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  1. Finally got my mac :banana:

    It's an iMac Core 2 Duo 20", standard config.

    Really wonderful machine, though it needs some getting used to. What really baffles me is how smoothly everything works. Tons of windows and programs open at the same time and the machine still keeps running without noticing any slow down. And switching between all those programs is really easy compared to windows. So a very nice piece of technology for a multitasker like me :)

    The only drawbacks currently is the keyboard and mouse. The mighty mouse isn't that great imho, doesn't feel very comfortable in my hand and isn't very responsive compared to my logitech G5. The keyboard is good overall but some keys like { and } aren't visible on it (I'm using an azerty keyboard).

    OSX being based on UNIX also pays off. It really has a linux feel to it in a positive way. Most of the handy linux stuff like the terminal is there, while it's still a very user friendly machine that works out-of-the-box.

    Congrats! I knew you'd love it. :D You might want to download Fink or DarwinPorts for a package manager.

  2. My local community college was having a "family fun fest" on Saturday. I just went for the free food (:)), but they happened to be having a contest to give away one of their old computers (Dell OptiPlex GX110 :D). I somehow ended up being the only person that entered, and thus won!


    I installed Ubuntu Server on it, and currently has Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Postfix up and running. Now I'm wondering.... what should I do with it? :banana:

  3. I have a G4 iMac w/ Tiger. Everything runs fast enough for me (including Photoshop, etc.), but I think it'd be best to get a new Mac Mini for future compatibility and such. I'm sure you can get a cheap screen if you don't already have one.

    But I'd wait for Leapord to come out first :)

  4. I haven't posted here in forever due to being extremely busy with housework, but I'm hopefully back now...

    Anyway, I saw that no one posted this video yet, so here it is:

    It's a video of a live demonstration of Vista's voice recognition that goes completely wrong :blush:

  5. Oh my gosh!!! Micheal Jackson did that song??? The voice doesn't quite sound like Micheal Jackson......

    Like I said, there have been TONS of covers of that song (where another artist plays the same song in possibly a different style). The other day my brother wanted to know who did that song and we eventually found the version he was looking for, but I think Michael Jackson did the original.


    Elton John - Levon

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