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  1. 41 minutes ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

    Yeah, some kind of large round pelte would be best for Iphicrates.

    Maybe change his armor as well; Unpaited leather shoulderpads look a bit simple for a hero.

    They could be white with a player color pattern (Star?) instead.


    IIRC i think there is already a ingame variant of that scale thorax but with white shoulders.

  2. 3 hours ago, m7600 said:

    Yes, I remember that you had suggested the Swahili coast. They will be the other civ. Probably the Kilwa Sultanate.

    For architecture they used coral and wood (The later is attested by Ibn Battuta):


     I embarked at Maqdashaw for the Sawihil country,with the object of visiting the town of Kulwi [Kilwa,Quiioa] in the land of the Zanj. We came to Mam-basi [Mombasa], a large island two days ’journey by sea from the Sawdhil country. It possesses no territory on the mainland. They have fruit trees on the island, but no cereals, which have to be brought to them from the Sawihil. Their food consists chiefly of bananas and fish. The inhabitants are pious,honorable, and upright, and they have well-built wooden mosques.


    Kulwi is a very fine and substantially built town, and all its buildings are of wood. Its inhabitants are constantly engaged in military expeditions, for their country is contiguous to the heathen Zanj.

    I think most buildings could be wood; keep coral for CC, Fortress, Tower and Walls.

    Wonder could be Great Mosque of Kilwa.

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  3. On 6/28/2020 at 3:51 PM, m7600 said:

    @Sundiata  would like to incorporate more African civs to the mod I'm working. For now, version 0.1 will only have four (Ethiopians, Malians, Marinids, and Zimbabweans), but for the first patch (0.1.1) I would like to add 2 more. One of them will be a West African civ, so that I have an excuse to use Tata Somba style buildings. I'm thinking Kingdom of Dahomey, so that I can also incorporate the Dahomey Amazons.

    Dahomey would be a good choice, although a bit later than the others (They used guns a lot).

    For a second civ maybe Swahili  (Kilwa Sultanate) ? They are relatively unknown and have a very interesting architecture; and were a important trade hub with links to the Middle East, India and Zimbabwe.



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  4. 3 hours ago, balduin said:

    Actually, the mosque was huge for the time. Today, it might look small. However, at that time it was the largest mosque in Africa.

    Indeed, and most ingame wonders are scaled down.

    5 hours ago, m7600 said:

     But then again, there's no rule that says that wonders have to be huge in size. They could be wonderful for other reasons, like being active for almost a millenium, like you correctly pointed out.

    I agree, this is the reason i suggested the current Ethiopian wonder (Mary of Zion church); it is not very large but had a rich history (Rebuilt multiple times since Aksumite era, still in use to this day, the place were emperors were crowned and legendary claims about the ark).

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  5. 3 hours ago, m7600 said:

    I don't really have a strong opinion on this point. I guess I could say that the term "Amazon" is European. 

    Tupi would represent coastal tribes; Amazonians would represent the pre-colonial rainforest cultures (Who were more complex).

    The reason i used a European name for the later is because we don't know how these cultures called themselves (Same reason 0 A.D uses the Roman term ''Gauls'').

  6. Just now, Lopess said:

    Great images. They mainly represent the Tupi tribes that inhabited the coast, mainly the Tupinambas and their "eternal rivals" Tupiniquins, all of whom are Tupis.

    I think it would be interesting to create a separate topic for a future South American Low lands mod.

    A question for a Americas mod,  is if the civ should be called Tupis or Amazonians.

    Depends on timeline imho.

    For a colonial mod coastal Tupis would be more relevant; but for a pre-colonial one it would be interesting to portray the more complex cultures of the Amazon (With a geoglyph wonder and earth mounds as a unique building).


  7. 3 hours ago, Lopess said:

    In addition to these, there were warriors with great tacapes: wooden maces with variations in size for the use of one or two hands. In addition to more rarely stone axes for combat.

    They could have some of the best archers among American civs, since they used longbows.

    There are a couple mention of shields like in this picture:


    Some examples of decorative  feather clothing:kn28hm37avd01.jpg?width=960&crop=smart&a



    A man from a uncontacted tribe wearing a feather skirt:



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  8. 13 hours ago, m7600 said:

    Starting to work on the wonder. It's the Mosara Garden.

    The plants and water are from the model for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, made by Enrique if I'm not mistaken. I simply modified them a little bit.


    I like it, you managed to condense such a large structure pretty well.

    Maybe include the Grand Noria (Whaterwheel), unless you think it makes the building too cluttered

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  9. 41 minutes ago, m7600 said:

    @Ultimate Aurelian Thanks. I'm not sure if I will use the Hassan Tower for the wonder, though. It was built before the Marinid Sultanate. It could be the wonder for the Almohad faction, if I ever make them or someone else does.

