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  1. Hi, I see that you have the Zapotec mod on your github (and also the Han).

    Are there versions compatible with KenWood ?

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    2. LienRag



      Though, I tried this on the Inca and Mayan mods and I can't launch a new game using these Civilizations : on random map I get an error message and am sent back to the home screen, and on skirmish the map is created but I don't get a Civic Center nor any population, just the chickens.

      I found the Terra Magna mod for a23 and tested it (it works) but it didn't have neither Zapotecs nor Hans.

    3. Yekaterina


      Can you show me the error messages?

    4. LienRag


      My apology, I mixed things up, it was the Millenium mod that I tested and that didn't have Zapotecs, then after understanding my mistake I tested Terra Magna and it did have Zapotecs and Xinghuan.

      The later are very interesting and original gameplay-wise but I wonder how they fare in competitive game ? The absence of P3 techs and buildings make them very limited militarily speaking.

      Also, the fact that the "tent" units have no vision make them disappear entirely when they move out of the vision range of regular units, that is a very surprising behavior and I thought that I had lost my Civic Center after moving it so I restarted the game...

      Another problem with the Xinghuan is that their food production through sheep is management-intensive, not like farms where the player can just build them and forget.


      What error message would you like me to show you ?

      And from where ?

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