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  1. 8 minutes ago, Boudica said:

    Hello, I only noticed this thread now, so I'll put my two cents in. The system you introduced is probably not far from the best you can get, but that's partly because it's really hard to create a fair system. Giving a whole point for a win is a good way to discourage selfish playing. I'm a bit afraid that some of the other factors could be misused.

    When you now count in the resources shared, it's very important to weight the importance of the share at each time such event occurred. 100 of wood in the first minute can easily mean more than 1000 wood at minute 10 when the average player's economy is stronger and gathering is much faster thanks to upgrades. Also remember that at the resign time, fgod mod shares all the resources you have with whoever is left. Imagine that two allies resign just before you and now half of their resources also get counted as those that you shared with the last remaining ally.

    The same sure holds for the kill count and the kill / death ratio. Getting someone's ten women early in the game can decide the whole game, while a few minutes later players would even want to delete their women just to make more space for soldiers.

    Anyway, I know that it's hard to adjust for these factors. They could perhaps be implemented into the military score the game shows, which would make things much easier. Currently the system favors economy focus to raiding early in the game, dumping useless resources to allies later, and the player gets penalized for making tank units while their ally gets all the kills in a fight. You could notice the last thing in the game of yesterday when borg had like 60 spearmen taking damage for fpre's slingers.


    You're totally right about it. We can do all your suggestions during the league. However, we do not have a talent who can track and extract data from the replays. We're happy to accept motivated talents who can help the league fixture make better. If you know someone who can do the job please don't hesitate to share their names or send a PM. Thanks for your contribution. 

  2. On 4/29/2019 at 2:05 PM, camel said:

    Its hard to rate perfectly. Imagine on my side if  we are facing players like feldfeld, valihrant, borg...on the contrary, the other side, logicaly willl be weaker than that one. So how can u judge there? 


    The most important thing here to win as a team. When you are the winning team you get 2 points. Then the other scores are involved. Unknown_Player is the host here. He balances the game and asks other players ideas. You need to be more the winning team to get more points. This is not like 1v1 matches. Team play is more important. Yes, we cannot make it perfect but we can start from somewhere. It will be better day by day. Share all your ideas. Have fun.

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  3. On 5/1/2019 at 11:00 PM, nani said:

    Who makes these cool backgrounds?


    Most of the illustrations are from @LordGood, and @Unknown_Player is our motion/graphic designer. Basically, we start from a map and try to find a related illustration for the poster. Then, we move on graphic design. We're also looking for other talents. Sent me a PM if you'd like to participate. Thanks.

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  4. SPG_Poster_Week3.thumb.jpg.3b4b385d9556884e3e45c62859065a4d.jpg

    Hi all,


    I would like to invite you to our Week#3 live-stream event. There will be a 4v4 match at 18.00 (UTC) on Sunday with dual-commentary by Tom and Feldfeld. If you want to convert UTC time zone to your time zone you can visit this website

    -You can Play/Watch/Contribute/Ask questions during the event. It's only one match once a week. So, Players who want to play should be in the room a little early. 

    -You can check the current from this post: League Fixture.

    -Players who want to Spec/Contribute/Ask questions should watch the event on Tom's channel: Here is the link.

    -We're playing on Alpine/mainland this week. There will be more maps during the event.

    -Rule Breakers get yellow and red cards. If you brake no dancing, no wonder rule during the match, you get a yellow card. If you don't follow the rules intentionally you might get a red card. 2 yellow cards mean 1 red card. If you have a red card, you are banned for the next event. 


    Please let me know If you have any questions.


    Have fun,

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  5. Hi all,


    I've updated the League Fixture. Now, the economy score was implemented somehow. However, we calculate the resources that you sent. If you feed more you get more points. I can't solve the early aggression issue. My coding skill is very limited. If you would like to help us to make a better League Fixture send me a PM. Tell us what you think about it. Have fun.


