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  1. m7600

    African civs

    @asterix Sure. You can release it as it is now if you want, specifying that only the Malians are included for now, and that the other 3 civs are still a work in progress (the Malians are also a work in progress, but they are more complete than the other civs).
  2. m7600

    African civs

    I've added @Sundiata and @Ultimate Aurelian to the credits. @asterixI'll add those in a few days. They are not entirely finished though (for example, the Ethiopians need a better barracks, the Zimbabweans need some better texturing for the buildings, etc.) About the errors, I could re-write the actor files so that they follow the style of A24, but that will take time, and I can't do it right now because of other priorities : (
  3. m7600

    African civs

    Alright, I have just committed everything relevant to the Malians. I downloaded the .zip in order to test it, and everything works fine in Alpha 23. However, if you want to test the Malians in Alpha 24, you will get a lot of error messages. This is due to the slightly different way in which actor files are written in A24. When I started to work on this mod, I had the syntax of A23 in mind. So, just use A23. All of the actor files will need to be updated to the new syntax / writing conventions.
  4. m7600

    African civs

    @asterix here's my github profile: https://github.com/m7600 I don't really need push access, I could just fork the repo and start making pull requests. But push access might be more practical now that I think about it.
  5. m7600

    African civs

    I have the actor .xml files, the exported .dae files for the buildings, the ambient occlusion maps for each of them, and also actors for the units, the .json file etc. I can create a repo on my github, or I can upload them to an existing repository. But give me a few days, I can't do it immediately.
  6. m7600

    African civs

    I've uploaded the .blend files for the Mali buildings over at opengameart.org. Here is the link. I'll probably make a github repo in a few days @Stan`, but you can get the files as a single .zip in that link that I posted. And of course, @balduin anyone else is also free to download them. I've given them a CC0 (Public Domain) license, so you can do whatever you want with them, with or without crediting me, I'm fine either way. @Sundiata maybe you want those files as well. @wowgetoffyourcellphone maybe you can use some of these buildings as placeholders for the Garamantes. Probably not th
  7. m7600

    African civs

    @balduinthanks. I couldn't have made them without your valuable research and comments. I'm swamped with work from my day job right now. Working from home due to the quarantine has somehow given me much more stuff to do, which sucks, but I have to do it anyway. @Stan`do you want the files?
  8. @RadiotrainingBy all means, go ahead. You can propose anything you want. Whether or not it gets accepted into the vanilla game or one of the mods is a different matter, but you're most certainly welcome and encouraged to give it a shot. Don't worry about disrupting the teamwork with your proposals for art or for code or whatever, it's not like you're taking someone's job, since everything that's done here is volunteer work.
  9. That's a nice kitbash. Apologies for stalling on these portraits, it's just that I'm not really satisfied with how they look. But, for what it's worth, I'll try and complete the series before alpha 24 gets released.
  10. Glad that I could be of help doing the easy part. Remember to credit me in your mod (just joking : P )
  11. Something like this, for starters? In options.json { "type": "boolean", "label": "Multiple clicks on units", "tooltip": "Disable double and triple click for unit selection.", "config": "do.something" },
  12. @nani I agree that function handleInputBeforeGui(ev, hoveredObject) and function handleInputAfterGui(ev) are a bit lengthy (I assume you're talking about these). They have a lot of switches and cases. Do you think that using classes or some other object-oriented approach would be better? (I haven't taken a good look at your proposal for refactoring, just glanced over it kind of quickly, but I'll look into it later).
  13. Could you give an example? I wasn't aware of that problem.
  14. It's not hardcoded. It's written in JavaScript, not c++, so you should be able to modify this without having to recompile. This behaviour is defined in input.js. Take a look at line 966 and other relevant lines in that file.
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