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  1. New suggestion: allow to upgrade palisades into stone walls and centry towers intro stone towers.
  2. It's not bad idea but only if solders lost their building capture ability. And towers/cc/forts will be able to build close to each other. But I've got better idea! Allow to upgrade palisades into stone walls and centry towers intro stone towers.
  3. What you mean? All buildings with no border-generator were decayed independently from nearests. Houses were decay by whole cluster, barracks etc. Even at Cossacks: BtoW player have more time to save converted building from fire than here from decay.
  4. Well... It's better than AoE at some parts. AI which can expand even by islands was surprised me. But it steal can't build neither palisade nor stone walls, while old AoE2 AI can.
  5. It's all because you can't steal enemy's resources because of painted border there.
  6. Strange thing, because at pre-Kishite alphas there was no any errors.
  7. Because it's prevent castle-rush?
  8. BTW! "National borders" and distance limitation beteween towers/CC/fortresses are also ugly. At AoE2 AI-player expand only on his area, and build only lumbermills and mines at distant lands. At 0 A.D. AI trying to grab all map (not bad) and you can't put Store to steal resources right under it's nose because of dumb "national borders" (very bad!). The most annoying thing is that AI's national borders may "convert" your towers, which were on your national border. Could devs at least add something like "Ox Cart" just like it was at Age of Mythology? I don't see any reason why I can't steal unprotected resources on enemy's lands. And you shoud do something with siege weapons. Just 5 rams can win the map because destroying CC authomatically starts decay and AI run to towers and fortress to stop it instead attack rams. National borders - most evil game-ruin thing what may happen at RTS.
  9. The AI does not use his accelerating advantages. Same problem with priests - no healers on battlefield from AI.
  10. I remember that early 0 A.D's exe-files were able to be unpacked by 7-zip. And I can't understand why now it's impossible? While with Wesnoth's executive file 7-zip do it great...
  11. "you can change the maptype to reset the settings" - not all settings were reset by changing maptype. The turned on "Nomad" button, as example, keeps active.
  12. By the way! Is there any button to "restore to defaults" for Map, Player and Game Type options? Restoring Settings from main menu does not works on this three tabs.
  13. Thanks. One more question! I noticed the rice paddy have only 3 workers. There is no mistake, while other nations have 5?
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