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  1. 12 hours ago, Astrid said:

    Fish and other species can be hunted with spears the same as our forebears hunted, but it is funny you got the sarcasm :D How about in the far north we have fishing and hunting,and in areas like plains,and flat land without winter we can have the berry bush gathering.


    Then would that require, fishing example... to have fish schools placed closer to the shore to be able to use spears; I can't somehow see the game offer swimming mechanic for gatherers to go far into the sea and hunt food... for good :troutslap::eat:

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  2. Snow, af. All the OP says reminds me of good memories - I can't nail down the game... light snowfall covering the ground, while you're out there producing mass army to push out your enemy in the corner.

    As far as things go I am afraid it won't work for every 0 A.D. map from a design standpoint. Like collecting food from berry bushes during... winter, doesn't sound so good to immersion. Easily this could be disregarded if players benefit from weather simulation system to better interact with the world. For example you have different environment, not necessarily to affect the gameplay (ever). Is just a visual gimmick, NO DISAPPOINTMENTS.

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  3. Yipeey! Just hit the final progress mark from 94 when I joined Transifex few days ago with last of remaining lines, regarded to game's Terms and Policies documents in place. Still, some more polish to certain areas has to be applied; big chunk of it needs serious work.

    Unfortunately peeps who had one way or another contributed their efforts are no more around, only one of them was recently doing some reviewing (last 6-12 months)

    This game deserves more love. What I would do to have a open-source RTS project focused on Nomad Age to Industrial Age, looking similar to Rise of Nations. Fighting Air, Land and Sea, wow.



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  4. So these past days I am on to help both finish and polish the Bulgarian localization, for the most part it's pretty self explanatory. Therefore, I need some clarification on a less common language that is some of buildings names display; sounds egyptian-ish to me really.

    ...following are the few lines I struggle to understand pronouncement:


    hmw h’y n r3-‘
    tsmt ‘3

    Gimme a pointer.

  5. 23 hours ago, Sundiata said:

    Do you have access to quality sources on Thracians? Especially accurate artist' reconstructions of buildings? I thought I'd just ask... 

    Alas, I don't. Hardly to find such and authentic looks on buildings of that historical period, I am afraid. :[

  6. All the wishes! Hopefully you dish out the remaining bugs and integrate any remaining features to completion. Hell, an open-source game does much more better than Empire Earth 2 comes to mind - was good, yet too repetitive/restricted to enjoy over long periods. Most intrigued by the the population cap; I have played tons of Cossacks, intense large battles with 8K units on the screen, turtling, trading, tanking. :D


    0 A.D. has 100% the potential to win against AoE. Them remakes Microsoft does - milking the series forever, screw them.


    A'hoy! How far the development of 0 A.D. goes these days - much to be done until a final build? Last time I played during very early alpha, my memories date back to 2014, alas I see its still labelled "incomplete". I decided to give the blog a look and no updates since April's release, pushed some changes to the Bulgarian language clone on Transifex as well - most of needs reworking, I may help over time to bring it into shape . Any rundown on development things? I barely followed the Wildfire Games feed through the years since I forgot about the game, hehe.

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