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  1. Big gameplay change are involved in this topic, and some suggestion are impacted by A25 gameplay patches

    • CC not able to train military unit :

    I'm not sure it is a good idea, this will make you really dependent of the map. If you are lucky and you got extra food(hunt/berries) you will be able to spend your wood into a barracks and then you can be aggresive. In the other hand if you are unlucky and you don't have any extra food you will have to invest your wood into field, your barracks will be delayed by 2 min, which makes you extremly weak. Can be even worse with D2854.

    And as @chrstgtr explain it will slow down rushes reactivity.

    • Baracks training higher rank unit:

    I don't really like this idea, it will make the game slower. Barracks units are mainly used to boom during the first 10 min of the game and higher rank unit have lower gathering rates. Also higher rank unit is planned for mercenaries to differenciate them (D3699).

    • Citizen Cavalry not able to hunt anymore :

    I don't like this idea, in my opinion it is a great innovation from this game giving dynamism to it. Being able to rush then gather some food on your way back and stealing opponent hunts are interresting gameplay. Hunting cavalry is part of this game identity.

    Compared to citizen soldier they can't do much, they are not able to build or gather other ressources than meat.

    There is already a cavalry not able to hunt the champions.

    Well, i like multidisciplinary units being able to have a job during peacetime.

    • Using citizen infantry to hunt:

    Infantry can already hunt, they hunt as fast as woman collect berries without the upgrade. In some rare situation it can be worth to use your infantry to hunt.

    • New unit the "Scout":

    I like the idea to have a wider range of unit possibilities. having a unit dedicated to hunt and explore can be interresting. If you see this as a kind of mounted "woman", i like it, but if it is a unit meant to replace current phase 1 cavalry, I am not very enthusiastic.

    Being able to build outpost is an interresting idea, I like it, but current A24 outpost need to be reworked otherwise it is not usefull.

    • Limitation of unit trainable:

    I don't like this idea of limiting the quantity of unit trainable. Let some freedom to the players.

    Limiting to 5 scouts: is it really worth it to make more if they can only hunt, explore and die ?

    Limiting to 15 citizen soldier in the CC: i don't really see the point. In early game it is not much used to train citizen soldier being the only building where you can train women. and in the late game you don't need women anymore. As it is currently, the CC is useful all along the game.


    6 hours ago, Stan` said:

    @Edwarf is there anyway where it wouldn't be too much like AOE?

    In AoE the scout can only explore and harass the oponent. Here if the scout can collect ressources, build outpost and being bad at fighting, it  doesn't seems to be too much like AoE. Especially if the current cavalry is kept as it is currently.


    I think more opinions are needed about this unit, it is a big change.

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  2. If I am right,

    The circle you see in game is the former building range from A23. It doesn't seems to be updated.

    And it was also just a small indication on A23 because elevation and range upgrade were not taken into account.

    In A24 you can consider the building range as the field of view of the building except for the fort the range is similar to its territory range.


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  3. Hello,

    Here is my personal feedback about your change.



    Automatically set mercenaries to rank 2 and halve training time [Thanks @Nescio]
    -> Why not

    Mercenary upgrade to rank 3 technology for Carthaginians [Thanks @borg-] 
    -> Why not but doesn't work on your mod.

    Fixed health bonus to military units with each phase up [Thanks @Valihrant]
    -> I don't like it a percentage is mutch better. Instead of doing 2* +10hp, do 2* +10%hp (which means less HP for ranged infantry, same for melee infantry and more HP for melee cavalry)



    Increase cavalry move speed [Thanks @Valihrant]
    -> Why not

    Increase turn rates for infantry and cavalry [Thanks @Valihrant]
    -> Why not, but the dancing is back.

    Added a minimum distance between forts and civic centres [Thanks @faction02]
    -> Why not but i'm not a big fan.

    All Changes

    Cavalry and Infantry javelineers accuracy increased (spread set to a23 value since they became much less effective in fights compared to other ranged units)
    -> Why not

    Infantry javelineer walk speed increased (to allow skirmishers to chase slingers and archers and prevent formation laming)
    -> Why not

    Infantry slinger walk speed increased (to chase archers, but still be slower than javelineers and prevent formation laming)
    -> Why not

    Cavalry and Infantry archers attack rate reduced and damage increased (to unify with other ranged units as higher attack rates provide a demonstrable advantage in practice)
    -> I prefer to have unit not unified, but ok why not

    Melee cavalry health increased (to make melee cavalry more effective in fighting and rushing as they currently are underutilized and tend to lose to massed range)
    -> I don't like it at all melee cavalry is already very strong in A24, this will make cavalry unstoppable just like persia in A23. Rank up HP is enough, more over in your mod Phase 3 rank 3 cavalry have more HP than champion cavalry.

