" from="color.r"/>
    <copy name="color.b" from="color.r"/>

    I could have used the "constant" attribute to define the parameter - explained on the wiki link Michael gave to you -, but with a small & random speed it makes things more interesting and realistic.

    And there you go. :)

    Hope you like it.

    Any more questions, feel free to post and we'll try our best to answer you.

    PS: Of course this is just a hack, but hopefully particles will be worked out and improved soon.

  4. This might not belong in this thread but I have a small question to ask.

    I'm pretty new to this project and want to get started with something, but I'm at a loss as to where I start or get started.. Is there a thread were I get involved? Or is it as simple as jumping into one of these TASK threads, i've seen, and grab any task I see? Hope to get some help :)


    Well, that's pretty much it!

    You can always jump into a task that you like and start working on it. Make sure to post progress within the task thread. ;)

  5. I believe our last encounter ended with me in a terribly irritated mood and a state of sad defeat. Its really a time issue that has led me to stop enjoying the staf matches. I'll resume once again when my research paper is turned in :P

    Pre-game tactics are a major win. :P

    I turtled, blocking eatings, quantum pushed Enrique and greg was in the pocket - but then we decided that he should gain control of the lake, to avoid D-Days. xD

    And we ended up D-Daying you and eatings. :P

    Troops disembarking on shore, quantum pushing from the north, the massive Roman Maginot Line... that was a match to remember.

  6. I disagree. Playing 1vs1, 2vs2 and even 3vs3 multiplayer with 200 max population is quite fun. I admit that some games (specially against AIs) could generate game-breaking lag. But if you join to IRC #0ad channel you can see that the regular player numbers is increasing each week :) and people is already concerned about balance, which IMO is a symptom of more people playing/enjoying the game :P

    Oh yeah! Playing online is awesome. Pissing people off is great. Creating tactics, winning... (remember that 3v3 we played Enrique? quantum, me, greg vs you, eatings and geek (if I'm right) )

  7. I know Zaggy doesn't likes much using the forums, but it would really help me a lot if he could finish his Animating Tutorial :P

    I'm had several dificulties in the past while trying to add in a new rig. (Maybe that was because it was a new skeleton rig? I don't know, some more documentation on that would be really awesome.)

    Someone could ask him over IRC? I'm not home atm, but I would love to resume the ox as soon as I get home.

  8. Yeah. Kimball is right.

    With all due respect, without showing some real-work done it's pointless to start different pages just to get the trill and emotion of people seeing your idea and commenting about it. Trust me, I've been there ;)

    Back in the C&C Generals modding days, you didn't even get a forum untill you had some solid work going on :P - Harsh times, if you ask me.

    Since I guess you're the mod leader, you should know at least every single step of modding 0ad (3d modelling, texturing, rigging*, animating*, codding, ect) in order to get your team motivated to join you. ATM, I can't think of anyone that would join without some real proof of work. You must be the pillar where your team will look for support. Just assiging tasks doesn't work. If you can't get things done yourself, you're doomed to fail - again, personal experience.

    Of course, when you get a team commited to you and your project, you can relax a bit - not much -, but starting is always hard to do. Specially for the mod leader, or one man teams, like it's what I think you have now. ;)

    @Pureon: Since it's a mod not an indie, I guess it should be CC.

    *these 2 are not mandatory, since you can re-use some of 0ad's animations, but are also a plus to any mod leader.

    Don't rush, mate.

    I wish you best of luck and I hope this will become an awesome mod someday :)

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