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  1. I know. And I am indeed calm. I just want to get something useful out of this conversation. Everything started with a joke that @Yekaterina made. Then @LetswaveaBook pointed out that her formula doesn't work if the limit doesn't exist. Since her formula starts with dy/dx = "something", that means that we're dealing with a differential equation. And I thought that I'd add something more to @LetswaveaBook's point: you don't even need to use limits in order to define what kind of mathematical object dy/dx = "something" is. That's all. But I'm not a professional mathematician. Maybe you do need to define that object using the notion of a limit, at least if we shift the discussion to the foundations of mathematics. Personally, I don't see how that would be the case. But I could be wrong. So, if you know something that I don't, please share it.
  2. You guys do realize that reacting with a laughing emote isn't an actual mathematical proof, right? @nani @alre How about less emotes and more proofs?
  3. @nani Prove that the concept of a limit is necessary to define the concept of a differential equation in general.
  4. Since this conversation was about differentials, I assumed that @alremeant to talk about differentials, not derivatives. And since a differential is just a delta of y, dy, I don't see why you would need the concept of a limit to define what dy is. Nor do I see why you would need the concept of a limit to define a differential equation like f(x) = dy/dx.
  5. Umm.... no? From Wikipedia: "In calculus, the differential represents the principal part of the change in a function y = f(x) with respect to changes in the independent variable. The differential dy is defined by where is the derivative of f with respect to x, and dx is an additional real variable (so that dy is a function of x and dx)." Where's the concept of a limit in that definition?
  6. Also, why would you even need the concept of a limit to define what a differential equation is? f(x) = dy/dx is a differential equation, and it doesn't use the concept of a limit.
  7. It's way too early for you to be thinking about a successor, you just got named project leader some months ago. We need you here for at least another ten years. And you can't burn out. Yes, I'm trying to be funny. I like dark humor. But, jokes aside, your role in this project has been crucial, I think everyone can recognize that.
  8. Just wait until Google's AlphaZero or whatever else they cook up at DeepMind starts playing 0 A.D. No one will be able to beat that AI.
  9. Maybe what the OP is asking is if PetraBot has emergent behavior, and if that's the case, if it has an emergent algorithm.
  10. @Ceres Petra can see everything that you're doing, right from the very start. Unlike human players, it doesn't need to explore in order to know what you're doing. EDIT: darn, @Freagarachbeat me to it by a few seconds.
  11. @Freagarach does PetraBot match the pace of development of its opponents, in the way described by the OP?
  12. I've never looked at the contents of those scripts, because I've never really had a reason to do so. But I'm looking at them right now, and there's some things that you can note right off the bat. For example, according to these lines, Petra Bot won't do a rush attack against you if you're well defended (for example, if you start as Iberians). Here are some other lines that say that Petra will attack the strongest enemy, by counting enemy units and taking into account civic centers. There also other lines that determine when (and if) Petra should attack players that have built a Wonder, and so forth. So, the upshot is that Petra is indeed sensitive to what its opponents are doing. Whether or not it matches your pace of development, I don't know. Maybe. I'm sure someone can give a better answer to this question than me, but I thought I'd just share the links to Petra's scripts nonetheless.
  13. I've never noticed that, but it's entirely possible. For what it's worth, here are PetraBot's scripts. Maybe the answer is in attackManager.js and attackPlan.js. Though buildManager.js and some other files are probably related to this issue as well. Hope that helps somewhat.
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