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  1. Friends, I don't know if it's too late to say something for a25, but if not, I wanna say this => first of all you are all nubz (thank me later) => and secondly there are some issues with a24, like; - idle start cav after collecting 1 chicken patch - invisible berries - worse pathfinding in eco and while fighting (better on a23) - units stuck everywhere (better on a23) - nub turn times; moving cavs away from main use a bit, making turtle things like long-range structures and units more powerful, putting attacking players at a disadvantage, ruining offenses - useless stone res for blacksmith upgrades - defensive structures' auras are not quite accurate, they can hit more than a few meters of their aura - nub alert sounds => and thirdly there are some things I like in a24, like; - blacksmith upgrades affect both infantry and cavalry units. - better animations on units - what men can build, women can build - heroes can only be trained once (this makes sense) - sieges do not require fortress for all civilizations (this makes some attacks faster) - better game interface => and the fourth thing I don't like in both alphas - lagg - ddos attacks or whatever you call it. ( even I think some developers may do ddos attacks to make the future real version more secure.) if all this has been said then only consider the first point have a nice day a.k.a. berhudar
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