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  1. Icons replaced, but still cav 3d models are also so ughly maybe bext version but not interested in 0.26 at this moment, oldicons.zip
  2. I'm sure someone will make mod which will return back old nice icons, new one too dark hard to see, sorry dont want
  3. Modders, what would be best way to enforce host policies? Current game setup is simply not enough due to balancing issues, and common "smart" players misusing it. I want to add additional game-setup tab where specific policies can be set and later monitored. Example: GAME RULES #1 - If opposite team does not match mercenary civ it will not be allowed to make mercenary cavalery units, same applies for Iberians and their firecav units. (I guess I will not be able to disable such units to create - probably would require others have some mod installed => difficult, but as host i could monitor it right?) so if t1 has Macedonians and t2 does not my mod would observer in session if such units are created and give such player warning and later auto-ban player for a game. Where is best place to monitor what kind of units specific player has? I can see autociv is able to collect such data, suggestion, ideas.. feedback... some level of this idea will be most likely implemented somehow..
  4. New version HostEnhanced 1.2 - if you have random biome it will remove from generation laggy "india" (others i consider ok) - code using more prototype (yet not everywhere) so should less conflict with other mods - fixed bug with /permaban when user were not kicked in-game new version fill be attached to first post of this topic
  5. I can report the same happened to me joining some hosts, and also when some players trying join me as host. Would be cool to know how to trace such issue.
  6. I would let cav to capture but they would need dismount and if they want mount back on horse there would be 5 sec delay. Any move away would break this time-delay and start again -speed of these units would be same as infra-unit speed
  7. @vinme Mr. Jerk even I trust you did not DDOS, I also believe you can be very anoying with your language. If host kicked you because of your excellent verbal skill that is also feedback you need to consider.
  8. if it would remove that lag when battles starts... it is easy to achive it, + you can always randomize dmg before hit.. so it can be variable in some ranges... = same effect = much less lag. so not dmg 10 but dmg 6-10 @alre you are genius
  9. I can read well but it does not answer what i should do. Please clarify, - it is tool made by you? - by installing it i will see your replays not needed to do any additional steps? - if additional setup needed, where are steps? does it mean you did not include some private details?
  10. seeh I'm having issue to understand your posts, are you dislectic? You posted interesting topic, sharing replays, with text " all my replays download" If i click provided link I would expect to see your replays to be able to download them. Not true anyway, it shows some website with some syncing tool.. Either some details are missing in your initial post or I just overloooking something?
  11. modders is there way to not need edit.xml template? [I guess it is better for other mod compatibility] and still be able to add additional elements or change sizes or current one? to be specific gui/gamesetup/Pages/GameSetupPage/GameSettings/PerPlayer/PlayersPanel.xml For example this takes too much space <object name="playerColor[n]" type="dropdown" style="ModernDropDown" size="22%+5 2 12%+33 30" sprite="" sprite_overlay="" scrollbar="false" button_width="22" font="sans-stroke-14" tooltip_style="onscreenToolTip"/> so I would like change size attribute also adding some new objects based on some conditions Thanks
  12. What biomes do you consider most laggy for team games? I currently removed "India" but are there others? I like keep random selection every game instead of boring "temperate". Looks people fixed to single setup
  13. new (untested) version 1.1 added These features were added: - permaban user for any hosted game / joining game- set default map size per team setup changes (1vs1-small 2vs2-normal 3vs3-medium 4s4-medium?) In gamesetup simply new commands /banlist - List of banned players of your hosted games /permaban - Add player to permanent banlist from your hosted games. (not the same as /ban which works only for current game) /unban - Removes player from your permanent banlist of hosted games. (but you need rehost current one to take it into effect) /banclear - Clear list of permanent banned players from your hosted games. Inspired by @nani (and clonned most of code handling commands) Hate me, love me, ban me.. enjoy it, with love to 0ad and respect to all who contributed/ing.
  14. There should be only 1 concern - misusing it too much to "spam" other observers. So other observers could have filter on/off for such other observers flares, or limit usage 1 per minute/ should be ok...
  15. Sorry can some dev really explain what kind of cheating with flares are concerned? We talk about these conditions: - Flare of observer is visible only to observers - so chat between observer is also possible only to observers in observer chat - the only case is when observer can sent message to everyone (not dissabled also cheaty) I see quite same situation here, is observer chat disabled? but the result of such behaviour is that host of the game will ban such person for spoiling the game... Please let us understand what do you talk about... How flare called by observer and visible only to observer can bring cheating?
  16. Is is just excuse or real deal? What about make it in game setup as option - so game host will decide... I would always make it on :-) You care too much of cheating, it is easier to cheat on side-way channels.
  17. No this mod is intended for peple who host games for others For you best solution is put name on paper and avoid next time After all it is you who clicking join host
  18. Answer is there is/was bad interpretation on players name containing specific character which causes substraction of rating due to failure of lookup in player db. Only few accounts are affected. I hope this noon developer answer satisfy you...I can use wildfires search .... Nub
  19. To keep easy registration keep current setup. In this mode players will be flagged. Add in game option to add user email for password recovery. This may add some costs to wildfiregames. As option enable player to authorize via mobile app provided by vendor. (this way you got identifier of the phone, phone number, geo location, etc) after collection such data you give player verified mark. Enhance modding to get player status Registered age Registered trustworthy level 0 - current no changes 1 - user provided email 2 - user installed auth app Host of the game can pre-select who can join. This at least lowers many issues.... And gives obstacles...
  20. I just spotted there was a request for such very old old feature from good "fgod" times. I'm just curious why such things are not default in 0ad. If added to autociv or other usefull mod I would be blessed. No guarantee - buggy - it is just proof of concept for others.. Currently implemented: - Removes annoying auto-AI assignment for hosted game. - Reset team button replaced by dropdown menu to select team match configuration 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 etc.. - Adds Get Ready Button (only for Host of the game) to notify others. - permaban user for any hosted game / joining game - set default map size per team setup changes (1vs1-small 2vs2-normal 3vs3-medium 4s4-medium) - filter out laggy biome (generic/india) from random biome selection Possible enhancements (anyone volunteer?): - enable Get ready button for anyone in assigned slot - add spam filter to avoid using this function more then xxx seconds - auto-trigger GetReadyButton if all slots full - in waves, first in 10sec idle time, next in 30 sec, next in 60 sec - Maybe add another button to /pingall if autociv enabled on (or implement same function) In development - probably "rules" notification for players as it seems an issue to read for some @rossenburg @Stan` @nani HostEnhanced1.1.zip HostEnhanced1.2.zip - latest version
  21. Do you cheat Stan? Interesting your answer... usually we see only issues with similar mindset... What about allow spec to flare with visibility to only specs too...
  22. Custom rating 0.25.3 - release - download offical version from first page on this topic @Sevda
  23. To custom rating: Not a bug but feature, i did not want people would misuse it in large scale. You only risk such mod will not be possible in next release. So enjoy you bravery now.
  24. In my honest: So funny , one of best smurfie (if even not smurf or Putin) here is the one misusing it and speaking even louder here Keeping silence is probably wiser solution... Restriction exist in any system I know and are there for many reason. You don't need to like them but you can always make own lobby and rules .-)
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