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  1. Anyway, I must say, that including of "native" names was very bad idea, especially for right transliteration. Now I understand why Age of Empires strongly avoids them in game.
  2. I found it. Persian ç = ss (Артахшасса)
  3. pr-ms’yw - это скорее всего и есть "пэр-мэсаиу", если исходить из книжки Ботанцова. Й русская - это Y из транскрибции, она же - два камыша. Надо видеть иероглифы, чтобы понять, что там, ведь они так же используют Y для "и".
  4. Oh, thank you! Because I have very different versions in different sources.
  5. Can someone explain me pronounce of: Miletucerdon - Miletu-(ts)-erdon or Miletu-(se)-rdon? Harotz - Haro-t-z or Haro-(ts)? Etxe - Et-(ks)-e or Et-ze? Naukasthanaka - Naukas-(th)-anaka or Naukast-hanaka? Shilabanda - (Sh)-ilabanda or S-h-ilabanda? Xšaçapāvan - (Ks)-(sh)-a-(ts) or (ch)? pavan? Cyfnewidiwr - K-ee-v-ne-oo-ee-d-ee-oo-r? And what about A' B' etc? Is that Alpha, Beta etc? Philippus Beta of Macedon?
  6. Missed "ды" in word "Команды". I can try to generate smaller name for unit but it became uninformative. Also, we have another cyrillic languages with huge naming... Maybe information windows would be better with 5-10% more free space?
  7. That feels, when you returns to your american colony to make revolution!
  8. Other languages needs bigger and higher dialog windows. And some text strings overlayed by each other.
  9. I can't change some "checked" translations, but I leave better variants (last adviced) in "advices".
  10. It is sad. They make last fixes 5 or 4 years ago...
  11. Who can unlock ukrainian localization? It needs some grammar and other fixes.
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