    Reduced training time of cavalry, infantry, and women (to allow players to make the choice of either rushing or a larger boom)
    -> Why not

    Increase cavalry move speed (to enable raiding as it is currently disadvantageous to attempt in all stages of the game compared to booming)
    -> I don't like it cavalry is strong enough for raiding in A24, this will make them too strong. More over currently on your mod cavalry have the same speed as champions cavalry.

    Increase turn rates for infantry and cavalry (allow better engagements for aggressors while still keeping in the intent of preventing dancing)
    -> Why not, but the dancing is back.

    Automatically set mercenaries to rank 2 and halve training time (since mercenaries have prohibitive cost compared to the value they provide as they do not have enhanced stats without this upgrade or the ability to gather resources)
    -> Why not, make sense

    Fixed health bonus to military units with each phase up (tradeoff of having more pop or phasing up for a hp bonus during a fight or push to allow for more variety of timing strategies)
    -> I don't like it a percentage is mutch better. Instead of doing 2* +10hp, do 2* +10%hp (which means less HP for ranged infantry, same for melee infantry and more HP for melee cavalry)


    Allow rams to hit fields and units (to allow for fast clearing of space and to prevent laming by body blocking)
    -> I don't like it, it feel useless to me, it make your rams behave stupidly.

    Reduce wood cost of catapults (to compensate for the inability to effectively fight units as area-of-effect damage was removed)
    -> I like it


    Increase the resource cost and build time of palisades, stone walls, and Roman siege walls (to prevent abuse of walling)
    -> I don't like it a wall of farmstead is similar to a palisade ? It would be better to make longer palisade keeping its stats (like picture). Stone walls and Roman siege walls are fine. At least they are a little bit used now.

    Reduced arrow damage of civic center, sentry tower, defense tower, and fort (to prevent defensive structure abuse)
    -> I don't like it, why would you use garrison mechanics if your units becomes useless inside ? Defensive build are not that strong in A24 if you know how to deal with them.

    Reduced health of sentry tower, defense tower, and fort (to prevent defensive structure abuse)
    -> I don't like it, 4 houses have more HP than a fort ? Sentry tower are already extremly weak and can be destroy by archers. 

    Theater buffed to have more territory weight and influence (since it did not provide a significant advantage for its cost)
    -> Why not

    Roman army camp can produce siege engines and cost 100 more wood and 300 more metal (to allow for greater variety of strategies at a greater cost)
    -> I realy don't like being able to build siege in Castra, you can loose a game because of 1 sneaky man, that's not an interresting strategy.

    Increase outpost vision when not garrisoned, but give greater vision when garrisoned (to make outposts useful while still rewarding garrisoned units)
    -> I like it

    Allow Macedonians to produce arsenals at the town phase (to allow greater strategic variety and compensate for the loss of the uniqueness of the siege workshop from A23)
    -> Why not but useless Phase 2 exept to go phase 3

    Added a minimum distance between forts and civic centres (to force the choice of increasing territory via a civic centre or securing territory via a fort instead of allowing both at low risk)
    -> Why not but i'm not a big fan.


    Reduced city phase requirement from 4 to 3 (to encourage boom/earlier aggression and de-incentivize tower abuse)
    -> Why not

    Defensive towers do not count in city phase requirement (to discourage turtling and de-incentivize tower abuse)
    -> Why not

    Sentry towers do not count in town phase requirement (to discourage turtling and de-incentivize tower abuse)
    -> Why not even if it's not really usefull.

