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  1. Ballon d'Or = Gold ball trophy, as @sarcoma said. It's a soccer trophy. ballon d' = the butchering of "Ballon d'Or" by someone with less than 1600 points in their understanding of soccer as well as the French language.
  2. Sippin' on gin & blockchain$ Laid back. With my blockchain$ on my money And my money on my blockchain$
  3. At the end of the day, a blockchain is just a glorified spreadsheet.
  4. Someone should change the title of this thread. What the hell is "Globalism Corporatist"? From a grammatical point of view, that's not even well-written.
  5. Wey, tu no tienes la culpa de que otros sean pinches pendejos.
  6. Those people are walking contradictions. I'm from Sigil. I bet you don't know where Sigil is.
  7. So how could I possibly be a eurocentric duckhead (your words) if I'm not from Europe?
  8. But to other people it isn't. Did you know that Stan likes Warcraft and Starcraft, and that he was working on Elves mod, a Dwarves mod, and a futuristic mod (Stella Artis)? So it's not exactly a stretch of the imagination to associate his Aprils Fools joke with the ones that Blizzard makes every year. I'm not from Europe. Maybe you should assume less about random strangers on the Internet? Just a suggestion. I'm sure you are, your personal contact must be just as entertaining as catching crab lice or a venereal disease. It was a really good joke, and the drama is part of the joke : )
  9. Did you know that Blizzard Entertainment is from the US? And did you know that they make RTS games? And has it occurred to you that, perhaps, since 0AD is an RTS game, maybe, just maybe, Stan's post was a wink to that? It was a joke. You obviously didn't get it. You must be really fun at parties.
  10. A lot of you people seem to be unfamiliar with, for example, Blizzard Entertainment's (a company which became famous for its RTS games) tradition of Aprils Fools posts. Shame on you.
  11. It's not a thing in my country. I'm not from the USA. It's even more shocking that you assume that people from other countries don't know what April Fools is.
  12. Shhh! Don't spoil the fun! Though, to be fair, some people that responded to this thread still don't get it.
  13. Proving that something can happen doesn't mean that it actually did happen. If your "unknown propelling force" was generated by, for example, some sort of catapult, then yes, technically speaking the witch would fly in the same way that a rock would fly, since ballistic flight is indeed a type of flight. But, as far as I know, no one has ever used a catapult or any other similar device to propel a witch on a broom. So, your response to Wow's comment is a straw man at best, and a non sequitur at worst.
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