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  1. U kidding me? I don't meant it at all... I live at Russia and it's to hard to explain this huge difference between local bio-name and russificated latin names of bio-groups. But no one in Russia call peakok as "PAVO CRISTATUS" in common life LOL! Ok! Fine! If you give me ability to unblock blocked translations I would review and fix at least at Russian and Ukrainian languages. Because there also small mistakes at Edes Iovis translated at Rus as Lovis, egyptian words etc. My Transifex account name is Apheidas.
  2. Manually? That is useless, because I noticed, that my manual corrections were "rollback" into dumb-machine translation at every game text update. I think, if you want to make right multylingual game, you should order one and only one translator such it did Wesnoth devs. Translator who will follow some one style and standard. That is all I can say. But why you can't separate modern latin animal names at it's own group - that is really mystery... May be devs really should follow Age of Empires 2 way and do not play with ancient dead languages without any professors at team or consultation???
  3. Russian language names looks very similar to latin but they have typical russian endings such ксантория. They not save latin endings as phoneme. "Я" - it's not "u" like at word "umbrella" it's "ya". And latin ending "-ae" for plural is not save in mirror-transcryption, changing it into deep "ee" like at "wheel" but more deeper - "ы". Usually russian language names are not 100% mirror of latin word in russian letters. 95%, 99% but not 100% of phonetical, so even plant-names should not be considered as blind latin "tracing paper" transcryption. Translators of each particular language can decide whether to copy the name of the Latin, transliterate or translate into the local scientific name, but it still profanation practice, because so-called "local scientific name" already have it's own place under latin name.
  4. The biological latin names are not simple "latin words". Even medicine write composition using non changeble latin words. It even follows from the logic of the game, this name falls out of the context of buildings and units, and for all nations it is written in Latin as an animal genus, taxon, and so on. What references can there be if no one translates biological Latin letter by letter? It even looks like a collective farm. Example: royal pelargonium (Regal Pelargonium). It never occurs to anyone in delirium, except for illiterate aunts, to write it as "рэгал пеларгониум". There is no need to confuse ancient Latin names with modern biological names in Latin - this is the level of the collective farm "70 years without light." On Academician, most of the words are ancient names, and not taxones or genus. Even the very same "tuberculosis - туберкулёз" no one writes as "туберкулёсис", besides, the Russian name is already present. Why even distorted to enter? All I suggest is to remove all these "кристатусы" and "локсодонты африканусы", leaving the Latin name at the top and the Russian normal name at the bottom. You don't want to understand me at all. No one takes words like Loxodonta Africanus from an elephant in square brackets of transcription, but translates with such a meaning as if it were Russian in itself and almost dictionary word. If you leave it in the game, it will be a complete "collective farm".
  5. But this is incorrect practice... No one scientific encyclopedia was split latin names into phonetic... Because that is the sense of latin name... You can phoneticaly translate Roman units and buildings because every nation at 0 A.D. have their own language but you should not corrupt biological terms. Turn biological latin names into chinese "phonetic" - it's comlete profanation! Паво кристатус - should be Pavo cristatus. Because player allready know that is a peacok when he read (Павлин).
  6. Not understand... Russian or CJK players would read both names - russian or CJK name + latin name. All fair. I don't know any scientific literature where latin names were transcripted... Everywhere were: (local name) + (latin name writted by latin). Example: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Бурчеллова_зебра https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/平原斑馬
  7. Armello have some good arts for Nature. Maybe Child of Light logo for remade?
  8. What you mean? For example: we have name Zebra at animal name and we have Equus quagga as latin name at english translation. So, correctly will be if word "Zebra" would be translated, but "Equus quagga" will be constant for every languages. Incorrect variant: EN: Zebra / Equus quagga RU: Зебра / Эквус квагга GR: Ζέβρα / Eκυυσ κυαγγα ZH: 斑馬 / 馬 斑驢 Correct variant: EN: Zebra / ⋒ Equus quagga RU: Зебра / ⋒ Equus quagga GR: Ζέβρα / ⋒ Equus quagga ZH: 斑馬 / ⋒ Equus quagga
  9. I noticed that some language packs not just translate latin animal names but also trying to [transcript]. I think both methods are huge mistakes. Can you please erase current mistranslation and lock latin names (only latin names) for fauna at all languages at both columns to prevent subsequent wrong transcription?
  10. Can you please add detailed historical references to every building, unit, animal such it was at Age of Empires III at lower unit tab? And add some additional political maps with locations of game civilizations. Something like that:
  11. One of the most important reason for me to play 0 A.D. and AoE2 is that "non-target" shooting system. Projectiles could make more damage, but they should not be infinity. You can make some scale such "mana" but with arrows quantity, which would be rechargable near barracks or other military buildings. Or you can use RoN:RoL system with mobile support ammo carts/units with recharging aura. In DE mod as I remember, units are able to switch their weapons. Ranged units with no projectiles may switch into military until they didn't recharge their arrows etc.
  12. IMHO, ranged units + MMORPG's target system = dead and buried game.
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