    Reduced metal cost of all farmstead and storehouse technologies by half and increased wood cost to compensate (since metal is scarce on popular maps and is required for many strategies)
    -> I like it 

    Reduced metal cost of all forge upgrades by half and increased wood cost to compensate (since metal is scarce on popular maps and is required for many strategies)
    -> I like it 

    Remove food cost for non-champion mercenaries (since mercenaries' high metal cost coupled with their inability to gather resources necessitates an advantage to compensate; also, since the intent was to have them be more realistic by costing gold or metal, then food should not be one of their costs)
    -> Why not

    Add cartography to market while keeping the option in civic centres (to still allow players the choice of taking cartography in the village phase, but also have the choice to take it in the town phase without sacrificing unit production)
    -> Why not

    Bring back carrier pigeons and stone foundations for outposts (to give the choice between achieving greater utility at the cost of a garrisoned unit or at the cost of time and resources through technologies)
    -> I like it

    Arsenals produced by the Macedonians count towards city phase requirement (to allow greater strategic variety and compensate for the loss of the uniqueness of the siege workshop from A23)
    -> ok

    Mercenary upgrade to rank 3 technology for Carthaginians (to give a differentiating trait to Carthage and an incentive to try a mercenary army strategy as Carthage has the greatest mercenary diversity)
    -> Why not but doesn't work on your mod.

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  4. 19 hours ago, borg- said:

    Are there any indication of rams by the Celts? If not, I would find it interesting to remove and add a two men and a trunk unit in phase 2. It would be interesting to differentiate and make these civilizations stronger in the first and second phase, and weak in the third.

    I think it's a good idea to give them  tiny ram phase 2 (two men and a trunk)

    But i'm not sure about removing their current ram phase 3. a weaker ram phase 3 (as discussed here D3319) is enough.


    If they are too weak in phase 3 it make this civilization gameplay predictible:

    They will have to do their push phase 2 otherwize it's game over, opponent can plan defense for min 8 to 12.

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  5. Hello,

    On 28/01/2021 at 12:25 PM, Nescio said:

    green: attack range of 60 calculated from the obstruction edge (not implemented)

    Will it be implemented in A25 ?

    On 28/01/2021 at 12:25 PM, Nescio said:

    blue: attack range of 60 calculated from the circle around the obstruction (A24)

    Is it the case for all building or only for "arrow shooting" building ? I wonder if it's working for temple, pyramids...


  6. Hello,

    Quick remarks about regicides :

    • Due to the A24 elephant heroes change they are now able to destroy CC during phase 1 on a regicide game. I attach a replay from Dakara to illustrate this point.


    • Extra heroes in regicide games : I figured out that some civs can have access to "new" heroes not trainable in normal game.
      • Macedonians 4th and 5th heroes :
        • Macedonians4th5thHeroes.png.e1b690dff5ae22ac79c6dd0df640eb98.png
      • Kushites 4th hero :
        • Kushites4thHeroes.png.69a0bb226dc22686cdca06a281ea8dbd.png
    • Some heroes can start with a horse or without. Example :
      • MountedDismountedHeroes.png.2bbadd459fed483467e87cb6ac3acf53.png

    About balance :

    • Starting with random Heroes providing huge or useless bonus can severely impact the balance of a game (for example compare Indibil and the Kushite hero above)
    • Also starting with a cavalry or infantry or elephant impact the hero safety :
      • Elephant heroes can't be garisoned
      • Infantry and Elephant heroes are easy to snipe.
    • Cavalry heroes can kill all the economy of the opponent at the start of the game.


    -> In order to balance regicide games: is it possible to provide a similar hero to each civilizations ? For example a cavalry hero with better resistance and less attack than standard cavalry heroes and with no bonuses. And this specific hero don't stop the possibility to train a standard hero during phase 3. This would be even greater if this can be set as a game option, Standard Regicide / Balanced Regicide (Yes random games are still fun)


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  7. @Dizaka

    Thank you for your comments, i commented again :) (in blue inside the quote)

    16 hours ago, Dizaka said:


    A23: Top 3 civilizations, strong economic bonuses (population space on every building/building faster to build/rotary mill), strong heros and fanatic strong for raids.  Paired with Iberians is really powerful. True like all P1 skirm civilizations

    A24: Decent civilization, economic bonuses (building faster to build/extra food upgrade).Very strong power spike at phase 2 due to extra damage on sword cavalry en cheaper fanatic. New champions, Heroes easier to reach.  (Cheaper stable and barracks.)  A strong civilization overall.  Diversity of units in p2.  Can do a good p3 push.  The ability to produce rams, hero, and dmg reduction units at the same time is extremely valuable. I don't really understand why they can do good p3 push they have nothing more than other civs on this phase. in A23 i'd agreed but in A24 i don't see why, tell me more, i feel like i'm missing something.


