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  1. Well... How about to add some descriptions into game encyclopedia (History pages etc.) such as unit phrases, interpretation of hieroglyphs at Ptolemies buildings, Kushites pyramids voices etc. I guess it will be nice experience. Prostagma? Bulome. (I know that not all national phrases are ready.) And what about to add some national musical introduces like at AoE2? About phrases: http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview/id/266125.html Miscellaneous features:
  2. Oh! It`s even much better than AoEIII way.
  3. No. It`s Age of Empires III
  4. Sounds good especially vs siege rams.
  5. I know. I just wonder because most of other civilisations already have their own wonder-buildings. BTW, hope to see someday CJK without mods, but I even can`t imagine which their wonders would be suitable from -500 to 500 A. D.
  6. What about Triquetra? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triquetra Or you decide to keep it for germanic tribes?
  7. It may be pan-Celtic, but it would be better if it has some distinctive stylization. Also need to do something with identical wonder-buildings at many nations. It's very strange to see two or three absolutely identical Stonehenges at the same time. This also applies to the Parthenon conveyor.
  8. Accidentally found a small mistakes. Please check this issues: An erroneously installed shield or wooden medallion (I don't exactly know what is it.) for an unsuitable nation. Appears on some buildings and naval units. Please check other nations attributes and artifacts for the correctness of compliance.
  9. Well... Looks like chimney was bad idea... But I still hope developers will not abandon to build in missed gates at fortresses and at some other structures such as Mauryan Palace. Also fix roman barracks texture and do something with hellenic tiles and shifted to the right main buildings of Athenians and Macedonians. Luckily Spartans civil centre have correct position of main building.
  10. I just see that very similar to each other models use some time very different approach to design. And I only propose to reconsider textures for more homogeneous design if it possible. I didn`t actually know how original buildings was made and make assumption that something is missing (something the obvious) like castle-gates, hatches for isolated rooms with windows-only or chimneys for residental buildings.
  11. Well... I have just watch building models of Persians and I`m not sure thair houses (from warm countries) use ordinary chimneys. It concerns also Carthage houses. Climatic conditions make me confused... Anyway, if Spartan house have chimey, so why others can`t have? Honestly all houses at all nations exept brit_house are need chimey typically to their climatic conditions. Maybe not all but at least 1-2 models of 3-4 available. The non-chimey-gauls are need some hatches for smoke. The maur_fortress, ptol_fortress, rome_fortress are need gates or lattice. Also default_civil_centre, athen_civil_centre, athen_gymnasion, athen_royal_stoa, mace_civil_centre, mace_royal_stoa, spart_civil_centre, spart_royal_stoa are need complete tiles platform. And maybe athen_civil_centre`s and mace_civil_centre`s main buildings should be more in the center like spart_civil_centre. It`s strange that author of houses models make chimey at advanced model but forgot to make at in-game model. Also strange that non of all residental gauls buildings have chimeys. And why tavern smoke under roof?
  12. I`ll trying to not miss any building and make catalog.
  13. TY all for answers. I mean the smoke effect like at britons fortress. And I already heard that not all of roman citizens wanted to built home oven, preferring to buy end-product at town bakery. (Traveling blog at Pompeii) But completely lack of chimneys at certain nations also as stolen tiles on greek floor looks pretty unnaturally like theatrical props especially at snow maps. While Roman civil centre have almost perfect platform. There must be another way to keep terrain integration without making brand-new ruins.
  14. I forgot to ask! As I remember this game include night maps. So, is it possible to make some night lights at buildings, torches etc. And what about chimneys? I think it must be at every conditionally residential house for more realism, especially at snow maps (fuming chimneys like Britons fortress). But unfortunately I didn`t know were the ancients use home oven or it was not necessary. And it will be great if game will use changing of night and day (activate night lights), changing weather (to cloudy will activate night lights, cold weather will activate chimneys smoke animation), changing seasons (cold will activate chimneys smoke animation, starting of season water floods, drought, sandstorms etc.) like it was at Age of Mythology and maybe Rise of Legends. And the most interested could be terramorphing like at some old RTS, when you can destroy or build bridges, grow bushes like you grow animals for food, grow forest for wood or searching new subterranean ore and mines etc.
  15. Well, I hope someday game will be able to save all textures at any sides of visibility.
  16. I'm not asking to do World of Hatches. It`s only for better visual pleasure because it`s not text-based RTS.
  17. We don`t mentioned about endless arrows or hunger mode like it was at Cossacs 3 as we also don`t need huge building scales. I guess the simple textures fixes will not break the game. I also hope that developers will make some hatches or doors for wall-towers at certain nations. BTW, it will be great if they will teach AI to use wooden and stone walls with wooden watchtowers, which AI usualy never build. For example, AoE2 (not HD) AI use some algorithm to designate a path of future wall and willingly repair it after enemy siedge. The wooden wall can be used at early game or when AI have no stone etc.
  18. I would like to believe that current buildings models are not the final decision and developers will make them more correct. Because it's very strange to see Romans, Mauryans and Ptolemies fortress without any gates. Also Romans barracks have strange model too, when isolated room have no doors or hatches but have windows. And finally, fix the missing tiles at Athenians, Spartans and Macedonians civil center. It`s very odd to live in brand new ruins. Also textures of statues at Roman civil center are disappear when you look from the side.
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