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  6. 16 minutes ago, nani said:

    I think for now @Unknown_Player should decide based on who he thinks are the best players on the room. Rating and statistics points can be gamed too easy. I would recommend to base decision based on data only when you have more data to contrast with it (e.g minimum 10 games).

    Unknown_Player is our host. This league fixture is something different. Unknown_Player will suggest players before 5-10 minutes before the game. He chose the players who are in the room already. Medium players can play too if there is a spot. This event will last for 8 weeks. At the end of the event, those points will determine the best players who joined the event. 



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  7. The League Fixture has been UPDATED: check the latest post.

    Hi all,


    We are working on Sunday Pro Games League Fixture. We came with some ideas. This is a controversial subject, so we would like to find a basic solution for the event. Currently, the league fixture is something like this:


    How did we come to these results?

    -If you are in the winning team you get 2 points. Otherwise, you got 1 point.

    -We divide 3 points between the players according to their KD, Military Score, and Kill counts. 

    -Players can get a penalty(a yellow card) if they broke no dance, no wonder rule. 2 Yellow cards = 1 Red Card. The players who have a Red Card will be banned for the next match. 


    For example, let's look at @JC (naval supremacist)'s score. He was in the losing team so he gets 1 point from the team game. He has 1.2 KD ratio. So, we look at total KD ratio: 7.86. If you divide 1.2/7.86 you get 0.15... points. Then military score. He has 4492 and the total military is 34511. If you divide 4492/34511 you get 0.13... Then Kill counts are involved. He has 405 kills and total kills are 2861. If you divide 405/2861 you get 0.14... points. If you sum up all the points, JC gets 0.42 Skill Points. And he has 1 point which is coming from the losing team. So 1 + 0.42 equals 1.42 points.


    Let me know what you think.



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  8. 16 hours ago, Hannibal_Barca said:

    Convince me.

    • the goals of the project
    • why it should be advertised
    • what is the motivating force behind it
    • what is the origin of the idea
    • what is your vision of the future concerning the relationship of 0 A.D. and this event
    • what are your expectations and hopes for the future of this event

    It doesn't matter that I can answer half of the questions myself, I am interested in your reply.

    And some practical questions like:

    • how much space would you need
    • what would be written
    • whether or not this would entail links being displayed that do not lead to sites controlled by Wildfire Games
    • whether you expect more of us if we accede to this request

    I'll probably come up with it myself if your idea doesn't fit the panel look.

    0 A.D. is such a great game but somehow it has low popularity between RTS game lovers. I believe if there are more people, it's good for us in many ways. The idea came from @Unknown_Player He said "We need to highlight a game mann.." It seems to be regular players needs something more. First 0 A.D. Championship was fun. So, it would be cool if we highlight a classic 4v4 match with minimal efforts.

    We are encouraging good players to challenge among other players by scheduling an event. We only let the best players (who is in the room at that moment) play. Basically, we're trying to level up one of those games. This match brings the quality of the event as content. We can encourage more people to play by creating good quality of content outside of 0 A.D. community.

    Our audience turns more general at the moment. Visiting RTS game streamers' channels can be a good idea to reach those people. Commentary by a pro player like @Feldfeld gives us the power of knowledge. We're given a lot of information during the match. It's also helpful for players who want to learn. Most of 0 A.D. contents are outdated on youtube.

    Documenting is easier. We bring ready content to other streamers. We can move the entire event to any channel. We would like to keep it alive. So, it's a good idea to reduce the dependency of specific people. Currently, we're getting touch with other streamers too. That means there is a great chance that we can reach people who like RTS games but never heard of 0 A.D by supplying them a good quality of content.

    Also, we're encouraging people to contribute by giving them a position where they can produce. Basically, we give the opportunity to contribute by doing what you like. All of us have ideas, but when it comes to reality we stuck because of lack of human source. If we create an imaginative organisation company, there must be several people who know what they do. We're looking for creative people too. We're building a group of people who has experience and motivation to produce in different fields to reduce the effort among the group. 