    • Building faster to build
    • Extra food upgrade phase 2, helps for the sword cavalry spam.
    • Strong Heroes that do not require a fort True but now only 6 over 13 civilizations needs a fort to train Heroes it is not a specific gauls strength.
    • Strong melee cavalry (+15% damage)
    • Strong team bonus and dmg reduction battle units. True but expensive.


    • Only rams has siege weapon
    • Weaker buildings

    -> Gauls weaker in A24 than in A23 but still decent. Harder to play, not a beginner civilization anymore.



    A23: One of the worst civilizations no swords, no spears, useless heroes, no economic bonuses. One of the few civilization that can do massive damage if played by the right player.  Only civilization that could attack with 15-16 rams within 16/17 mins generally making it difficult to defend versus, especially versus Gauls, Seleucids, or any other skrimisher civ (e.g., rome, macedonianss, iberians, etc) that massed skirmishers with no anti siege.  This civ paired with Iberians is extremely powerful as advancement to p3 is significantly faster. Romans had everithing better and i'm not convinced by this strategy but yes i see your point.

    A24: A bit better thanks to champion swordsmanChanges to pikemen do not necessitate a need for swordsmen. I am a bit confused pikemen changed ? i still see 2 hack + 3 pierce / 2 seconds which is actually worst than women against rams. New champion crossbowman (a bit weak can’t be spammed due to massive overkill).  Uniqueness of this civilization completely lost in a24 as every civ now has the same siege ability.  Possibility?  Make siege workshop a p2 building that counts for p3 like ele stables for Maury. true good point.


    • Phase 1 spear cavalry
    • Variety of siege weapons
    • Hellenistic Metropolis (Civic center +100% Health points)
    • Stronger buildings
    • Foot companions, like Ptolemic pikemen, kill rams.  No need for sword or wasting metal on the newly available units anymore because of how game was revamped it's not a problem anymore. Pikemens were and are still good meat shield but i don't see the change in order to counter rams.


    • No economic bonuses
    • No spear infantry (except champions) Because of update there is a strong preference for pikemen in lieu of spear infantry.

    -> Macedonians Slightly stronger weaker in A24 than in A23.  Not a viable civ currently and do not see other players play it in mutliplayer.  Seleucids have about everything mace has plus more. true but remain as a bad civilization


    Mauryas :

    A23 : Decent civilization (Very strong in nomad games) that can be played strong by a players such as 90/letsplay0ad who knows how to use cav to hunt food - can mass 20-30 cav by minute 9 and dominate most civs (but only with right player, otherwise extremely weak). I agree. Heroes a bit weak RELATIVE to other civilization heroes I agree., economic bonuses (Elephant worker), +10% population limit, only elephant as siege weapon (except expensive champions maceman and tricky rams)

    A24 : Very strong civilization. Heroes still can be perceived as weak to most players.  However, economic discount + speed and temple discount + speed heroes are extremely powerful in a games dependent on metal.  Will to fight now only costs 1200 instead of the 1500 resources as for other civs.  R2 upgrades in temple can cost 250 food instead of 1000 with the right setup, thanks to heroes, and temples can cost only 75 stone.  Extremely powerful two heroes (priest/chariot) with other heroes and bonuses (elephant/trade hero) that, generally, are useless.  Economic Construction bonuses (Elephant worker) It is a free moving ressources deposit it's good for economy (especialy at start), +10% population limit, Strong unique champion maceman (Note: rarely used in multiplayer now.  In the past good players could really turn games with these) I'm pretty sure they are still great now they are cheaper and easier to make we just need to be used to this new alpha to be confortable with them., Strong Archer chapions, Strong elephant archer, Indian siege elephant, access to rams.(cheaper barracks/stable)


    • Elephant Workers bonus of +25% construction speed is ridiculously powerful (Not utilized by many players).
    • +10% population limit is amazing due to Elephant siege population cost.
    • Elephant faster to recruit
    • Indian Siege Elephant
    • Extra Sword upgrade
    • Archery tradition
    • Unique Champion Maceman
    • Strong archer champions (poison damage)
    • Strong archer elephants
    • Cheap Walls
    • 20% discount and 50% speed on all upgrades at wonder (population), fort (will to fight), and weaponsmith (damage/defense upgrades) as these buildings can be garrisoned by the priest hero. I agree this hero is OK
    • Up to 75% discount on temple upgrades if using hero and an ally is a Maury (e.g., r2 upgrade at temple can cost 250 food instead of 1000 food.  That's huge.). I agree its fun to have cheap temple/upgrade but most of the time you already have temple on phase 2 and upgrade are not mandatory most of the time. and that's it, once this is done it doesn't provide much. Also when you have a mauryan ally it provide only 25% discount on temple/upgrade.
    • Only civ other than Romans that has access to WOODEN cost walls.  However, with strength of palisades this is a moot point. That's what i meant by "cheap wall" :) 


