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  1. Ok, but as it is commonly said in modding you have never been so close to the release :D

    It will be totally moddable (if you include programming in modding at least, I mean you can't change the most complex things by just changing an XML file or pushing some sliders in Atlas (the scenario editor)).

    The contrary would be quite odd :)

    The games are in english right now, if you need translators (to french) I may help with some friends wink.gif

  2. Hello,

    Ok thanks, if that's right so, the forum will be up under a month :D

    I know this is not finished, but RaW is already out and the last alliance too, aren't they ?

    I hope our adverts will make yours games more popular because it must, a game totally moddable... kind of dream :)

    Edit : the games are in english right now, if you need translators (to french) I may help with some friends :P

  3. Hello,

    My nickname on the web is Stilgar. I'm a french man keen on strategy wargames.

    I'm actually administrator of a french community upon the total war sery and I mod. This is why I registered. Indeed, as a modder I know difficulties and obstacles we can meet while modding. When I saw your project (O.A.D and then the two others), moreover on a open source I suddenly fel in love with it :P

    So I wanted to support you, what you are doing is great and very friendly :P

    I'm already downloading RaW, and soon the open source of O.A.D (if I understood well it is possible ? :D )

    Also, this is perhaps not the best suitable place to say that but I don't know who to speak with here, I'm too new. I'm turning my total war community into a multi gaming community (with a proper site for each sery/game and a dedicated forum) and we thought of your games (to create a kind of unoffical french fan community), so I was willing to know if I can ask to creat links with you ? It would be nice :)


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