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  1. Is there a solution to this bug? Will Git version work?
  2. (This topic is about the zh-lang Chinese language pack mod's bug) 我直接吧兼容性改成了 0a.d.>0.0.26 然后启动了A26 svn 版本,然后就这样了。。。 我的操作系统是Arch Linux. 模组文件: zh-lang.zip 是不是喔装了一个旧版本?如果有更新的请把链接粘在下面。 @AIEND
  3. Sound exciting, but I am not sure how to implement fires and grenades into the game. I think we should make a mod 2020AD! 大吉大利,今晚吃鸡!
  4. Very good analysis @JC (naval supremacist). In my opinion, cavalry had an advantage in speed and melee cavalry can perform more deadly charges. We can make ranged cavalry expert hit and run units that will not be able to last in direct combat, so they should have identical health and armour to infantry (50hp), and possibly the same attack values (or slightly higher damage at much lower accuracy). Melee cavalry can have a little bit more health, armour and attack than their infantry counterparts as the initial momentum makes a difference. So I am suggesting a health value of 120 and +1.5 pierce more than their infantry counterparts? But to account for this nerf, we can further buff their speed to accentuate the advantages of cavalry: 18m/s walk speed and 20m/s run speed.
  6. Final release of StarGUI: All bugs fixed? All berries are pink, and either exist as hemispheres or pink trees. Snowy biomes have light pink ground to protect your eyes. Temperate, Steppe, Subalpine, Agean-Anatolian and Rhineland have pure green ground without decorations to be completely distraction-free. All trees take the shape of cypress trees and different shades of purple indicate their wood content. 50 wood bushes are lighter and 300 wood trees are darker. There exist only trees with wood or nothing. Deceitful eyecandy bushes are banned from their existence. All passive hunts are blue; aggressive gaia (such as wolves or boars) are red. The British war dog keeps its colour but is enlarged. All projectiles are golden. All metal mines have been highlighted golden. Buttons are enlarged and broken icons fixed. Included lobby features from God's Eye mod, enhanced host, autociv, customrating... Many Many more features are waiting for you to be discovered. I will not be updating this mod unless someone has found a major bug with it. I will start working on a similar mod for A26: AlienGUI. Please look forward! @seeh
  7. Thank you for your feedbacks. Would you prefer this over icons? This was just a prototype / demonstration concept, of course I will refine it if there is a concensus.
  8. What is epic games launcher and how is that related to 0ad? If you are running KDE, 0ad will mess up your window manager when it is running; there is no way around it.
  9. Use VLC to open them. It is free and without ads. Use audacity (free) to convert them from ogg to any format.
  10. What about, instead of controversial pictures, we replace them with English text instead, for example a button with a label "spearman" will train a spearman after you click on it.
  11. That's me! Which alpha would you like to return to?
  12. For all civs, a good military should consist of some proportion of ranged units and the rest is melee. Athenians have strong melee units, i.e. the hoplites. They are quite survivable after you research the hoplite tradition tech; a crowd of elite rank hoplites surroudning a few champion hoplites is undefeatable. In the ranged department, you can make some slingers (40?) for economy in phase 1 to output damage from a distance, then in Phase 2 and 3 you can spam mercenary skirmishers. They are especially strong with the presence of Iphikrates. In addition, they have a skirmisher cavlary as a more powerful ranged unit and cavalry swordsman to outflank enemy melee and snipe lone ranged units or women. Finally, their champion archers allows you to snipe enemy units in difficult terrains as well as harass their economy before fighting. Full cavalry spam is also viable with the Athenians. In terms of economy, their slinger gives them a slight advantage in early game, then in phase 2 you can build 4 barracks, 3 of which produce citizen units for gathering and the other 1 produces mercenaries which can become builders or scouts.
  13. I agree. Gaesatae is the 0ad special rush unit which is designed to deliver a quick blow to farmers or cavalry. It is based on a few drunken Gaul warriors who decided to go naked into battle, but definitely not mimicking the main army. We should improve the AI instead. Capturing towers is a great part of games with humans. The bonus against ships is definitely recommend: ships are too OP and the naval system is broken. Make melee units before it's too late. Any melee can damage rams quickly. Normal humans never attack with 6 rams, instead they push with 140 units. I would recommend you to mass produce sword cavalry and any other melee units. Ranged units do almost no damage to rams.
  14. Excellent suggestion! Proposed temple for @Stitch
  15. Please suggest a colour, I am out 9f ideas. I used pink as a last resort. Green is great but it would be hard to distinguish arctic from the others. Maybe mycelium would be good. But back to the topic: @Stitch feel free to resize the .dae files as your please, then show us the end result. I also would like to modernise the look of many buildings as well as change their sizes
  16. Feel free to make your own meshes, models and textures, we really need those. But my style is this: StarGUI, Kampot playing as the Athenians in Arctic. I replaced the white snow with a more gentle version of pink ground, so that it's better for your eyes.
  17. We don't need that. If you want historical accuracy, then the game would literally take years to finish (consider how much time you need to build an empire) and also the Romans and the Macedonians will destroy everyone, which is gg before the game starts. Furthermore, Brits and Gauls never had a fight with the Mauryans.
  18. 'harmya' sounds like 'harm-you'. We can rename it to something generic like 'Mauryan Palace' or 'Indian crown court'.
  19. easy solution: copy the .dae file for the Mauryan wonder (the great Stupa) and resize it to whatever size you would like in blender. Then, change actor xml file so that it points to your new .dae. This will replace the model without causing OOS. <mesh>directory/of/my/new/palace.xml</mesh>
  20. The Atlas failing to build might be due to a lack of certain dependencies. If Atlas refuses to work, you can add a flag --disable-atlas while using update-workspaces.sh or make.
  21. Shaved_below frequently insults others, especially Kampot. Today I've had enough of him and I have decided to report him. He asked everyone in another game to boycott kampot's host and I joined Kampot nevertheless. He has been proclaiming to be 'the most toxic person' in reza-math's server and has said more unfriendly things there but I won't post them here. Shaved_below is the smurf account of Shyft_Sierra; he also made another account called puddle_of_sperm. @go2die @user1
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