    • Most players over-depend on archers.  No pikemen but has spearmen.  However, in a24 lack of pikemen is a serious disadvantage.  Pikemen make Kush/Ptolemies/Carthage really powerful. Carthage doesn't have pikemen you probably mean Seleucids/Macedonians ?  None

    -> Mauryas are stronger in A24 than in A23



    A23: Top 3 civilization, economic bonus (free buildings), good team bonus, Strong heroes, strong army compositions, large variety of siege weapons. Very strong navy: Lighthouse, Juggernaut. Camel Archer Phase 1.  Paired with Iberians and extremely powerful civilization. I agree

    A24: Very strong civilization, economic bonus (cheaper buildings), good team bonus Strong Heroes, strong army compositions, large variety of siege weapons. Camel  Archer Phase 1. Standard Extremely strong navy. Civ has the siege ships.  This is extremely powerful and few civs have these ships. I need to play more naval battle but siege ships are now really bad against units and only un-experimented player place important building near shore line. In ship vs ship battle, 3 loaded medium warship (=3900 ressources) are better than a loaded siege ship (9 catapults) (=6900 ressources). Also ptolemies medium warship have less health point than celtic and mauryans medium warships.


    • Cheaper buildings (-40% cost for house, corral, storehouse and farmstead)
    • Strong heroes (and in Civic Center)
    • Variety of siege weapons
    • Stronger Bolt Shooter (faster less overkill)
    • Library
    • Hellenistic Metropolis
    • Military Colony
    • Camel archer at phase 1
    • Pikemen in a24 are a critical composition component of any army.  These pikemen units can be buffed by a hero.  These pikemen units can be also buffed by another hero if loss of pikeman hero.(cleopatra speed bonus won't do much dealing nothing or dealing faster nothing is still nothing) but yes Pikemen are great meat shield.


    • Swordsman only as mercenaries
    • All ranged infantry are based on minerals (stone/metal).
    • Spear unit only as mercenaries

    -> Ptolemies are slightly weaker in A24 than in A23. A bit better balanced but still very strong.



    A23: Strong civilization, good heroes, good team bonus, strong siege, very strong military camps, spear cavalry phase 1. No palisade and no economic bonuses.  Uses 'average units' like skrimishers/spear and when paired with Iberians can be really powerful. True like all P1 skirm civilizations

    A24: Decent Weak civilization as it is a "siege civ" strongly dependent on aoe of siege. I actually agree. good heroes, good team bonus, strong siege, weaker military camps, spear cavalry phase 1. Now they have palisade Phase 1 and regular stone walls later on, in addition to wooden walls. True but they already had stone walls like all civilizations. No economic bonuses.


    • Castra (Army camp)
    • Strong heroes
    • Strong siege
    • Good team bonus
    • Spear cavalry phase 1


    • Castra no longer permit construction of siege (ranged or melee).  A weakness of Romans, currently, is that castra is a weak structure that can be taken down with infantry.  Currently, having an enemy castra near a cc is not even seen as a problem and the building is ignored.  In the past, civs had to build outposts to secure their territory to make sure no castra was built and paid attention as it could turn games.  Castra is still the deadlier defensive building 25 pierce damage. it is cheaper than it used to be. i was not a big fan of sneak siege push in previous alpha, 1hp man could by himself build in the shade of a tree a military camp and a bunch of rams. it was a pain in the ass. If it could train cavalry/skirms i agree it can be nice.
    • No economic bonus

    -> Romans are weaker in A24 than in A23. (It would have been great to have other kind of unit in castra than only melee)



    A23: Decent civilization, medium heroes, variety of siege units, good army compositions. No economic bonuses.

