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  1. 4 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

    Heroes? Need at least 3, up to 5.


    • Leader of the Suebi and other allied Germanic peoples in the second quarter of the 1st century BC. He and his followers took part in a war in Gaul, assisting the Arverni and Sequani in defeating their rivals, the Aedui. They then settled in large numbers into conquered Gallic territory, in the Alsace region. They were defeated, however, in the Battle of Vosges and driven back over the Rhine in 58 BC by Julius Caesar.
    • https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Ariovistus



    • King of the Marcomanni, who were Germanic Suebian people. He spent part of his youth in Rome, and returning, found his people under pressure from invasions by the Roman empire between the Rhine and Elbe. He led them into the forests of Bohemia, adjacent to the Quadi who already lived nearby, and established a large alliance.
    • https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Maroboduus



    • Was a Roman officer and later chieftain of the Germanic Cherusci tribe who is best known for commanding an alliance of Germanic tribes at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD, in which three Roman legions under the command of general Publius Quinctilius Varus were destroyed. His victory at Teutoburg Forest would precipitate the Roman Empire's permanent strategic withdrawal from Magna Germania.
    • https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Arminius
    • Thinking putting him into the Sueabian mercenary camp, since he wasn't technically a Suebian.


    Who else? 

    This one was mentioned earlier in the thread, i think he would be a good choice.


    • Leader of the Marcomanni. At first a Roman client ruler; during the first Marcomannic war he formed an alliance with other Germanic tribes and invaded Italy.
    • https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Ballomar

    In another thread i posted references for how heroes could be equipped; linking here for convenience (Idea was that Ballomar had more Germanic equipment; while Ariovistus is more Celtified and the other two have looted Roman gear)


    On 03/05/2020 at 3:37 PM, Ultimate Aurelian said:


    Posting some possible references for Suebian Heroes (Based on your Gaul hero post).


      Reveal hidden contents

    Port helmet (Horned?)





    Chainmail and hexagonal shield:




    Celtic Long sword:




    Maroboodus (Marobodwos ?):

      Reveal hidden contents

    Shield and Griffin helmet based on Portonaccio Sarcophagus:





    Kemnitz Muscle Cuirass:




    Or scale armor:





    Ballomar (Reconstructed as celtic Ballomaros, possibly germanic Baldomarijaz ?)

      Reveal hidden contents

    Simple helmet with fur covering or horns:



    Rectangular shield (As above)

    Leather Armor:





    Vimose Mail Shirt:



    Fur cape:



    Heavy thrusting spear:



    Arminius could be a fourth option (Mercenary hero?)

      Reveal hidden contents

    Masked helmet from Kalkriese:


    Similar helmet from Batavian burial modified with a straw wig



    Lorica Hamata, armed with Roman sword or cavalry Spear :arminius_and_inguiomer_flee_idistaviso_b




    Roman Oval Equestrian or Auxilia shield:






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  2. 28 minutes ago, Lopess said:

    Adds more trees and animals (we have whales and fish) and gaia structures, if I were you I would also play a bit with the color of the sun and its position. Congratulations on the beautiful beginning.

    From what i can find the islands were not inhabited until after the game's timeline.

    So maybe better to not have structures.


    If possible would be good to have Huntable birds and Seals (Land mamals on the islands were introduced by humans)

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  3. Same applies to foot swordsmen in a way.

    Aside from the obvious example of Roman Legions; Celtic warriors and Hellenistic Thorakites also carried javelins.

    In EB2 mod most swordsman units can throw spears before melee.

    Although there are a couple exceptions; like some of the Briton units and the Germanic bodyguard swordsmen.

    Interestingly the mod choose to give Britons sword cavalry.


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  4. 10 minutes ago, Lopess said:

    Is this perhaps the most suitable wonder for the Xiongnu?


    "one is an exceptionally rich burial of a historically known ruler of the Xiongnu, Wuzhuliu, who died in 13 CE"




    I'd say it is a solid option.

    Tongwancheng could be another choice, more visually impressive but harder to render (would require some speculation).

    If not for wonder, maybe use white city for possible wall or fortress?

    Not sure exactly how but i think it would be interesting to portray some of the settled aspects of steppe peoples.

    Quoting a post from another thread with some ideas about that.

    On 11/10/2018 at 4:31 PM, Genava55 said:


    It seems that the Xiongnu did have some agricultural fields in the south-east border of their Empire where foreigners could settle. It wasn't really their own population but they were a kind of vassals the Xiongnu used to have enough food the winter, to have metals, textiles and others craftsmanship.

