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  1. Whoa, my first post here in many years! :-)

    Awesome progress, I can't believe how much has happened since I slipped out of active involvement in the project.

    The new main menu is beautiful! For those who don't know, I was the UI coder for the old main menu -- while it made me extremely proud to see that something I worked on was still in the project after such a long time, I'm happy to see things moving on :-)

    The game is becoming incredibly polished these days, and somehow I wish I was in my teenage years again and had all that spare time I had back then, to really contribute to the efforts. But I am incredibly pleased to see that so many people have stuck with the project and that it is making such awesome progress to completion. The persistence and discipline at WFG are incredible, and really set this project and this team apart from so many other communities!

    All the best going forward, I'll be sure to keep track!


    P.S.: For those who still recall me from the old days (seems like it's been ages!) -- I'm now doing my PhD in Cambridge, although I am currently around the bay area doing an internship at Google. Still checking out the 0 A.D. website every could of weeks, though! ;-)

  2. 20-25% sounds like a good figure to me, at least if we're counting documentation, too.

    The screenshots might give the impression that the game is already further ahead than it actually is, but one has to keep in mind that most of the art seen on the screenshots will have to be redone over and over, plus there's still a good part of the gameplay logic missing. For example, it currently isn't possible to construct buildings in the game, and the unit training is at a very rudimentary stage - just two example of essential RTS features that we haven't yet got in completely.

    As Bobby already said, a major problem is the "management overhead" (as I like to call it): Due to the fact that we're not meeting each other in an office building every day, there's a lot of communication delays which decrease the speed at which we can make progress. An example: If I have some question regarding the networking implementation in order to write the multiplayer user interface, I need to contact Simon (our resident network programmer), but it might be that he's not available due to not having internet access or being unavailable due to real life workload - I'd have to email him and wait for a reply then (or hope to meet him at the weekly programming department meeting), and I cannot just walk over to his office and ask my question. Thus, I might have to wait a week for an answer which is crucial to my progress (and here, you'll realise, the great value of extensive documentation comes in handy, because it could save a lot of time if I can just look for the answer to my question in the documentation).

  3. But I know that [you] is going to buy it. ;)

    Haha, you got me fooled with this at first (actually until I quoted the post and saw the code) :D

    Of course I'm going to buy AoE3 - and I guess I'll try to get it right on the day when it's out, even though I'll be in the middle of my preparations for my final exams at school (which might kind of limit my time to play it - what a shame :(...)

  4. (I'm putting in all the backslashes because I can't remember which characters are special regex characters so I'm just escaping everything :)).

    It's correctly escaped, though :rock: Brackets (round and square) and slashes are regexp characters.

  5. FileZilla is open source, AFAIK.

    I think there are open source FTP servers - though most of them are not for windows. The online windows one I know is WarFTPd and that one is not open-source. But I'm sure there are others :rock:

    As far as I know, FTP ought to work through routers/firewalls on the client side if you use passive mode, but the server side needs to have Port 21 forwarded.

  6. Sorry to be picky about this, but...

    auto accept feature

    Has been in Trillian since 1.0.

    Enhanced Notifications

    Custom, scriptable notifications are available in Trillian (I think even in the basic version).

    Custom Sound send feature

    Trillian Pro EmotiBlips.

    POP3-Email association

    Integrated with Trillian by default, customizable by plugin.

    So I guess I'll stay with Trillian, but of course, this is just a matter of personal preference :rock:

  7. Uhm, I've never seen any computer which could close the CD drives just from Explorer without any additional tools... that's a functionality I've always wondered about why Microsoft doesn't integrate it, since the functions are there...

  8. www.ceruleanstudios.com

    Or, to be more precise: www.trillian.cc :)

    I have to admit that I got addicted to Trillian during the three years I've been using it now - when I recently tried other messengers (mainly due to needing a good messenger for Linux), I found them all very annoying and difficult to use - not to mention that they were missing features like Metacontacts, good logging, customizable user interface and clean skins, which have been around with Trillian for a very long time. In fact, Trillian is IMO one of the best windows applications out there :rock:

  9. How does rain influence the game? Better farming?

    You have to differentiate between seasons and weather. Of course, those are linked, but it's not the weather that has an influence on the gameplay, but the four seasons and the results of likely-to-be weather in the mediterranean biome during those seasons. Each season will likely have characteristic weather effects assigned to it (like snow in winter) and all further weather effects (like cosmetic rain in summer etc.) would not have direct influence on the gameplay (you could possibly "fake" that with a trigger in a custom scenario, though).