    A24: Decent Strong civilization.  Elephant dmg bonus hero is pretty powerful, however this hero is useless in late game.  In general, the remaining heroes are medium heroes. Actually the sword cavalry hero "Antiochos IV" is better instead of giving 20% damage it reduce building health point by 20% which is exactly the same but at least it work for all units not only elephants, he is also faster making him better to snipe siege.   Strong variety of siege units. Good army compositions. No economic bonuses.(no change overall)


    • Free champion infantry upgrade
    • Military Colony
    • Hellenistic Metropolis
    • Variety of siege units
    • Good army compositions
    • Archer cavalry is extremely powerful. Yes mostly due to the archer balance issue otherwize their archer cavalry is the same as persian and ptolemies.


    • No economic bonus

    -> Seleucids remain a decent civilization in A24. Better balance overall now.


    Overall balance:

    Lack of Metal:

    • This this this this this 100x.



    • Catapult are way weaker than they used to be in A23, they are useless against units (which is great horrible ) they are easily destroyed by archers (this is great, but too easily destroyable which is horrible), they deal very few damage.
      • Catapults should be dealing AOE damage to units.In my opinion bolt shooters are made to fight against units not catapults  However, the requirement is that they need to be mircoed by the player.  An alternative can exist where siege can be made to "select units over structures" if dmg vs players is smaller than in a23.  Catapults always selected buildings over units and are useless in presence of buildings when not microed.
    • However they are a bit too expensive : they are more expensive than rams and elephants. I suggest to reduce their resources price and also the population cost, 3 is too much currently 2 might be better.  This could be an alternative to siege dmg vs units.  That is, the left over population could be used to build units to counter siege.



    • This is a huge problem.  After minute 18 if a game isn't decided it will be a 60+ minute game.  In a23 typical game was 40 minutes. True
    • Palisades/Walls are a huge problem that enable turtling.  Either add a special unit that kills walls/palisades only and is hard to kill or the ability for the game host to limit palisades.
      • On the other hand, Palisades are necessary to surround each tower.  Why are tower so easy to capture?  It is crazy easy to capture towers now for some reason.  It is usually easier to capture than to take down a tower.
    • The consequence of many change made turtling (staying on your base waiting your opponent to suicide on your defence) too strong.
    • Building are way more deadlier than they used to be.
  8. Hello, 

    I just wanted to give my personal balance feedback about A24 before its release.

    rev : 24822

    General balance remark :

    • Elephant Stable are too expensive and too long to build compared to Arsenal :

    Elephant Stable : 200 wood + 200 stone -> 240 seconds

    Arsenal : 300 wood -> 180 seconds

    • Roman, Persian and Kushites siege should be more expensive than standard siege because they are stronger.
    • The number of building buildable should be set on your current pop limit not a constant.

    For exemple :

    Embassy : instead of 3 Embassy buildable max, 1 Embassy +1 every 100 pop cap.

    Towers : instead of 30 Towers max,  1 Tower +1 every 20 pop cap.

    Forts : instead of 10 Forts max, 1 Fort +1 every 50 pop cap

    Same for Kushites Mercenary Camps, Pyramids ...

    • Civilization team bonus should be applied to the civilization itself not only teammates.
    • Spying technologies are too expensive.
    • Theatron is too expensive or need to be stronger, improve current bonus or add one (Resource Trickle for exemple such as  Persian Apadana)
    • Kushites Monutental Architecture too expensive for a bonus/penalty technologie.
    • Baracks garrison experience gain should be only for infantry, The cavalry should gain experience in stable.

    Civilizations particularity :

    Carthaginians :

    • It is an archer civilization but they don't have access to "Archery tradition" such as Mauryans Perians and Kushites.

    Mauryas :

    • Mauryan archer champions : same price as standard archer champions but they are stronger due to the poison.
    • Mauryan pillar (Edict pillar of Ashoka) are too expensive, or should be buildable on ally or neutral territory.
    • Mauryan Hero (Chandragrupta Maurya) has no bonuses and can't train archer anymore, makes it useless.

    Iberians :

    • Iberian cavalry champions : same price has standard cavalry champions but they are stronger due to the fire.

    Romans :

    • Roman Castra (army camp) : deals more damage than a Fort.
    • Roman Castra (army camp) : unit trained are rank 2 on purpose ?

    Ptolemies :

    • Litghthouse too expensive : it is just a big  outpost now. An outpost is the same for 60 wood instead of 200 stone + 200 metal.

    Britons :

    • The number of dogs trainable should be set in function of the population limit or the number of stable, not to a constant (20).
    • Dogs might be a bit expensive or need upgrades.

    Macedonians :

    • Macedonian crossbow currently too weak compared to standard archer champions except if they never miss their target, has linear splash or has armor piercing.

