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  1. There is no 100% purely capitalist country in the world, if only for the simple reason that roads, fire departments, city halls and police stations are public institutions. There is no such thing as a private city hall or a system of private roads. Not even the most pro-capitalist mainstream economists would go so far as to suggest that roads should be private. It would be so impractical, from every conceivable standpoint, that one would have to be a complete lunatic to advocate for something like that. In other words, every single country in the world has some degree of "socialism" to i
  2. @Lopess Angra são palavras maiores, cara! \m/ Do you know this one?
  3. Yes, indeed. Here's a great band from your country:
  4. I'm not a professional programmer either. On Ubuntu I usually use GDB to get stack backtrace, I think it runs on Windows too. It's pretty reliable. But then again, you know more about this than I do : P
  5. I believe that access violation writing such as that one are sometimes caused by a null pointer that was dereferenced, but I could be wrong.
  6. @Stan` could you take a look at this updated version when (and if) you have the time? mace_wonder_new.blend
  7. Thanks @Stan`! I'll try to fix it this weekend. I feel the same way about the veranda, I don't think it's necessary.
  8. Granted, calling it "syntax" changes is somewhat unconventional, but I refuse to use the term "code changes" when speaking about a markup language like XML. Anyways, here's a great example provided by @Lopess: https://github.com/0ADMods/African-civs/pull/1/files When I first started working on that mod, I followed the style of A23 for the XML files. Notice all of the changes that Lopess made in all of the relevant lines. That's what you need to do with your mod in order to make it work in the new Alphas.
  9. That is indeed the problem. There were syntax changes in the XML files for example, from A23 to A24, and probably more in A25. As @nwtour correctly pointed out, check the file names, and also the paths. Check the syntax of the JS files, and also the syntax of the XML files. I can guarantee you that you will have to do the later in the case of several of the actor files.
  10. Well, the console is quite clear, it's telling you which JavaScript files and even which lines you should check. Is the mod compatible with A24? Open the files that it's telling you and check the syntax.
  11. I don't think that a merely verbal dispute can resolve an issue such as this one. The course of action that I would suggest is that you make a mod with these and any other features that you like, and then let the players decide which version they prefer: yours or the vanilla one. If they prefer yours, then that will help your argument tremendously, and your changes would probably get incorporated into the main game. This being said, I don't think that the majority of people want to get rid of chickens, or making the berries stand out, but I could be wrong.
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