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  1. @Hannibal_Barca ?? you can see i am a newbie. please explain how to do that and why i need to do that?

    i saved the replay. but there was no information anywhere how to report players other then lobby which says report players to forum, nothing mentioned about command text.


    @thankforpie there will only be 5 people in lobby if every time you play the game gets ended because of people like mativen. this has happened to me plenty of times versing someone with a higher score then myself, but first time reporting due to players arrogrance.



  2. After a long hour and 40 minutes Mativen1983 had quit a rated game after realizing he had lost. the game was trash, done nothing but hid in a fortress filled with cata, bolt throwers and rams. during the whole game until i ended up taking him to defeat.

    I dont normally do this but he trashed talked me through the whole thing. very very annoyed i just wasted nearly 2 hours in this game for him to do that. not sure what happens from here but thanks for hearing me out.

    cheers team,

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