    Crossbow : 40 pierce / 3 seconds

    Archer : 13.5 / 1 second

    (Crossbow can target a 1hp unit wasting 39 pierce damage and also crossbow not very usefull to "hit and run" because the 1st arrow is shot 3 seconds after the order.)


    I hope this small feedback can be usefull.

    What do you think about this ? @borg- @Feldfeld @ValihrAnt

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  9. On 06/01/2021 at 6:59 PM, JC (naval supremacist) said:

    gold : 3 players  - top3   - Feld , borgus, Val

    silver : 7 players  - top10  - JC, Fish, Schweinpriest, decger, physic, fpre , bodusa

    bronze : 20 players - top30 - chrstgtr, Boudica, Wendy, Havran, Ricsand, berhudar,  dakeyras, Obry, faction02, ElDragon, eskro,  phoenixdesk, Rorrosaar, SaidRdz, Rauls, roscany, Carthage, xtreme022, Obi, Rollo

    ceramic : 70 players - top100 -       ....


    Ceramic Emperior, Darkcity, Camelius, Dakara, Edwarf, nani, superPosition, randomid ... 

    Ceramic op

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  10. Badosu, i agree, it could be great to have balanced unknwon maps.

    But i think only Passes is a turtly map. 

    Lowland is a race to the map control and being able to keep it.

    This Isthmus is really wide it is not more turtly than gulf especially with the map variant were there is random shaped land in both sea parts.

    And some poeple loves turtly maps :P.

    The best would be to chose the desired map pool to fit everybody.

  11. "Unknown"

    The map "Unknown" is a random map that countain 9 "Land" maps and 4 "Naval" maps.
    When this map is played, one of these map is picked randomly and generated.

    Some of these maps are not part of the list of random maps and can't be purposly choosed to be played.
    So i tryed to make a map pack where each map can be played independently.

    Map list :

    Land :
    "Continent" :
        Game description : Disk shaped mainland with water on the edge.
        More info : Map close to the random map called "Continent", slight difference the map can be shaped as a peninsula.


    "Isthmus" :
        Game description : Huge central river, connecting the riversides with a narrow piece of land.
        More info : Map close to "Corinthian Isthmus", main difference is a wider land path and a wider river.
        Map variant : Dot shaped island or random shaped land can be added to the river part of the map.


    "CentralRiverLand" :
        Game description : A very small central river.
        More info : Map close to the random map called "River", slight differences there is no middle lake and the shallow water path are randomly placed (such as "Lorraine Plain").


    "EdgeSeas" :
        Game description : Align players on a land strip with seas bordering on one or both sides that can hold islands.
        More info : Map close to the random maps called "Hyrcanian Shores" or "Kerala" or "Northen Lights", main difference is the sea border can be on both side.
        Map variant : Dot shaped island or random shaped land can be added to the sea part of the map.


    "Gulf" : 
        Game description : Land shaped like a concrescent moon around a central lake.
        More info : Map simlar to the random map called "Gulf of Bothnia"


    "Lakes" :
        Game description : Mainland style with some small random lakes.
        More info : Map close to "Alpine Lakes" but without mountain or "Mainland" with randomly placed lakes.


    "Passes" :
        Game description : A large hill leaving players only a small passage to each of the the two neighboring players.
        More info : No similar map exist in the game yet.
        Map variant : A lake can be generated in the middle of the map.


    "Lowlands" :
        Game description : Land enclosed by a hill that leaves small areas for civic centers and large central place.
        More info : No similar map exist in the game yet.


    "Mainland" :
        Game description : No water, no hills.
        More info : Map simlar to the random map called "Mainland"



    Naval :
    "CentralSea" :
        Game description : Creates a huge central river.
        More info : Map close to the random map called "River" with a wider river and no shallow watter path.(such as "Aegean Sea")
        Map variant : Dot shaped island or random shaped land can be added to the river part of the map.


    "CentralRiverNaval" :
        Game description : A very small central river.
        More info : Map close to the random map called "Lorraine Plain" but with no shallow watter path.


    "Archipelago" :
        Game description : Chain of islands or many disconnected islands.
        More info : Map close to the random map called "Islands"


    "RiversAndLake" :
        Game description : Creates a river between each player ("pizza slices") and possibly a circular lake in the middle.
        More info : No similar map exist in the game yet.




    I don't know who made the map "unknown" or the previews of each map but thanks !


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