    Briefly, this is a league with pro players, live-stream commentary on different channels for 8 weeks. We would like to organise The 2nd 0 A.D. 1v1 Championship after this event. 

    Currently, we would like to announce that there is a Live-Stream 4v4 Pro Match on Sunday 18.00(UTC) during the week. A countdown would be cool like 4 hours left... Is this possible?


    EVENT: Sunday Pro Games

    -Live-Stream 4v4 Pro Match with commentary.

    TIME: Sunday 18.00(UTC) (x days, y hours left)

    MORE: Link


    Thank you.

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  9. 0ad_Sunday_Pro_Games_Week_3_Forum_Poster.thumb.jpg.882cb909e7a3085dda2ffa22b654b025.jpg


    Hi all,


    I would like to invite you to our Week#2 live-stream event. There will be a 4v4 match at 18.00 (UTC) on Sunday with dual-commentary by Alistair Findlay and Feldfeld. If you want to convert UTC time zone to your time zone you can visit this website


    You can Play/Watch/Contribute/Ask questions during the event. It's only one match once a week. So, Players who want to play should be in the room a little early. 


    Players who want to Spec/Contribute/Ask questions should watch the event on Alistair Findlay's channel: Here is the link.


    We're playing on desert/mainland this week. There will be more maps during the event.


    We're thinking this is like a league for players. Currently, we're limiting the event as 8 weeks. There'll be a league fixture too (coming soon). Rule Breakers get yellow and red cards. If you brake no dancing, no wonder rule during the match, you get a yellow card. 2 yellow cards mean 1 red card. If you have a red card, you are banned for the next event. 


    If you're curious about what is going on with the league fixture, you can visit this topic.


    Please let me know If you have any questions.


    Have fun,

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  10. 2 hours ago, Hannibal_Barca said:

    I'm not sure this would necessitate the elevated language skills /exalted phraseology I tend to utilize,  although if you choose to advertise this as a Community Event it could be added to the Lobby Panel Event section.


    -I think this is a great idea to add an event announcement to the lobby event section. Let me know what should we do about it.


    -The idea behind this is to reduce workload for every person in the team so they can enjoy/contribute easily. This is the early stages of the organisation. Indeed, we're looking for more people who love what they do in their daily life. Imagine that a company is organising such a small event like this. More people means it's easy to produce. 


    We all have ideas, but when you come to turn the idea into reality it just stops there. So, I believe things can happen fast if there are people who have the motivation to do the job. 


    Thanks a lot.


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  11. 2 hours ago, TheTyler said:

    Well, i do belive that this should be a Community Event. I already told them to ask you so that you can add it to the Lobby Panel Event section. Would be definitly cool to see it there.

    As For the person you are looking for @HMS-Surprise. What exactly can be understood by "Content writing"? Surely i know what that is, but you must have some expecations that a person applying for that has to reach.

    Thanks a lot. Yes, you're right about it. I've updated the post. Briefly, we're expecting someone who loves writing. Currently, we're working on some visuals for advertisement purposes. If we find someone who is interested we let her/him be our voice.  

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  12. Hi all,


    I'm one of the organizers of Sunday Pro Games event. 


    We noticed that if we organise well and reach the willing people who want to contribute to the game, we can help to improve 0ad community in many ways. We're currently working on one event and it's growing day by day. 


    We're trying to find people who have a profession/skill and want to contribute to the community. Because of our organisation structure, we're making easier to contribute with small efforts. Currently, we're looking for someone who loves or someone who has skills in content writing/copywriting for Sunday Pro Games event. We believe this is an opportunity to grow/change/enrich the community. 


    Expectations from the content writer/copywriter: Someone who loves writing, has good communication skills. 

    In Progress: We are currently working on some posters, infographics, motion graphics, advertisements. So we need someone who can turn the ideas into the words.


    If you're interested or if you know someone who might be interested please reply to this topic.


    Have a great day!


