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  1. Their leaders are far from stupid

    I disagree. Given the fact that they are terrorists, that's pretty much...well, a given :P. For people who spend endless hours plotting murders and destruction, they aren't too creative and haven't done all that well. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not downsizing how egregious these acts are or disregarding the tragedies that have occured. I'm saying that things could have been much worse had they thought it out more. However, I agree that terrorism cannot be stopped with war. Like I said before, hundreds of billions of dollars spent on removing the incentive to become a terrorist would be more beneficial.

    I do not think the US will attack Iran because the US army isn't capable of running three big wars at the same time

    Don't count on it. Apparently the (U.S.) president didn't read the section in his father's book where he stated that he didn't take Baghdad because he felt there was no exit strategy. Sounding familiar? Yet they went in anyway...

  2. Perhaps it would be more effective to eliminite the drive for one to become a terrorist in the first place, rather than giving them reason to attack us. How about we spend hundreds of billions on that? We put a bunch of geniuses together and they created the atomic bomb...why not devote intelligence to preventing the need for one?

  3. Don't worry, we're working hard on gameplay too :). As the game approaches playability, AI will become more developed and balanced to suit the needs and expectations of the player (and modder). Also, we have had many discussions on what needs to be done to make 0 A.D. historically accurate while keeping it fun. It won't be too long before the game is playable, and the focus can be turned to unique features that will make it definitely worth your while. :P

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