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  1. Please excuse the late reply. There is a lot going on in the office.

    On 05/10/2021 at 9:10 PM, dave_k said:

    Can we get an update on whether 0ad is working at your workplace? If it's still not working properly then I have some more advice. Choose which art of troubleshooting you want: Black Art or White Art. Both can be useful, I think.

    Yes, it (almost) always works. I have read that if it does not work, it may be due to the remote station. That is, the one that hosts the game.

    On 05/10/2021 at 9:10 PM, dave_k said:

    1. Advice on getting UDP gaming to work with pfSense is here. This mentions VoIP networking. VoIP usually uses UDP protocol, which is also true of most online games, including 0ad.

    I have deactivated the rewrite for UDP port 20595.

    On 05/10/2021 at 9:10 PM, dave_k said:

    2. You have configured a 1:1 NAT port mapping. Do you know what 1:1 NAT is? Is that actually how you want to configure your network? Most consumer routers are configured for cone NAT instead of 1:1 NAT. But, maybe 1:1 NAT is correct for your workplace ISP.

    No, I don't know the difference between 1:1 and cone NAT in detail. Where did I configure that?
    I have set up the pfSense according to the instructions and help in the Netgate forum.
    The WAN interface of the pfSense is connected to a media converter (RJ45 <-> glass fibre). I don't know if this is relevant.

    On 05/10/2021 at 9:10 PM, dave_k said:

    3. Here is an example of something besides a firewall that can block traffic. This has affected me, even though I'm not using an optical network, despite what Intel's release notes state for the Windows fix.

    Instructions on disabling RX checksum hardware offloading in order to workaround bugs in Realtek and Intel network adapter hardware
    Instructions for Windows (this might be necessary if you are using Windows as the host of the VM for pfSense):

    Yes, I know that. I already deactivated this during the installation.


    On 05/10/2021 at 9:10 PM, dave_k said:

    The White Art method involves the following: read the manuals; learn more about how things work; learn how to diagnose where the problem is occuring and what the cause(s) are through controlled experimentation and examination of logs and configuration; and learn how to fix it properly)

    First, you should setup a "development" router or VM image that is separate from your "production" router or VM image. This way you do not end up breaking your workplace router system while learning how things work and testing configuration changes.

    I was troubleshooting a Linux-based router recently and realized that it's useful to see a log of blocked traffic or statistics of packets blocked by each firewall rule. The pfSense documentation has advice on this here.

    All pfSense documentation -- explore and learn!

    The reason that this is important is because you need to verify whether the firewall is even the cause of the networking problem. To do this you can check the firewall logs for evidence of 0ad traffic being blocked.

    Also, a simpler test is to play a game of 0ad without using the lobby. Ask a friend to host outside the lobby and tell you his IP and port. It's also the most likely to be blocked by the router in some way.

    Yes, I know I should do that. But I can only do it piecemeal because I have to work a lot.


    On 05/10/2021 at 9:10 PM, dave_k said:

    Here are questions that I would ask if I were in a real-time chat with you. By the way, is there a convenient means of communication that you would prefer instead of IRC? I haven't seen you on IRC. Would it help to use something supported by your mobile phone like Discord, Skype, or a phone call within the US?

    Unfortunately, my English is not (yet) good enough for real-time communication. I always need a translator to help me :-(

    I will find out the answers to the questions when I am in the office (home office at the moment).

    with best


  2. 3 hours ago, dave_k said:

    Intermittent results when joining other players' games are not necessarily an indication that you have things configured incorrectly at your end. There are many players who attempt to host, but who have flaws in their router connections or configurations. Some clients are able to connect to them seemingly reliably, while other clients are not able to connect to them at all. Or, perhaps clients are intermittently able to connect to them. One example of a potential cause of these problems is a double-NAT configuration.

    I already had this suspicion too.

    3 hours ago, dave_k said:

    If the problem is caused by the configuration of your router then you need to do more thorough testing. You need to see whether you are actually maintaining a long-term connection to games you try to spectate. It is possible that your router is only briefly opening the necessary ports and closing them within a minute, or so. Why would it do this? Perhaps it is using port triggering instead of port forwarding. Or, perhaps it has rate limiting applied to new UDP connections.

    Consider using Wireshark or tcpdump to capture network traffic at various places in order to help diagnose where and why problems are occurring. Start by capturing traffic of proper functionality so that you have a baseline with which to compare captures of traffic during improper functionality. And, consider using an alternative router at your workplace temporarily in order to rule out other possible causes of the problem, such as ISP filtering, damaged network cables, software-based firewalls, or problematic hardware (e.g. an Intel Puma chipset in the modem).