    There is small walls even in pastoral fields and fortified small settlements probably to stock and protect food and goods.

    The Xiongnu seems to have the same superior bow than the Huns.

    Edit: to summary a bit what I see for the moment.

    - The Scythians have a varied roster possible. From the Greek authors, there is mention of mounted javelinists and horse archers with the famous hit-and-retreat and ambush tactics. From archaeology, there is swords and pickaxes, spears, various squale armours and shields. The pickaxe is probably an answer against armours and must be an advantageous. The Sarmatians and the Eastern Scythians developed further heavy lancer cavalry and cataphracts. Normally each Scythians warriors, even armoured ones, have both bows and lances. Something to think about if the switching weapons is implemented one day. Crimean Scythians seem to be often separated from their northern Neighbors, having sometime a different king than the others Scythians. I suggest then for balance and historical reason to put the Crimean in a reform to be chosen with the further Sarmatian's development as an alternative. Since the Sarmatians destroyed the Crimean Scythians, it is logical that the player must chose between two different pathways.

    - The Xiongnu is more obscur but several patterns seem to emerge and we can make reasonable assumptions. The Xiongnu built their empire on a multiethnic basis  with sedentarian populations in their border. They must have the possibility to built defensive fortifications and farms. Since the mod make the difference between civilian and militarian buildings, it should be possible to let sedentarian based units to build such civilian buildings. It would explain why sometimes the Xiongnu have a lot of infantry during the defense of their borders against the Han (although with a very mediocre efficiency). Contrary to others nomads cultures, the Xiongnu have inhabited on their territory for a very long time. The Xiongnu have superior "hunnic-like" bows, long double edged swords, spears and leather and iron squale armour. For their horses, it doesn't seem there is any cataphract, only padded linen and silk protection probably against the arrows can be guessed from archaeology. 

    - The Huns are clearly the more mobiles and have clearly the best horse-archers. Not only because of their superior bows but also thanks to battle tactics. In the archaeology, the Huns seem similar to the Xiongnu but with indications they start using mail armour in Europe. They must be the best raiders. The possibility to hire Germanics units should give them better shock units both in cavalry and in infantry. There is not mention of any cataphract or any armoured horseman. The Avars (closely relatives to them) did have good lance cavalry. Attila was very good in siege warfare during his campaign against both eastern and western Romans.

    Hierarchical classification, I suggest (to discuss):

    Horse-archers - Huns > Xiongnu > Scythians

    Close-combat cavalry - Scythians > Huns > Xiongnu

    Armoured cavalry - Scythians with nomad reform > Xiongnu > Scythians with Crimean reform > Huns

    Lancers cavalry - Scythians with nomad reform > Huns > Xiongnu > Scythians with Crimean reform

    Combat infantry - Huns > Scythians with Crimean reform > Xiongnu >  Scythians with nomad reform

    Archers infantry - Huns > Xiongnu > Scythians

    Economy (self-production) - Xiongnu > Scythians > Huns

    Economy (Raiding) - Huns > Xiongnu > Scythians

    Siege abilities - Huns > Xiongnu > Scythians

    Defensive structures - Xiongnu > Scythians with Crimean reform >> Scythians with nomad reform = Huns


    This is clearly a matter of interpretation. 



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  5. I am not sure two factions is needed.

    Maybe something like how choosing Cleomenes give Sparta Pikemen,

    Pyrrhus and Alexander II have standard hellenistic roster.

    and if you pick Alexander I you get a more classical roster.

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  6. Maybe alongside with mercenary camps, there could also be capturable minor civ settlements (like aoe3 natives).

    IE: On hypothetical Lybian map you'd have mercenary camp and Lybian settlements

    Mercenary camp would train Mediterannean mercs (Numidian cav, Balearics, Iberians, Gaul swordsman etc) for a metal cost.

    Lybian settlement would train Lybian units for a cost of wood and food, and maybe hold some Lybian related improvements.



  7. 21 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

    I need ideas for Balkan mercenaries. Essentially mercs from the Balkan peninsula and area.

    I was thinking:

    Thracian Peltast

    • Javelin Infantry

    Illyrian Spearman

    • Spear Infantry

    Dacian Falxman

    • Sword Infantry

    Getae _____ ? 

    Bastarnae _____ ?

    Paeonian ____ ?

    Need a couple cavalry ideas.

