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  1. 19 hours ago, real_tabasco_sauce said:

    perhaps a good way to control would be to just watch a 4v4 replay using GL and then using vulkan. Not sure if replays would be compatible tho.

     replays are not visible, may be I can play with AI or let AI play and make a video of that it will be funny if I add commentary for that though! so may be I shouldn't add commentary.

  2. so If I select units and give order to move and deselect the units,
    lag will be less right?


    13 hours ago, Stan` said:

    Selecting two hundred units is slow. You can try moving them and keeping them selected, and moving them and deselecting them. You'll see it's faster. When selected, we gather a lot of information about all the buttons, things they can build etc, and that's slow.


  3. DOS is a real thing in 0AD, someone or some code is definitely destroying hosted games

    To check if DOS attack is real thing and it is not game bug,

    one of our 0AD player Levai hosted a game using his static ip server.

    the game run extra smooth and we didn't get a DOS attack.

    I assume there is someone deliberately trying to cause problems in the lobby.

    We experienced close to zero lag in privately hosted game.


  4. 2 hours ago, Norse_Harold said:

    I can see that leopard and wang_wei aren't being honest when they say they're not doing anything wrong

    I never said I am not doing anything wrong here, I know my words are obscene and yet I don't repent, because I told this to shyft_sierra and he/she deserves that kind of treatment.


    1 hour ago, rossenburg said:

    I completely understand where you are coming from

    do you know what these self proclaimed OP player do when they get rushed bad and feel they cannot shine in the game they quit like cowards and leave the team in an impossible to win situation even when someone in the team can win the game for the team.

    This dude is not very OP compared to others they just don't have anything to do in life other than playing video games.

    so he get to play a lot of games and be the pet of many regular players, he don't insult his backers, so they let this idiot to play every game with them.

    please don't assume this dude is good for their team, this one is completely disturbing if he is in team also believe me you will totally hate the dev who put the flare feature .

    They are everywhere in every gaming community
    for example

    so shyft_sierra is a not very unique idiot that we should give much attention to.


    51 minutes ago, Norse_Harold said:

    I'm hopeful that Shyft_Sierra is trying to change his own behavior.

    I have no hope in this and you should not too.


    2 hours ago, Norse_Harold said:

    It took courage to do that

    wait a minute, this dude insult other players and their family members and says he fk their mothers, are you still thinking this is an innocent little poor fellow who need courage to come here and write insults on people who try to expose this dude?

    are you blind or can you not understand the insults he shoots even in this forum. 

    forgive me if I offend you my English vocabulary is limited to explain a scoundrel to you.


    2 hours ago, shft said:

    it's funny reading all you cry,

    see this dude is trolling everyone participating here. he think this is very funny and enjoying like he is in an amusement park.

    2 hours ago, shft said:

    nstead of crying you could all focus on improving your gameplay but you choose not to, you don't realise you are the problem lol

    yes we are the problematic people here 


    look at this a cheerleader

    Screenshot from 2022-12-14 00-39-32.png

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  5. 49 minutes ago, shft said:

    And what seeh posted is only 1 chat lol. There were many times not shown here so you are hiding like the others. The mods just don't care enough to try to find out. 

    I am not planning to stop you can take screenshot and send it to moderators. why no one else other than you complain about me?

    48 minutes ago, shft said:

    you are all hypocrites and delusional weasels.  

    call your parents that

  6. 1 hour ago, shft said:

    you all hide like weasels

    my words are here in the forum thanks to @seeh for posting it and

    I did not run away I am still talking you mentally challenged @shft



    New players start as weak and they might stay like that if they don't try to learn how to play also powerful players 

    don't share lot of secret tricks they use to gain an upper hand over players of same level.

    If we want new players for 0AD existing players should not insult new player.

    People are not very desperate to participate in 0AD even if it is simply playing game,

    There is a sanskrit PHD friend I have and I asked help to put sanskrit voice to Maurya Civ 
    He just don't care!

    people who come here to play 0AD are someone who care about Free and open source software.

    If we insult people like this people will not stay for 0AD,
    They have better things to do like improving their real life.


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  7. 5 hours ago, Norse_Harold said:

    Yes, Shyft_Sierra was extensively harassing others. It's not a justification for people to harass him. "Abusing him back" is not violence in self defense. At a minimum it gives him an empty excuse to abuse people. "Abusing him back" is continuing the cycle of abuse and bullying. We want to break that cycle so that we can get along. Here's a radical thought: Shyft_Sierra is a person, too. Let's please not dehumanize him

    Hello dude I have been called names and abused and my family members were insulted multiple times and and It has been happening for months I think almost a year he started by asking whether he can do oral sex to me and tried to get into their gay gang

    I kept calm and ignored but the problem is other player also cheer up this dude on insulting me, they think I am noob and a I don't deserve to play 0AD even if so called OP player won't abuse you, they enjoy me getting abused multiple times and still they prefer players like shyft_sierra in games than me so even if I report to anyone it is not going to make any difference, also this dude insult me racially and it never ends every time this dude come to game he starts insulting so I think keeping quite and absorb the hatred and anger will cause the production of too much of bad hormones inside my body and eventually make me sick so I insult this dude back so he feel sick too, 
    I know people who commit suicide because of online bullying and this is not a cycle we can end by keeping our mouth shut.

    I am from India and people calling me @#$% and dump all the time make me feel I should commit suicide or die because I feel stupid living this world run by white people and living in complete disadvantage.

    This is pure arrogance that cause this kind of people talk like this because they know their race own the world and
    I will keep insulting this guys using worst words and worst scenarios possible I am choosing to fight against this arrogant people I don't mind getting banned from playing 0AD.
    0AD will loose one player and I will get rid of an addiction and I will understand there is no point trying to collaborate with people Capitalism Wins all the time.

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  8. On 29/11/2022 at 2:53 AM, seeh said:


    Shyft_Sierra inults, seems leopard do same

    I did this to that dude I think I don't have to a gentleman to someone who keep insulting my family, If I get insulted I insult them back.

    @seeh are you reporting me for being toxic? I am OK if you guys ban me from this game, I usually never get offended like this other than in 0AD and players like this,


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