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  1. 23 minutes ago, Stan` said:

    What kind of keyboard do you have? You might need to remap them.

    @Stan` Well its a normal QWERTY keyboard but I dont think that its the problem because in the vanilla the idle units options work well and with the autociv mod all the hotkeys work but the idle ones.

  2. Hi, the idleonly, idleunit, idlewarrior and idleworker hotkeys doesnt work for me, I tried with different keys and I even tried uninstalling the mod but it doesnt work. I only use fgod and balanced-maps mods.

    Edit: Now its working I only had to clear the selection.nowondedonly and without that hotkey everything was perfect.

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  3. 30 minutes ago, Dizaka said:

    Quick question:  We play based on how Challonge sets as the next opponent or just anyone on the ranks?


    Seems like people aren't following the rule of fighting inside your group first, 3 games.

    Yes I noticed it too 2 persons wanted to fight me but in my group we are only 2 and one of us is borg and I dont know what I have to do

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