    Getae could have Horse archer.

    Paeonian served as light cavalry in the Macedonian army so could be cav (some sources say used javelins, other that they had spears like prodromos); they were one of the most hellenized Thracian tribes so could also get a heavy peltast with Thureos.

    Additionally i think it would be good to have Celtic Scordisci swordsmen.

    You could also have Yazyges heavy cavalry (either bow or lance) depending on timeline you want 

    Bastarnae could be a cavalry unit too.


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  8. 2 hours ago, MrLux said:

    It's interesting. Do you have a particular reason for no 2 floors ?


    At least from the references i have; it does not seem like something iron age Germanics really used.

    So probably better to avoid it, except maybe for fortress.

  9. 6 hours ago, Alar1k said:

    There should be an option to upgrade Iberian slingers and make them better slingers than Gaul/Athenian/Ptole  - I have seen from a few forums that there are proposals to make Iberian slingers stand out for being better then other civ slingers from historical perspecitve so I put this proposal like this:
    Make a tech at phase 2 or 3 that would add +2 crush damage and change the price from 30 stone to 30 metal for slingers and name the tech "Metal missiles"

    This would be like an archery tradition but for slingers - it should also take into account Iberian mercenary slingers for Carthage


    One thing to keep in mind is Balearics were a separate people from Iberians.

    Iberians themselves were not particularly good with slings; they use javelins way more.


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  10. 50 minutes ago, badosu said:

    As far as I know that's true for the Hastati (romans) but I'm not sure there are references to other civilizations.

    Srill would definitely be cool for swordsmen to throw pilla.

    It was done by Celts and Iberians too.

    In EB most of their infantry units throw spears.


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  11. 1 hour ago, Genava55 said:

    I think this analysis comes back time to time here. Personally I agree, this is a gamey choice from a classical rock paper scissors system, it could be justified if it worked but I think it brings more issues than it solves.

    As Thorfinn indicated, historically the ability to withstand against cavalry depended on the formation. I think this is a critical point that should be included in the gameplay design for the future.

    Since weapon swapping is not in the engine, i feel swordsmen having similar stats to ranged units might be a good abstraction.

    Since historically most swordsmen were sort of heavy skirmishers that charged after throwing.

  12. 3 hours ago, Genava55 said:

    @wackyserious @Ultimate Aurelian Probably we should make an exception for heroes about the scaled armor. I don't think scale+mail is credible but a metallic scale armor is not impossible for the highest level of society.

    For the two swords and the shield hold by the arm, maybe it should be replaced by a javelin held with the shield on the same hand:

    If so instead of the ''scale apron'' (Misinterpreted cloth armor), it would be better to make it like Carthaginian scale armor (Idea being it was bought from their allies)

    Caros and Viriato could have mail (It was used by Lusitanians and Celtiberians).

    Indibil could get the scale one (Bronze pectorals were outdated in his time from what i read.).

  13. 6 hours ago, wackyserious said:

    @Ultimate Aurelian any reference for the possible tattoo patterns they used for their arms?

    Based on what i read they were not tattoos but warpaint.

    The vase was found in an Edetani site.

    Similar paint may have been used in Celtiberia; article says paste was Orange, although most depictions have ig as black paint (Vase is monochromatic so it may have been a color other than black)


    Visual references (Have inaccurate scale armor, only using them as example for paint):




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  14. 15 minutes ago, wackyserious said:

    Does it also imply that the headgear worn in the depiction could also be some sort of organic head protection?

    Likely, since they did not use scale.

    Probably a cloth helmet with feather crest.

    I think it may have looked like Osuna Helmet but shorter without neck flap.





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  15. One question is what is the white line in the middle of the arm.

    The more common interpretation is that he is wearing a sleeveless garment with some kind of bracelet.

    Or maybe a short sleeved tunic and the line is the end of the sleeve who is painted on a different color ?

    Perhaps a mix of both (Bracelete worn near the sleeve).


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  16. 39 minutes ago, wackyserious said:

    I thought it was some sort of animal hide, like another form of protection. So that was fabric, let me change it and lighten it a bit, more like a cream toned fabric.

    He is wearing a padded armor, so a leather tunic under that  would be a bit redundant.

    The part on the feet can still be brown (boots and hide greaves  were worn in Celtibeira).

    Long sleeves in some depictions of Iberians are from the same vase as ''scale armor''.

    Considering how the whole arm including e hand is in black; it is more likely that it is portraying bodypaint on the arms.



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