    And all those nice to have features, shouldn't they be specified by the gamer himself so he can see what his videocard can take and not the host who doesn't know anything of his playmates?

    Yes, this is correct and I think this is the way it's planned: Purely cosmetic features go to the game options dialog, but gameplay-affecting features have to go to the game setup, since it might pose kind of a problem if one player doesn't have seasons activated and all others have :rock:

  10. For example in order to improve game performance - all those "nice to have" effects are putting additional pressure on the graphics card and the rest of your system, so it might cause lag in multiplayer mode if someone is at the lower end of the system requirements :rock:

    Mhm, EDIT: I think you got Ken wrong here - the seasons DO have influence on the gameplay, but you can decided whether you want to play with or without seasons (it might seem inappropriate on some maps, for example).

  11. I'm quit a fan of PHPEd, but as you said, it's pretty expensive. It has everything a good PHP IDE needs IMO, though, and it's not as slow as Zend.

    If no PHPEd is available to me, I tend to use Notepad++ (free) or UltraEdit (non-free), but those appearently lack any kind of debugger.

  12. You guys really posted this right on the deadline. :) Looks good, but I wouldn't be me if I hadn't something to say about it. :)

    Hehehe :P Buuuuuut .... did you notice that the "radioactive" blue well water seems to be gone? (Might be the perspective, though - *launches game to check* :P).

  13. No such tests in Germany, either. I don't think that they are a particulary bad idea, though - many people over here get through the education system by not doing anything for school and just getting their low-average marks until they finally reach the last two years, where everything counts for the graduation. Then, they realize that they need to know the old stuff and have lots and lots to learn - and might get a worse final exam result than they could have had. If they were "forced" to work harder all the time by such tests - where performing well gives them advantages, probably more students would care more about their study results. Those are just some random thoughts, though, since I don't know the exact role and procedure of those tests.

  14. Hmm, not sure if this is the right topic, but I've been experiencing problems with changing my signature, too - it simply doesn't seem to work any more... there's nothing about memory exhaustion, though, so it's probably not related to this problem at all. It seems more like a JS problem to me.

  15. Ah, finally the old article is up :) I remember reading it a long time ago when it was first written. It's a good article and gives some insight into how the people behind WFG live and which role WFG plays in their lives. I would rather like to see some more of these articles (I think it's interesting to read things like this, because you learn news things you didn't know about people - like Jason being a "news junkie" (y)).

  16. When dealing with English today, it is a simple matter of this: where is poltical and economic power centered?  In the United States.  No one nation wields larger power and influence.  Even the entire E.U., if they banded together without attacking each other (as European powers seem to have a habit of doing), has less G.D.P. and military spending than the U.S.

    Hmm, I'm not too sure about that. Of course, the wide-spreadness of English results from the American dominance in the western hemisphere especially in the times after World War II and during the cold war, and English will certainly stay the global language for a long time, but speaking of (economic) power, I'm not too sure.

    The EU has a considerable economic power already, which also increased due to the Euro introduction, and EU-wide projects and institutions like Airbus and EADS seem to be able to perfectly compete with the US ones. Airbus is gaining more and more market share, while Boeing is loosing; the European Space Agency has managed to complete several important projects in recent times, like the Ariane or the Cassini/Huygens mission, and the Galileo satellite navigation system will present an alternative to GPS in the future. The key point for the Europeans to realise is that they have the advantage of a great body of scientists and scientifical knowledge, and what they need to realise is that they need to unite in their efforts. The same goes for the governments - of course, we should be allowed have different opinions on global politics, but we should remember how powerful a united European opinion is. Right now, the European economy doesn't seem to be too powerful, but in fact I think it is.

    And finally, I don't think that the military spending is a valid way to judge the power of a nation - the US military spendings are that high because they have the habit of attacking other countries with or without reason. Germany, for example keeps lowering its military spendings every year, because there's no need to maintain a large force, since a war in Europe is very unlikely and a small, professional force can take care of humanitary missions in other areas much better.

  17. The only MS font I've ever liked is Trebuchet MS (Tahoma too, but that's too common), and that's also dangerously close to being Comic-y.

    Same here, actually. I've been starting to use Tahoma and Trebuchet MS for my school papers in recent times, and it gave me a nice change from the all-over-used Arial.

