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  1. Sorry for coming in late, good grief it's already Saturday :)

    I'll try to answer some of your questions...

    Caedus, you said:

    This is one of the things I would like to ask you about: in my opinion, removing the character of Bombadil wasn't such a bad move when creating the movie. He has a bit of a strange personality and stands out a bit in the books. Also, what would it add to the overall story and progress of the movie? Problem is of course, that when you remove him, you also remove the oppurtunity to explore the old forest and the Barrow Downs, which are very interesting places.

    So my questions would be: why where you waiting for the Tom Bombadil character?

    Yes, I admit he might not have fit in very well in the movie. I suppose... I was just sad to see him go. :( I remember hearing PJ explain why they cut him, and his explanation made sense, I just still wished he could have been in there. :( It was, to me, a special (and fascinating) part of The Fellowship of the Ring. But in the end, I suppose it was just wishful thinking on my part to want him in the movie. :(

    Another point: how do you think his character should be represented in the game? It's obvious he has some special abilities and the Ring doesn't influence him (at least not directly or quickly). How can his special and unique being be translated in game terms.

    Good question. :( Hmm, figuring out exactly what to do with him in the game is a hard question. I can't see him being used as a kind of "add-on" to military units (thus raising their stats). I would be afraid of that being abused, because you know, Tom didn't go WITH Frodo and the hobbits to help them on their quest. All he did was depart some subtle, yet useful, encouragement to Frodo. What do you think, Caedus?


    Which languages do you specialise in your real life linguistic work and more importantly which ones wil you be focusing on in TLA?

    I've been studying Hebrew, recently, which I must add is very fascinating. :( Especially the Hebrew alphabet. That would by far be the chief language I've pursued apart from the languages of Tolkien, with various small mixes of other things like Latin and Spanish.

    Currently, my task is to reconstruct Adunaic. Which I have been held back from because my stupid library didn't have Sauron Defeated (containing the Lowdham Inform on Adunaic, or something like that ;)). But now... after a long 2 weeks, they've got it in and just yesterday, I recieved it. ;) So I'll be starting my work with that immediately.

    (Edit: Hello, Mr. Quackenbush, glad you liked the interview :(. I suppose you're implying that you're 17 also, correct? :()

  2. I would also like more units, but it pretty much comes down to having to pick between war or economy for your game. And... I don't think any of us really want to pick between those two; so then we must try to balance it out. :) But no worries... it'll all be good in the end :).

  3. In at least three overhead shots, however, the cart and wheels carrying the \"beast\" are plainly visible, as are the obese stage hands who are pushing it across the lawn.

    It takes a sharp eye, but still the trilogy loses significant points here.

    It is supposed to be a piece of siege equipment!

    I'd just like to point out that the second shot of Grond is from the ROTK video game, not the movie!


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