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  1. What happened to this tournament @LetswaveaBook?
  2. "Dogs bark after at what they cannot understand" -Heraclitus Some people become hostile when you reveal things they don't understand. No need an explanation.
  3. @Lion.Kanzen without autociv mod you need to select an area by holding "O" with mod you just select and press "O". Tiny detail but still it comes me easier selecting wounded units without holding "O".
  4. Okay no need anymore. I decided to use autociv mod again. Cuz i thought mods were making the game heavy but maybe not that too much.
  5. Have a nice day guys, Do you know how we can do the wounded hotkey like in autociv mod, just selecting units when u press "O" you will be selected wounded units? Cuz with default hotkeys you need to hold "o" and select an area on the map and then you will be selected the wounded units. Thanks in advance
  6. Selam, There is a player called doctororgans who created a new account with name wercinlitorix and continues to be the most toxic player in this game. I mute kind of these players and today i just didn't enable any mods and got this message on my screen. I hope you do what to do as soon as possible. Also he lost (as usual) last team game maybe it could be the reason of this overreacting.
  7. Chat time and gaming time is total mess with Turkish language, i hope you fix it as soon as possible. I have typed those civilization names approximately in a minute but you can see the output. When you open the game timer it resets itself every 1 or 2 minutes while playing.
  8. I mean based on this idea "What doesn't kill you makes you strong" i suggest to make units more resistant units, increasing hp is also another way to do it so but the appearance of units changes when level up, for that i think adding an additional armors to units will fit better. I am not fan of giving too many advantages leveled up units like increasing attack rates cuz otherwise it will be an unbalanced situation.
  9. So you are telling that 63 hp 1 hack and pierce armor level rank 2 skirmisher, has same resistance of 50 hp 2 hack and pierce armor level skirmisher?
  10. Since experienced players skip attacking resistant less dps units (worker elephants 0 dps), i don't think your rushing idea i have never heard before, will work.
  11. Selam, I wanna suggest a few things about making gameplays more dynamic: => Instead of giving more hp or more attack to units when they level up i suggest to give them +1 hack and pierce armors like in a23. Cuz instead of making 15 mins economy with 0-10 kills better to be in an aggression while making economy especially in team games. Since there are lagg and ddos issues that will make you have fun even in first minutes of the games unless you like to build many towers, walls, forts and sit inside them. Most of games fall victim cuz of these 2 big issues. => Healers and their upgrades are way too expensive, i suggest to make them more useful by decreasing the cost of them and also their upgrades in temples. Instead 2-stage upgrading i suggest to make it as 1 stage which you can research in phase 2. It would be even better if wounded units miss their shots more than a healthy unit which put healers in requirement list of players. => These two situation will balance each other i guess in first situation you would think that giving extra armors to units when they level up is too much but when they lose their hp also they will start to miss their shots, and you will need healers for that or healing structures which also makes healers more useful. Also what do you think about making units champions after they gain a considerable xp after rank 3? Have a nice day
  12. A build order for fanatics with Gauls without using any extras. It's a fun build order not a victory guaranteed gameplay. Have a nice day fanatic_rush.zip
  13. And first attempt on 2 by 2 training. Started with 3 women first for not getting housed and continued to train with 2 batches. After building the first barrack i had to train soldiers from the barrack 1 by 1 for a min and then continued to train 2 by 2 cuz of lack of resources. 2by2training.zip
  14. Selam, For all archer civilizations: => Their special two archer upgrades should be in cc as one upgrade consists both and we can research that upgrade in p1 (phase 1). Carthaginians even doesn't have the extra range upgrade in their cc. Only for Persians: => Cavalry health upgrade should be researchable in p1. => Instead of axe cavalries they should have their old sword cavalries. And there are other points about the gameplay: => 250 food for a healer is too much. Generally i prefer to spend my food to get more soldiers cuz its 5 infantries' food. At least it should be 200 food and Briton healers should cost 150 to make healers more usable. Also healer's upgrades quite expensive. 400 food 200 metal and 500 food 250 metal for their first upgrade, and 800 food 400 metal 1k food 500 metal for their second upgrade. Generally you don't have more than 10 healers and the costs are too expensive. It's better to skip these upgrades and even it's better not to train healers and get more soldiers and blacksmith upgrades, if you wanna heal your wounded units retreat them to temples with the exist special hotkey. => We need to make p2 gameplays more interesting and rich in my opinion. So second military upgrades should be researchable in p2. => The cost of upgrade to the lookouts (formerly known as outpost) should be decreased to 200 food at least. Cuz its better to build another lookout instead of researching the lookout's upgrade. Currently lookouts cost 80 wood and their upgrade 300 food which is 6 infantries' food. I haven't tried the svn version so i dunno if some of those things exist in the next alpha. Best regards.
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