    Somehow, I've never been a fan of Times New Roman, and I already tended to avoid it on my old Win 3.0 box when I first used TrueType fonts (before, there were those scary WordPerfect printer-fonts). I had a brief period of "Comic-Sans-addiction", but that fortunately ended pretty fast, mainly because I got bored of the font and it took too much space on paper for my likings.

  18. Hey Ben, "Mr. Particle Engine"!

    Nice to see you stopping by. Well, as Jason said, we've been making quite some progress during the last months, but, being self-critical, it could have been better. At least on the GUI front, there have not been many great achievements through the past months, at least from my perspective. The multiplayer GUI is in the works, though, and should finally work soon B) But the GUI will not be visible on screenshots for a long time, so that's probably nothing interesting anyway...

    The major hurdles right now seem to be - to me at least - gameplay issues, like fundamental aspects of unit-world and unit-unit interaction, some world issues (like water), AI fundamentals (pathfinding, computer AI) and some graphics engine features. Of course, there's more work to be done (GUI, network synchronization etc.), but that's not critical right now :P

  19. No, there isn't, except then you are required to be bilingual to be able to get most jobs here in Belgium.

    I suppose Belgium isn't an exception here - almost all non-mono-linguistic countries (that means, at least for me, any country where the main language is not English) seem to require people to learn English sooner or later, because it is the global language. For example, it is mandatory to have English as a school subject for ten years in Germany (or, at least, in Hamburg, where I live :P). This requirement does not only have positive effects, I think - people who do not particulary like the English language are forced to attend English course and get into kind of a "resignation attitude". But on the other hand, it means that anybody will at least be able to make him- or herself understandable in a foreign country (where it is unlikely to find someone who speaks German fluently - though I have already had some pleasant suprises).

    For business life, English is the number one language, and that us not going to change any time soon, I think (though some people, especially teachers of Spanish and Russian keep repeating the opposite all the time). And for internet communication, English is almost essential - even more for people from countries with a less active native language internet community. On that front, we have less problems in Germany, because you'll find a German website/community/information source for almost everything on the internet, but what about less spoken languages, like e.g. Dutch? (Still, I have to add that there have been many times when I've preffered an English website/source over the German one, mostly due to poor translation or less content, but the German Wikipedia for example is an excellent source for any information I might need: I tend to try the German Wikipedia first when I need to find out something, then the English Wikipedia if I cannot find anything useful, and finally Google; but I'm getting OT B)).

  20. Mhmm, Opera, isn't that this strange browser where I always accidently use mouse gestures and strange things happen on hitting random keys? :P Plus, it doesn't have Adblock and Bookmark Synchronizer, so nothing for me, I guess B)

  21. ok, i have to say something blockbusting, since this is my first post  B) :

    Ratzinger was in Luftwaffe, he was also in Hitlerjugend. I can understand why he was in Hitlerjugend, every child in the third reich was forced to go there after...um 1943 i think. But the Luftwaffe thingy, why the hell Luftwaffe??

    Where did you get that from? My sources say that he left Hitler Youth as soon as possible and was never involved with any military operations (asides from being forced to do service with anti-aircraft gunners from Hitler Youth at the very end of the war)... also, a simple calculation will back this up: If he had to go to the Hitler Youth in 1943, he will have been a little older than 16, and the war was already over in 1945, so how could he have got into the Luftwaffe in that time?

    Oh, and welcome to the WFG forums :P

  22. It's "Mäzen" in German, which has likely derived from the same origin.

    Also, to second what has already been said, the Etruscans had a great influence on Rome, because the original Roman nobility (i.e. the people with might and influence in the city) came from their leading families, and the old Roman aristocracy derived from Etruscan origins. Later, they mixed with other cultures who had meanwhile come to Italy, and when the Empire reached its pinnacle, not much was left from the Etruscan origins, but still some traditions remained, mainly festivities and other cultural events.

  23. Well, Curufinwë, I don't know if popes could break kings. They could set up almost whole of Europe against them, ok, but actually directly break them?

    Because the Pope tried to get and keep the legal right to install and remove kings and emperors at that time (which led to the whole conflict between the pope and the German emperors of medieval times - think Heinrich IV and Canossa), a strong pope was a considerable political force in Europe - even though he did not have the force to oust a king, he could be sure to find some willing supporters among the king's vassals or his enemies.

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