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  1. Now the Chinese minister and the Kushite pyramid buff it. Every minister nearby motivates you to work faster. There are 9 in total...
  2. It's mistake or not? Turreted Soldiers +3 crush, hack, pierce resistance and +20 vision range. Points or %? Techcost −50%. - what that mean?
  3. Okay... I'll think of something, how to glue it together for transliteration according to Erasmus.
  4. Can you please explain me what is "Zooiarchos" means and write the original word in Greek? I'm guessing it's Lord of the Elephants, but I can't find more examples of its use anywhere on the internet. "Ilarchès" is needed too
  5. Well, people usually say: "Russia is a prison of nations." Well, all right...
  6. I recently discovered Grace Jones. And this scene could make a good easter egg in the game... Remember the treasure from Age of Empires III when the freed prisoner joins the player?
  7. I remembered one very important thing about diplomacy! Due to the fact that the game often slows down and the ally/neutral/enemy buttons are very small and too close to each other, it is possible to accidentally declare war/neutral on an ally. And he instantly becomes an enemy/neutral. What if you do it like in Age of Empires II, when an ally or a neutral, instead of declaring war/neutrality, simply starts to resent, sending messages to the chat with sound, and only after a certain warning declares war or neutrality. At the same time, in Age of Empires II, even with a former ally/neutral, you can still restore the union/neutrality by fulfilling its conditions. And the lower the AI difficulty, the higher the chance to restore neutrality or alliance.
  8. So this means that the ships in the game were always not the original size? Those reconstructions of triremes that are on YouTube are not so big in themselves. It turns out that you also shortened them?
  9. Yes there is. Just noticed now. Just when everyone around is chopping wood, knocking with pickaxes, rustling with choppers across the field, these sounds are lost against the general background. Maybe make them more contrast?
  10. Regarding units: is it possible to add a signal for their appearance?
  11. I think it's great to use a specific ship type for a specific map type. No one lets ocean liners through narrow rivers. No one swims across the ocean on a catamaran. The fact that the ships do not fit into one puddle is not a reason to cut them off, but a reason to change the strategy to lighter boats. Or you can just change the class of ships that are more suitable, and not make a laughingstock out of the trireme. Of course, if the current models are exaggerated compared to the originals, then only then should they be scaled up. P. S. Isn't the Mediterranean a template that simply arranges land and water in a similar Mediterranean way? Why scale what is normal? Just generate a map of the Mediterranean on a smaller scale.
  12. Measurements really mean nothing if this game is called Civilization. Or if this game is a cartoony two-dimensional grotesque. Or if you intend to push Starcraft out of eSports. Then you definitely need approximately the same proportions of all moving units as in Lego Duplo. But, usually, large strong ships are balanced by their large area of vulnerabilities. Moreover, here is a non-target system. Unlike the Age of Homing Projectiles IV.
  13. Doesn't that mean they'll be unbelievably small? It will be a shame if they stop looking like their natural size and look like toy boats.
  14. We really need formations for ships so that they don't bunch up like logs.
  15. Thank you! The academic transliteration of Kirnosova for pinyin is now saved!
  16. Hello! Could you give me reviewer rights to approve translations? Ukrainian language, Transifex name is Heliotrope. It is very important for me to freeze academic transliteration in order to prevent amateur performances.
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