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  1. I'm thinking of writing a Pacman clone for the iPod using SDL. Most of it shouldn't be too hard, but how would you go about checking if Pacman hit a wall? I know, you can use boundary rectangle and such, but that all seems to cumbersome. Is there a way in SDL to just see if the new yellow pixel will overlap a blue pixel and stop if it does?

  2. Oh, I've been using Pandora a lot...

    You see, what I do is I do the "Create a New Station" thing with the artist as Genesis. It plays a Genesis song. Then I do "Create a New Station" thing with Genesis again. It plays another Genesis song. I keep doing this until it stops playing Genesis. Then I reopen my browser and repeat :P

  3. I could on endlessly on slight differences between that and the real OS X, but I know it's only a start. Looks very nice right now :P


    Ok, I just have to mention:

    1. First of all, the menu bar is the one from OS X Panther, yet you have a spotlight icon, hinting that it is supposed to be Tiger. Plus, the spotlighgt icon is slightly wrong :o I think that was the icon in the early versions of Tiger, but it has changed slightly...

    2. What's with the border around the window? Why is the window square? Also, the buttons are too close together.

    3. Obviously the dock is a bit messed up :)

    However, despite my nitpicking, it looks really nice so far :P

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