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  1. Perhaps X server settings are misconfigured after the update. I would recommend double checking if your display options are correct and reinstall X server and the game.
  2. I am also troubled by this delay feature. If we are implementing it to prevent ddos or malicious attacks, we should at least decrease it down to 1 second, so that the user cannot feel its existence. The red hand might be to prevent malicious users from bypassing bans and spamming the forum. However, I think the red hand lasts a bit too long and there is no need restrict how many reactions one gives. If malicious users are spotted, there should be a way to delete forum accounts instead of making everyone wait. Furthermore I don't understand why normal people cannot post anything on balancing threads.
  3. We can add a button which allows the user to access the forum and the offence reporting thread in just one click. Furthermore we should advertise the existence of a forum using a larger banner in game. On the public mods, the pregame page is dominated by a background. I propose placing the buttons and important information at the centre to grab attention, much like the Minecraft interface. let forum and report button be one of these main buttons. This will be more convenient for such offence reportings. I was also aware of the existence of a discord bot which transports 0ad lobby messages into a discord server. Perhaps we can employ this bot in more servers, and add an auto alert function: if the bot detects toxic comments, it will alert the moderators through discord. Perhaps this will be a better method.
  4. Even if the program files are at different locations, both versions of the game will always look at ~/.local/share/0ad/mods for mods files and ~/.config/0ad/config for configurations, which will result in clashes. So if you can find a way to change the directory where the engine tries to search for mods and configs then the problem will be resolved. I haven't been able to find this line of code yet...
  5. The match numbers filter and match duration filters are very important; it allows us to remove flukes and only look at good games which lasted for a long time. This is my list after applying the filters of time > 23 minutes and minimum number of games is 3. I also set the weights to take only military performance (killing machine) into consideration. A new star player named violentviolet does not forfeit their name and scored the top place, leading me by more than 100 points!
  6. I think it's too easy to bypass bans. There should be more strict checks to prevent bypassing.
  7. The same player has made yet another account pen1s_collider and continues his toxicity using it. This time he is targeting @Dakara for no apparent reason...
  8. Across the 3 versions I have implemented actual changes to javascript files that control the shape, text and function of GUI elements; I think one of the minor changes could be interfering with localratings. Before StarGUI v4.0 it was all changing skins and actors, which was harmless.
  9. Which biome? Using the latest version, all fruits are shown in Mainland Balanced, identical to mainland.
  10. I think this error existed a while ago but I managed to fix it in the latest version. For me the Eurasian Steppe looks like this:
  11. We can use the mute bot to mute WFGBot and Ratings bot, then kick the profanity filter bot.
  12. I like @BreakfastBurrito_007's idea and please do not be confused by SI units! Acceleration is always measured in ms^-2 which is the rate of change of velocity over time. Velocity (in a given direction) is always measured in ms^-1. You cannot convert accleration into velocity because they are not the same thing! acceleration = change in velocity / time interval Now in the very particular case of 0ad: final velocity = initial velocity + acceleration * time (the derivation is trivial and left as an excercise to the reader) So for 20ms^-2 accleration, the time you need to acclerate a cavalry unit to its maximum speed of 18ms^-1 is: 18 = 0 + 20 * time time = 0.9 second Hopefully this can help you to invent more sensible values for the stats
  13. Feldmap is included by default in every version! Custom rating is also installed by default, although it might be an outdated version.
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