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  13. 4 hours ago, PhyZik said:

    GG after all. But when I watched the stream replay I found out, that camel was dancing not only against me but at every opportunity, this fact had also been noticed by the commentators multiple times. He used it against LANDLORD and got big advantage out of it in the first rush. But he also used later in all main battles. Maybe he was busy adjusting his hat (see picture below) when Unknown_Player wrote NO DANCING. On the other hand UP saw that camel was dancing like table***** but wasn't to bothered since he was gaining huge advantages out of this clownshow.

      Reveal hidden contents




    1 hour ago, ffffffff said:

    AH TOTAL SUCCESS !! VERY OP !! ONLY PROBLEM IS DANCE. bc if u hit formations on units its also like a dance or luring with cav and just run away or with hero. i think we need a middle choice of change here. maybe soldier should get exausted from fighting and running or max command list per unit something need to be tested and changed. THX OPS!


    btw.. fpre is a conjunction of fraizy previous so u can say priiii at the end. FRAIZY IS BANNED!!!! XDD


    can someone put replay online ? my ram system killed it on reboot. tx!

    or maybe we can have higher quality in stream next time? bc the numbers cant be see good even in full hd or higher :)

    GG guys. 


    About Dancing: We're working on this dancing issue. The fact that we can't remove dancing from the game but there will be punishment for the next games. We'll keep the game quality as high as possible. So, no worries. This issue is our priority atm. 


    About Video Quality: Yes, we're aware of this issue too. I believe we can make it better in the next games. 

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  14. Sunday_Pro_Games_Week01_Poster.thumb.jpg.1111905b202c9303279556ec96a6cd12.jpg

    Hi all,


    I would like to invite you to our weekly livestream event. There will be a 4v4 match at 18.00 (UTC) on Sunday with dual-commentary by Alistair Findlay and Feldfeld (about 5-6 hours later after I post this announcement). If you want to convert UTC time zone to your time zone you can visit this website.


    Players who want to play should be in the room a little early.

    Players who want to spec/contribute should watch the event on Alistair Findlay's channel: Here is the link.


    Have fun,

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  15. 01_Unknown-Classic-Pro.thumb.jpg.7f9a5d80ed84d7792a42908a6b8c3b92.jpg


    Hi All,

    I would like to introduce to you weekly livestream pro game series. Our main purpose is to create something like a league that not depends on players. 

    This is a weekly event contains only one game with commentary by feldfeld. The best players have priority to play. Teams will be organized by the host, unknown_player.

    There are some basic at the moment rules:

    -Mainland, 200 Pop, Normal Size
    -No players who lag
    -No Specs. Watch on feldfeld's twitch channel: feldfeld0ad
    -Sundays at 18:00 (UTC)

    This is currently a developing event organized by several players. We would like to invite you to play/watch/contribute to the event today at 18.00 (UTC). 

    Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/feldfeld0ad

    Have fun,

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  16. 17 minutes ago, nani said:

    True pros don't always play mainland :) host some pro Jebel Barkal matches too!

    Players who I know do stream:

    We contacted with Tom And Valihrant. I knew Agora but haven't contacted yet. On my list.


    We definitely considering events like you said. I believe if we can solve the basics and gain a small amount of experience we can make different things. 


    Thanks for sharing.

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  17. 34 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    You should be able to find a few people who have streamed 0AD video's before in the "0AD on Youtube" thread. You might have better luck asking those people directly on youtube because they don't usually have accounts on this forum.

    MayorceteGaming for example is a relatively high profile youtuber who recently streamed a 0AD MP game and has done a number of videos on 0AD before (he's a fan). Though he's Spanish speaking...

    Yes, I heard about it. Also, a Turkish Youtuber has made a video about the game. So, we know where all nubs come from. :) 


    Also, we are looking for someone who knows how to play at least a medium player. Because there will be commentary during the game. He/She can mention some recent or pro tactics so everyone benefits from it. Or recent updates... the current condition of the players etc. I imagine that like a league not depends on a particular player but also only high-level players at the first.


    Thanks for your advice. We do it if can't find someone on the forum.  

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