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  1. Meh, personally I don't think the Book of Lost Tales I and II are that good on their own. They are just as unfinished and flawed as The Silmarillion, with the difference that the stories and ideas are less mature. They are very interesting if you contrast them with the later "finished" versions of legendarium, though, which is why I suggested re-reading The Silmarillion first.

    I mean, Tevildo's got nothing on Sauron :)

  2. You may want to re-read The Silmarillion first. It is quite a massive work, with lots of characters, and for the most part you need to be quite familiar with it in order to enjoy the History of Middle-earth series properly.

    And once you have re-read it, or instead of re-reading it if that's what you prefer, you should read Unfinished Tales, which is more enjoyable by itself without needing to know The Silmarillion so in-depth.

    It's your choice, though. No matter in what order you do it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  3. Well, I'm afraid I have to disagree. I haven't seen Spider-man 2, but I liked Spider-man 1 and it was a lot better than this one. This one was boring, in my opinion. Everybody was out of character, the dialogue was silly and almost embarrassing most of the time, and the symbiote thing was horribly done, in my opinion.

    The best thing in the movie was the humour, even though it was incredibly out of place - like the 'Pete Parker turns into Pete Doherty' thing.

  4. Ah, that's what I feared. But still, it implies an orc wouldn't have been a good commander for such an army, and I don't think Sauron or the Witch-King would have chosen an orc chieftain as the second in command, when they had other, hmm, more reliable options at hand.

  5. Well, they have very good reflexes, dexterity and stamina, and all that can make a difference. They would recover from wounds that would be potentially fatal for Men, but having a spearhead thrusted into their faces would most definitely bring them down ;)

    What I mean is, the way I imagine the Noldorin fëar helped in battle was by intimidating their enemies thanks to the shining of their eyes.

  6. I don't think the Elves' immortality would have any impact on their banner designs. We know they were highly creative and that they liked change from an aesthetical point of view - at least while the Elven race was young. The way I imagine it, they would keep on altering their banners very slightly, playing on the same basic idea but changing the details according to their tastes, so that the final result might have very little to do with the original banner.

  7. Considering how skilled the Noldorin smiths were, I find it hard to believe that they felt the need to develop some sort of body armour but never went beyond using cloth and leather for such armour until they met the Dwarves. But this is just speculation.

  8. As for the nuclear arms race, it will be interesting to see whether or not al-Qaeda attempts to purchase these nuclear bombs.

    Why would North Korea sell their nukes, once they develope operative bombs? They need them as a deterrant. Believe it or not, they have no interest in hurting the US, or Japan for that matter (South Korea might or might not be a different case) - they only want their regime to survive.

    I'd feel alot safer if the incompetent UN dropped its liberal stance on military action, and threatened North Korea pysichally instead of ... "Oh, we'll pose sanctions on you if you don't do as we say!"

    War is not an option, which means only political and economic sactions can apply. Why? Because North Korea's conventional artillery can practically destroy Seoul, and that city is so close to the border the North Korean army might be able to overwhelm the South Korean army and the few US troops in there and conquer it in case of war.

    Also, China wouldn't allow a UN resolution that threatened with military action, and the US army is stretched too thin to intervene - not without a draft.

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