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  1. I actually meant clean as in healthy.

    And no, some places are filthy but compared to the rest of the world India is clean. Believe me.

    Umm...I live in India, so I know what I'm talking about, believe me. Heavily populated areas are terrible, hygiene, if you don't count the upper castes, is not anything great. People spit in open public places, like here or here. A walk through an Indian city will tell you everything. If we're healthy its because our immune systems have learnt to adapt to extreme circumstances :P

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  2. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, I double checked it with the other icons and it's basically the same size and scale with the archer and iberian skirmisher. I'm not sure what I could do about it but crop it. If I crop it I'll be cutting out something important though :/

    Yeah, I get what you're saying... Maybe you can lose some of the shield? Its not really important (even though it looks fantastic!).

  3. You seem to mix up fanatism and proselytism. An incentive to risk your life (like the promise of an afterlife) is fanatism, trying to convert everyone and eliminate other religions is proselytism.

    Kind of like the Roman persecutions of the Christians? Or the Seleucid persecutions of the Jews (Maccabean revolt anyone?)? Or the Aztec subjugation of the Mayans? Or the Hindu persecution of the Buddhists in the 7th century?

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  4. Looks great! Very fluid and organic. One concern (besides the head banging) is the chest. Right now the muscles between the forelegs is static, but in actuality that muscle should be pulled toward the forward moving foot, though I don't know if you can do that with the current skeleton setup :)

    I also noticed that the renderer has the smoothing on this higher than what the viewfinder shows. Anyone know why this happens? I'll look around to see if anyone has had a similar question.

    You've probably got 'Subsurf' on in the modifiers tab :)

  5. So the animal list is not official? The one stickied? Or is it somekind of wishes from people?

    Don't get me wrong, I love having white rhinos and gorillas, but I would prefer European Elk and leopard first.

    And of course Micket should not be restricked in any way. I think that's a very good policy!

    Of course it is official, but Micket isn't 'officially' in the team yet :) You are free to make a request to Micket or some one else in the art team, but I think at the moment, they're working on a little more important things. I wouldn't mind modelling some animals, but I haven't had the time these days... :/

  6. I love the idea of the Blacksmith , but in my opinion fix the fps/lag issues or make the game run smoothy are more important.

    The addition of another building does not require much thought, or skill in programming, so anybody could do it, even me. Having some artists model the buildings required wouldn't take away from the work on the performance issue, since we can't do it anyway, so don't worry, this addition won't slow down progress on the performance problems :)

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