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  1. @RadiotrainingBy all means, go ahead. You can propose anything you want. Whether or not it gets accepted into the vanilla game or one of the mods is a different matter, but you're most certainly welcome and encouraged to give it a shot. Don't worry about disrupting the teamwork with your proposals for art or for code or whatever, it's not like you're taking someone's job, since everything that's done here is volunteer work.
  2. That's a nice kitbash. Apologies for stalling on these portraits, it's just that I'm not really satisfied with how they look. But, for what it's worth, I'll try and complete the series before alpha 24 gets released.
  3. Glad that I could be of help doing the easy part. Remember to credit me in your mod (just joking : P )
  4. Something like this, for starters? In options.json { "type": "boolean", "label": "Multiple clicks on units", "tooltip": "Disable double and triple click for unit selection.", "config": "do.something" },
  5. @nani I agree that function handleInputBeforeGui(ev, hoveredObject) and function handleInputAfterGui(ev) are a bit lengthy (I assume you're talking about these). They have a lot of switches and cases. Do you think that using classes or some other object-oriented approach would be better? (I haven't taken a good look at your proposal for refactoring, just glanced over it kind of quickly, but I'll look into it later).
  6. Could you give an example? I wasn't aware of that problem.
  7. It's not hardcoded. It's written in JavaScript, not c++, so you should be able to modify this without having to recompile. This behaviour is defined in input.js. Take a look at line 966 and other relevant lines in that file.
  8. Do it then. We will all be grateful for your work.
  9. It seems like some of you are not getting that I'm trying to help out vinme here. Let me remind you of some of the replies that he got in this thread. This one for example: Or this other one, which barely qualifies as a compliment: Why is it "suprisingly" intelligible? Because he usually writes stuff that isn't? While I do sympathize with these replies and I find them hilarious, I thought I'd try to go a little further and actually explain to vinme why his comments can be off-putting, instead of simply writing a snarky reply like other people have done. And yet, I'm the o
  10. I'm not a native English speaker either, yet I write "people" instead of "ppl", or "someone" instead of "some1". How is a term like "some1" not leetspeak? Not only am I not a native English speaker, but I also go out of my way to talk to people in English, German, French or Spanish if that's their native language and they don't speak English very well. I'm not asking that other people do the same, I'm merely pointing out that I put in the effort to communicate as effectively as possible. And it all starts by writing "someone" instead of "some1".
  11. Nah, it has nothing to do with being controversial or with not being polite, it's because of the way you choose to write: "ppl" instead of "people", "some1" instead of "someone", "u" instead of "you", etc. You might protest and say "But this is the Internet! This is how people speak here!" Yeah, in like 1997, maybe. We're way past that. No one really uses L33TSP34K today, not even mild versions of it. It's just straight up cringy. The "cool" way to write today is to write properly. And if you say that you're not smart enough to write properly, then I don't believe you. If you're smart enough t
  12. I think they look nice, especially the texture. It's kind of difficult to avoid a boxy look when you're doing something low-poly. Obviously it would be great if the engine supported high poly models without affecting performance in a significant way, but that would require some monumental changes, and you would have to assume that the users have somewhat expensive hardware. I think it's cool that 0 AD can run on rather humble hardware, but the 3d models have to be low poly in order for that to work...
  13. @MrLux Looks great! Amazing work. The polycount might be a little too high, but I guess that since this is Wonder, it's not a problem.
  14. m7600

    NSIS error.

    I just want to say that this thread is hilarious. I don't think gameboy has any bad intentions, there's clearly a communication problem here, maybe due to a language barrier. @gameboy Was ist deine Muttersprache. Deutsche?
  15. It may be an issue with Focal Fossa (the latest Ubuntu LTS). It works for me on the previous LTS, Bionic Beaver (18.04)
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