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  1. [font="sans-bold-20"] Thank you for installing 0 A.D. Empires Ascendant! Perhaps devs forgot to write [/font] in transifex.
  2. What about random placed healing herbs? The damaged units could find healing herb, "gather" it and heal themselves. It's like Red Alert 3 bonus crates, which appears at random place at random time.
  3. As I see, the direct portation of "that" into core, will completely ruin balance.
  4. I think it would needs AI rewritting and changing prices to prevent mad spamming.
  5. I think, If you want to try promote "#addingnorseincore!", you probably should find enough germanic artifacts to designers from 5 B.C. to 5 A.D. (That is why we would not see slavs (to late) or veneti (to poor data) in-game.)
  6. Speaking of ideas... How about trapper-units and eagle-hunters (land-air unit to raid peasants and hunt)? 0 A.D. would finally use 3-rd space - air.
  7. Another celtic-like clone, but with germanic names? Please, no... 0 A.D. already have 5 types of Athenians.
  8. Sometime map creation are long. Could devs add automatic pause (at singleplay), right after map already created, but before game starting? Like at Grey Goo or Majesty 2? Something like here (at first 6 seconds at video):
  9. In direct. Similar to Skyrim but not so poor. I mean the AI will change it's tactic and buildable three at real time after you switch it's difficult while you playing. It's something like "behavioral real time plug-in".
  10. Interesting, will devs plans to make switchable eatch AI's difficulty right in-game?
  11. Tell me please (any one), is "Ctrl + Mouse Move near structures – Align the new structure with an existing nearby structure" a function for alpha 24? Or it's for 23? (I just trying to make translation more clear because at 23 nothing is happens when I press it.)
  12. I can't fing basque word "Ataekina". Can translators specify origin of it? I find only Ataegina and Ataecina, but it latin words, not basque.
  13. Somebody, please check egyptian "english". Abore ʿhȝ - the elephant is not Abore, but ȝbw - Abu. Female elephant is ȝbw.t - Abut, and bow - "pd.t" I think it would be "pejet", not pedeti.
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