    Bypassing the firewall here would only be possible with a great deal of effort. But I can (almost) rule out the hardware. The pfSense runs as a VM on a Proxmox server. The hardware is from Supermicro (server). The cabling is new and has been measured. We have also made various throughput measurements and checked for possible packet losses.


    3 hours ago, dave_k said:

    I think that it's better to do testing among players who have known correct network configurations and who do not have network hardware with the Intel Puma chipset (which would cause intermittent packet loss). I am one such player, and I'm able to host reliably. If you come to the #0ad IRC channel on irc.quakenet.org (click the "IRC Channel" link at the top of the page) during American daylight hours then I'll help you with troubleshooting.

    I will test a longer game here with a friend to see if it works stably. I would also be happy to take you up on your offer.


    3 hours ago, dave_k said:

    By the way, what was the result of trying the advice in the pfSense manual that I linked earlier? For example, the "Static Port" setting?

    This was helpful and led to the fact that it works at all. Static Port is mandatory for the pfSense for this purpose.

  3. I haven't played in the office yet. Unfortunately, I didn't have time. I have tried from time to time to join a game as a spectator via the lobby.

    It was strange that it often works but sometimes hangs when I try to connect to .... and then the error with the firewall and port comes up again.

    I will investigate and test this further and report back.

    If anyone else has an idea for me. Gladly :-)


  4. Yes, I am the owner / administrator and may play :-)

    I have read the Netgate documentary. It says I should enter it under NAT -> Outgoing.

    Does the port 20595 incoming or outgoing have to be open? UDP, TCP or both?

    I have tried it on the pfSense under Firewall / NAT / Outgoing:


    Unfortunately without success.

  5. Hi@all,

    At home, I "sit" behind an ordinary router and have no problems joining or hosting a game in the online lobby. The router does NAT and I have no port forwarding set up. The client PC is always the same. Ubuntu 20.04 with the firewall disabled.

    In the office I have a pfSense firewall host. It does not work there. It tries to connect for a long time and in the end it says it doesn't work.

    Does anyone have experience with how to configure the pfSense so that 0 AD behind it works?

    with best


  6. 4 minutes ago, Gurken Khan said:

    I have five control groups at the frontline:

    • CS cav
    • CS inf
    • support
    • champs
    • 'tower guys' (a handful of units to quickly occupy a captured building)

    What does "CS" stand for? Supporters are the spiritual ones who heal? Champs are then the heroes?

  7. 1 hour ago, Yekaterina said:

    Javelin + pike is the strongest combination, followed by javelin + spear, javelin + sword.

    Ok, Javelin, Pike and sword are melee weapons. I group them together.

    What to do with the slingers and the archers? In a separate group or integrate them into the group with the melee fighters?

    Then I have siege weapons (catapult). Do I make a group for that too? I suppose I position them behind the other two so that they are protected, right?

    So that's my position (from front to back):

    • infantry & cavalry
    • slingers & Archers
    • Catapults

    I hope I have understood it correctly.

    Thank you for your patience!!!!!!!

    with best


  8. I am concerned with the handling / organisation in combat. I don't think I'm doing that optimally.

    I always moved the whole troop together and left it in formation when attacking.

    I guess I have to form smaller blocks and control them separately. Just like it was in the battles in the past.

    But here I don't know: which units are best combined?

  9. 17 hours ago, LetswaveaBook said:

    Also, there are stances as in most RTS games. If you want your ranged units not to move, you can set them on stand ground. If you want your units to move a little but not chase the enemy all the way, you can use defensive stance.

    Yes, I found that out.

  10. 21 hours ago, Jofursloft said:

    Use formations (the most compact and linear ones) to organise the troops. After the units begin to fight, disable the formation and let them do their job. While fighting, ranged units will automatically dispose in a "circular" position (which is the best way to damage the enemy units). 

    So to attack, choose this:


  11. Hi@all,

    I would still call myself a beginner in 0 AD. I play Alpha25 under Linux.

    How do I learn to place and organise troops better in a battle? Do you make groups with certain troops here? Is there any help (text or video) on this somewhere?

    I would be grateful for tips :-)


    with best



  12. Hi@all,

    I have only updated to version Alpha25. I have only played in this version for a short time. I noticed that troops that cut wood, for example, do not attack attacking opponents. Although these are in the immediate vicinity.

    Although my troops are set to: "Aggressive, attacking close opponents".

    This was different before. What am I doing wrong?

    with best






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