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  1. i had AoK for a short while, and i saw the the commands to create a random map script were quite easy compaired to the ones on AoM. I was wondering, is it hard to create such way to random map script?

    Also, i just got an idea.......might sound crazy and impossible, but is it possible to create random map scripts in-game? Having a sort of "notepad" inside the game, where scripters could write down the commands, and there would be a preview option to see how the map is showing up. And of course, if there is a command written wrong, then there would be no way for the preview map script o show correctly, or to show at all, and this issue goes to the following question; is it possible to debugg a random map script in this game? can the game find any incorrect commands so you dont have to kill yourself checking line by line to see if the codes are correct?

  2. I aplogize for the cursing...but i'm so pissed off right now. I just got back from work and decided to walk home. a group of 6 @#$%s were walking in front of me. since i was walking faster i passed them. By chance those @#$%s were students on my high school. they freaking started throwing snowballs at me, and cursing me. what could i do you ask? well, i had one chance, fight 1 vs 6 tall @#$%s at 9:30pm night..eventhough i have 2 years and a half of taekwondo(asian fighting style), or just ignore them and keep walking.

    I knew i was outnumbered, and that usually @#$%s fight in groups. So i decided to keep walking and try ignoring them. Didnt seem to work. They kept throwing snowballs at me. I was about to turn around and fight them, but then i changed my mind and just told them to go @#$% yourselves, and continue to ignore them.

    solution; fight them one by one after school, or simply keep ignoring them(something i'm not thinking atm)

  3. hey everyone, its me auron! :)

    I saw a post by a tsunami member asking for RM scripters at tsunami studios.

    I was wondering how complicated will random map script be for this game? Is it possible to create a way to make random map scripting as AoK?



  4. hello WFG forumers:)

    i'm sorry i havent been active during these past months. after reinstalling my computer + moving to a new house + job + other things, i totally lost contact with you guys and the site. what happened with those points things? i used to have about 400 ;) where are a;; tje cool smilies? ;)



  5. LOL i was in my comptuer class and i was checking some preview trailers of this movie, my friends thought it was kinda funny...but why did they had to use puppets?

    i just hate how they move:(

    i dont think i'll see it...and yes, south park is my favorite cartoon! in fact, south park is on right now! (9:40pm)

  6. why not sam?

    anyone planning to take the SAT, register at:


    i think thats the site...anyways, the teacher gave me that site to check out and it has some good information about colleges, and practice test and other stuff...and for Dnas, it includes some math problems:)

  7. hey everyone. i took the new PSAT this morning.

    it was really hard, and i think i might had failed. the english part i did good, but i doubt i passed the math parts. :P

    at least it wasnt as bad as i expected it...but still. at least i got a chance to buy a new pedal to my guitar ;)

  8. is there anyone here who is also an 11th grader living at the USA?

    if so, when are you taking the PSAT? My school is making us take the test this saturday at 7:45am. What is really disapointting is that my class of 2006 will be the first class to be test on the new, harder and longer PSAT. 3 hours of intense testing. each section 25 minutes :)

    and i'll take the SAT on march again, which i think will be even longer and will take one hour extra..according to my english teacher.

    say, did you know most colleges look for the SAT scores in most applications?

  9. you made the right choice quacker:). guitar is really an awesome instrument to play. i say tabs are better, and easier to read.

    it all depends on what kind of guitar, and music you wanna play. I usually learn and get my tabs from http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/.

    although i've been playing electric guitar for over a year now by myself, i havent learn to read chords yet. i suggest learning to read tabs.

    i dont think i know any site with basic stuff about guitar. but you can just buy off a tutorial at a store near you;)

    oh btw, i really think you should talk to EazY_Ben, whos been playing guitar over 4 years and has made some awesome recordings

    or Tbarak who recorded his own CD along with his band. or BlackHunter whos been playing guitar over 3 years or so. you can contact them at www.aom.heavengames.com

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