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  1. Ballon d'Or = Gold ball trophy, as @sarcoma said. It's a soccer trophy. ballon d' = the butchering of "Ballon d'Or" by someone with less than 1600 points in their understanding of soccer as well as the French language.
  2. Sippin' on gin & blockchain$ Laid back. With my blockchain$ on my money And my money on my blockchain$
  3. At the end of the day, a blockchain is just a glorified spreadsheet.
  4. Someone should change the title of this thread. What the hell is "Globalism Corporatist"? From a grammatical point of view, that's not even well-written.
  5. Wey, tu no tienes la culpa de que otros sean pinches pendejos.
  6. Those people are walking contradictions. I'm from Sigil. I bet you don't know where Sigil is.
  7. So how could I possibly be a eurocentric duckhead (your words) if I'm not from Europe?
  8. But to other people it isn't. Did you know that Stan likes Warcraft and Starcraft, and that he was working on Elves mod, a Dwarves mod, and a futuristic mod (Stella Artis)? So it's not exactly a stretch of the imagination to associate his Aprils Fools joke with the ones that Blizzard makes every year. I'm not from Europe. Maybe you should assume less about random strangers on the Internet? Just a suggestion. I'm sure you are, your personal contact must be just as entertaining as catching crab lice or a venereal disease. It was a really good joke, and the drama is part of the joke : )
  9. Did you know that Blizzard Entertainment is from the US? And did you know that they make RTS games? And has it occurred to you that, perhaps, since 0AD is an RTS game, maybe, just maybe, Stan's post was a wink to that? It was a joke. You obviously didn't get it. You must be really fun at parties.
  10. A lot of you people seem to be unfamiliar with, for example, Blizzard Entertainment's (a company which became famous for its RTS games) tradition of Aprils Fools posts. Shame on you.
  11. It's not a thing in my country. I'm not from the USA. It's even more shocking that you assume that people from other countries don't know what April Fools is.
  12. Shhh! Don't spoil the fun! Though, to be fair, some people that responded to this thread still don't get it.
  13. Proving that something can happen doesn't mean that it actually did happen. If your "unknown propelling force" was generated by, for example, some sort of catapult, then yes, technically speaking the witch would fly in the same way that a rock would fly, since ballistic flight is indeed a type of flight. But, as far as I know, no one has ever used a catapult or any other similar device to propel a witch on a broom. So, your response to Wow's comment is a straw man at best, and a non sequitur at worst.
  14. Nice to see you doing 3D stuff again, Stan. The model and textures look good.
  15. @AIEND Let's suppose that your movement overthrows the current Chinese government, and you implant true communism. Then explain to me, in a very short way, and in very simple terms, how your movement is going to stop the process of capitalist restoration. It is my belief that, on a theoretical level, you don't have an answer to this problem. Because no one does. Why not? Consider the case of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. What was the purpose of the Cultural Revolution, according to your movement? Here, let me answer that for you. The purpose of the Cultural Revolution was to stop the process of capitalist restoration, which is a phenomenon that takes place after capitalism has been overthrown. It's what happened during the Soviet Union, and it's what began to happen in China. All of the Maoist organizations in the world, including Sendero Luminoso, as well as the Revolutionary Communist Party of Nepal (the one that was formerly led by Prachanda), as well as the ones in India, they all believed that after overthrowing capitalism through a socialist revolution, it would be necessary to follow up with a cultural revolution in order to stop the process of capitalist restoration. But here's the problem: the Cultural Revolution did not stop the process of capitalist restoration in China. So, on a theoretical level, the Cultural revolution is not the solution to the process of capitalist restoration. Furthermore, if Maoism is as infallible as you make it seem, then why is it that Sendero Luminoso failed to overthrow capitalism in Peru? Why did Pranchanda's movement fail to overthrow capitalism in Nepal? I want a theoretical answer from you, not one that relies purely on logistics and contingencies. Prove your answer in the same way that you would prove a mathematical theorem from a group of axioms. Given the importance of this topic, over which millions of people have been killed, I will accept nothing less than an absolutely infallible answer. You have no such answer. No one has such an answer, even though this topic has been debated for more than half a century. So, since neither you nor anyone else has an absolutely infallible answer to these questions, I have no reason to share your beliefs. I won't convince the Chinese communist movement of my beliefs, and unless you deliver the exact kind of answer that I'm requesting, you sure as f*ck aren't going to convince me of your beliefs.
  16. What are you talking about? Lopess never said that tax havens are Switzerland's main source of income. All that he said is that your country is a tax haven for corrupt politicians and millionaires from all over the world. Now you say that this is a dull claim without any evidence. But at the same time you acknowledged that Switzerland wins over 12 billions through its tax haven. No one is saying that it doesn't loose money to other tax havens. And, -again-, no one said that tax havens are Switzerland's main source of income. So, your reply to Lopess fails. The fact that I have to explain this to you, coupled with the fact that you choose to double-down on your use of the ad hominem fallacy, only confirms my suspicion that you are indeed projecting your own intellectual limitations on other people. By the way, I see that you edited your post, you removed your most recent ad hominem. Congratulations, you're learning something. But, just as a reminder, here's a screenshot of your comment before you edited it, just so other people can judge what kind of person you really are:
  17. So, I pointed out that your comment to Lopess was an ad hominem fallacy, and you respond with another ad hominem? Perhaps when you told Lopess to get a brain, you were projecting your own intellectual limitations onto him. Honestly, the 0 AD community would be a much better place with less people like you, Geneva.
  18. You do realize that this is an ad hominem fallacy, right? How about you get a valid argument?
  19. Those portraits are looking really good @kul! Much better than the ones that I made, for sure. Keep it up!
  20. That doesn't mean that it's ok to break the rules. "Everybody does it" can't be used as a justification. That being said, rules can be unfair or unrealistic. This is why, in the real world, laws change. Old laws are abandoned and new laws are created. With that in mind, if you feel that the rules for the lobby and the forums should change, specifically to allow multiple accounts, then you should propose that. Maybe make a poll?
  21. Well, there's not much to say. Essentially, it boils down to the following points: 1) You're breaking the rules. 2) A lot of other people are also breaking the rules. 3) The lobby is chaotic.
  22. I'm investigating the lobby, just doing some undercover work to understand why people are creating multiple accounts and breaking the rules. Because I'm Yekaterina. I'm also Reyhan. I bet you didn't expect that, did you?
  23. Is that another one of your accounts?
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