    For the Marinid wonder, I think that the Marinid Tombs might work. Or maybe the Mosara Garden. What do you think?

    My choice would be the tombs or maybe Chellah (The later was built in Almohad times but the Marinids rebuilt it).

    I think the garden would be the hardest to do; since it was a huge structure with only a few scattered pieces left standing.


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  10. On 6/23/2020 at 5:34 PM, m7600 said:




    I i think you could make the columns white and more in the middle, it would be more accurate.

    On the walls they surround the columns as well not just the tower (I am not sure if it is the best idea to include them since they were never completed):





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  11. Just now, m7600 said:

    @asterix Thanks! Always appreciate your support. Getting a uniform style is the hardest part. Details and variations will be made later.

    @Ultimate Aurelian Thanks, I was just reading today about the agadir. I'm still considering the idea of splitting this civ into several of them. Not entirely unlike how the Celts were split into Britons and Gauls in the main game. 

    You could feature Berbers as mercenaries trained from Agadir, maybe the building could give some techs as well (A bit like Seleucid colony).


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  12. 14 hours ago, Carltonus said:

    . Fourth hero can be Archimedes, could be a healer.

    Syracuse was not really linked to Athens (It was allied to Sparta and Corinth and was attacked by Athens during the Peloponessian war.)

    IIRC i think Athenians have Xenophon as a fourth hero (Using Iphicrates as a placeholder)

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  13. 5 minutes ago, m7600 said:

    The thing is, I'm not sure how much control the Sultanate had over the more remote rural populations. It certainly controlled those that were closer to the urban centers,

    For gameplay purposes you need to have have corral and farmstead so all civs have rural elements in some way.

    Indeed many medieval and ancient cities in general were surrounded by fields outside the walls.

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  14. 46 minutes ago, m7600 said:

     The reason is that there seems to be two distinct architectural styles belonging to different periods. Urban architecture during the Marinid Sultanate is characterized by Moorish arches and mosaics, while rural architecture is characterized by rectangular windows and clay bricks.

    Maybe use moorish style for phase II and IIII buildings like barracks, fortress, mosque, cc, market; while houses and dropsites are more rural looking ?

    It may date from the 10th century but in some rural parts of the country people live in that style of building to this day (You can find modern pictures of rectangular mudbrick houses, with satelite dishes and metal grating for windows )


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  15. 40 minutes ago, m7600 said:

    House WIP. As you can see, I'm thinking about changing the color scheme.


    Maybe a more pinkish color instead of white but it's your choice:


    I think the house could be a bit simpler (No blue wals or pointed roof corners) like this example:


    Instead of stairs you could have a door on the upper floor (Leading to a unseen internal staircase); external stairs make it look a bit like a storehouse.

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  16. 6 hours ago, Genava55 said:

    Indeed. The influence of Mycenaean on the late Bronze Age is undoubtful and the influence of the Etruscans and Early Greeks on the early Iron Age are also very important.


    The shields described by Homer are similar to the ones from central Europe as well.

    Ceremonial shield from the Archaic period:


    Urnfield shield:


    Descripition of Agamemnon's shield


    And he took up his richly dight, valorous shield, that sheltered a man on both sides, a fair shield, and round about it were ten circles of bronze, and upon it twenty bosses of tin, [35] gleaming white, and in the midst of them was one of dark cyanus. And thereon was set as a crown the Gorgon, grim of aspect, glaring terribly, and about her were Terror and Rout.


  17. 33 minutes ago, m7600 said:

    Alright, gotta get started with the Moroccans at some point. Here is a work in progress for the defense tower. There's still a lot to do.


    I think the grid surrounding the blue wall is a bit too yellow, the color should be closer to the rest of the building:



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  18. 40 minutes ago, m7600 said:

    Update on the background, it's still a work in progress. I'm just trying to improve the composition at this point. There's still a lot to do.

    Screenshot from 2020-06-21 15-03-20.png

    If you want to add player color in the checkered texture; it would be better to make the grey part player color.

    The black part is supposed to be empty space between bricks:




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  19. On 6/19/2020 at 6:45 PM, Genava55 said:

    It's interesting to note that the bell cuirass (Whose anatomical shape is believed to originate from heroic nudity tradition) has some similarities to some Hallstat armors:




    Earliest example of that shape is in Urnfield armor:



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  20. 51 minutes ago, balduin said:

    Do you have a reference for that?

    Found on threads for a total war mod:



    here are the images of mail:


    Fragment from soba:


    Abdallah Nirqi Mural:


    Qasr Ibim parchment depicting a armored saint:



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