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  1. Hello, I have also encountered problems where the game suddenly crashes at between 40 minutes and 50 minutes when playing local game against 7 AI opponents. The error message was long and unintelligible (to me), but the last sentence suggested "Memory Error". I am using a Windows 11 computer with 16GB RAM in total, but only 7GB was used in total when the game crashed. 

    I made a Ubuntu virtual machine with 8GB RAM using VirtualBox and tried to play the game in there. It was very slow but the game never crashed. The maximum RAM usage was 6.4GB. Therefore I think the cause of crash is Windows version of the game has bug. 


    I have a solution for Windows users: @Barcodes

    1. Set up a virtual machine running Linux operating system (choose a light distribution for example Lubuntu); allocate 8GB of RAM, 4 CPU cores and 40GB disk space to it. 

    2. Install 0A.D. inside the Linux virtual machine. You can find it at the first place in software centre or use the terminal  command: sudo apt-get install 0ad

    3. Host a game using your Linux machine, but put yourself (hosting you) as unassigned spectator. 

    4. To play, join your game from your real Windows machine as a guest player. 

    5. Press start from the virtual machine when you are ready. 


    Your Windows side will still crash after 40 minutes, but you now can simply run the 0AD game again from the Windows side then you can rejoin and play on without losing progress. The host cannot crash anymore, so at least you won't ruin the game for your friends. 

    After using this solution, I played against 7 AI again. My player Window crashed 3 times in the 2 hours long war but I did eventually win the game after rejoining. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, vladislavbelov said:

    We already do that, so it should work (if installed properly via msi files): https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/source/tools/dist/0ad.nsi#L192. It didn't work for you?

    I installed by downloading the game from https://play0ad.com/download/win/ a few months ago, but it was .exe file not .msi file. Maybe you have updated the download site already.


    Following your link, I see this:


  3. On 30/01/2024 at 3:58 PM, king reza the great said:

    sniping (that is annoying)

    Hi, why do you think that sniping annoying? 

    I believe that it is a valid strategy. Sniper soldiers are being deployed in modern battlefields, for example in Palestine. You assassinate enemy units so that your army endures less damage per second. 

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  4. I would like to change the default directories of the replay files to a different location, for example, to my Games folder under Username/Saved Games. Currently, the replay files and modification files are all inside my Documents folder and they are mixed with my professional work files. The game's program files and configuration files are inside the hidden AppData folder. That is inconvenient.

    Ideally, I would like to contain the entire game within one directory. All program files, configurations and replays stay inside that folder, so that I don't have bits and pieces of the game all over my computer.

    Is this feasible? 


  5. Sassanian military was heavily dependent on cavalry. Therefore, I recommend adding these units to the Sassanian faction :

    Vacabara: Lightly-armoured horse archers with long range and fast speed but low attack damage and low total health value.

    Dehqan cavalry: medium-strength cavalry with bow and lance. Quite balanced role.

    Cataphract:  heavily armoured cavalry with lance, but moves slowly. They should have very big total health value 

    Azadan: elite cavalry that can switch between bow and lance. 


    It would be an improvement to allow some Persian and Sassanian cavalry units to switch between bow and spear using a hotkey. Historical Sassanians did this to accommodate for long distance arrow fights and short range combat. In the game, this feature allows the player play more strategies using the same units. 

    I look forward to playing with this faction. 


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