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  1. 8 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

    Thanks! Not for A25 though. I still have my hands full attempting to finish all of the hero stuff. Little did I know how much work it would be.

    Your mod is very varied and innovative. I'm really excited about your version for alpha 25. please never stop ...

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  2. On 27/05/2018 at 10:56 PM, Alexandermb said:

    so its bigger than usual or just have bigger turrets compared to others? for have an idea.

    The largest ship ever built is a 40 built by Ptolemy IV. It was about 128 m long, a good 17 m wide and had a height from the waterline to the tip of the stern of a good 24 m.The crew consisted of 4,000 rowers, 400 seafarers and 2,850 marines. The traditional description of this ship suggests that it was a catamaran ship. However, the distribution of the rowers over the assumed three rows of oars is unclear. The known length of the ship allows for 50 oars per row. It is therefore likely that the rowers will be distributed on both sides of the double-hulled catamaran. This would mean 1,000 rowers per hull side, i.e. 4,000 rowers in total. The 50 oars on one side could then have been manned with 20 oars in a Thranite-Cyclite-Thalamite cycle. This is the most believable solution today. The upper deck spanned both hulls and thus had a correspondingly large area to accommodate the combat crew. However, these large galleys had no tactical value and were militarily and economically unjustifiable.

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  3. Hi Justus...

    at first...I love this mod. You asked in the beginning of this thread for some ideas. I don't know if you noted the german side


    there you can find innovations for lifeguards and the thinking about in that time. I didn't know, that Cleopatra has had a lifeguard of gallic and the roman imperors prefer germanic (mostly batavians) soldiers. Maybe it's nothing new for you... however, do it your way, I will play the game... best regards...:)

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  4. Hi folks, I'm from Germany but living also in Cyprus. My nickname is the name of a swedish chancellor of the time of the 30years war in Germany. I love this forum

    and all the people from around the world, every age (I'm 55), meeting here and changing their expertise and loving this fantastic game. It's made for generations...

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